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Between June 20 and July 1, 2022, the courses of the first series of the Francophone Summer School “Discover the French from a young age”, third edition, organized by the French Alliance in Suceava, in partnership with the Success Center of the University “Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, Romanian Teachers’ Association Francophones, Suceava Branch, School District Inspectorate of Suceava, General Delegation of Wallonia-Brussels in Bucharest, University Agency for Francophonie, National Museum of Bukovina, “Mate Bibliotica” Municipal Theater “EG Spira” of Bukovina, Inspe Reims, France. The summer courses of the Francophone School “Découvrir le français dès le plus jeune âge”, third edition, continue with the second series, taking place from 4-15 July 2022.

The series was enjoyed by a large number of participants, ranging in age from 7-13 years, and the activities took place in the spaces of the Gymnasium School Nr. 1 Suceava, coordinated by teacher Roșca Mariana and teacher training Irina Milich, Loredana Gaibar and Alexandra Sergey. Both groups of children enjoyed a wide range of activities in the French language, complemented by cultural, recreational and sports activities held at different partner sites.

Thus, in the first week, the French-speaking students participated in the painting workshop “Sur les traces de Claude Monet” / “In the footsteps of Claude Monet” held in the open air, in the Tătărași Amusement Park, under the direction of Professor D. Chifan Cătălin de at the College of Art “Ciprian Porumbescu”, which began to discover the secrets of the Impressionist current.

Linguistic skills related to the culinary field were used and enriched in the culinary art workshop “Voyage Culinaire en France” held in the cooking studio “Gastro Bucovina” under the coordination of Chef-trained Adina Chebo. A totally unique experience, as French-speaking students discover the secrets of a fruit pie Authentic, delicious, elegant and wonderful and enjoy delicious taste Chocolate bread.

The organizers told us that the music workshop that took place at the art college “Cyprien Borombiescu” continued the French language course dedicated to the music holidays. Under the coordination of teachers Adriana Iftimiu, Lăcrămioara Creţu and Petronela Munteanu, the children participated in a series of different musical activities such as: presenting information about musical instruments and their sounds, watching excerpts from a concert by a symphony orchestra, mini-concert given by two talented young art students who delighted the audience Performances of piano and oboe.

The day dedicated to sports was held in the field of school sports, coordinated by teachers Mihai Androhovichi, Irina Peschewiki, Luminica Kazan, Pietro Buenaro and Luminica Scribci of the Suceava District Association “Sports for All”. The Francophone students participated in sports and competitions that filled the sports field of Gymnasium No. 1 Suceava with dolls of joy.

The library of the University of “Ștefan cel Mare” in Suceava has become a welcoming venue where the Good Ethics course was organized within the IDEVA “School of Ethics and Good Ethics” project under the coordination of Professor Margareta Lupașcu. Etiquette and good behavior workshop in which the French speaking students learned many very interesting and useful things about Christmas behaviour.

In the second week, the French language course continued at the Bukovina Village Museum. Under the guidance of a folk craftsman, the children had the opportunity to show their creativity by modeling various figurines or small decorative objects, and the most curious of them worked on the potter’s wheel. A ‘Young Guides’ course was also held in the Museum’s courtyard, where students learned to use the vocabulary acquired in the intensive French course in displaying traditional houses.

The students of the first series of the summer school “Découvrir le français dès le plus jeune âge” also benefited from the presence of the French-speaking, Mariama Thior, from Senegal, a doctoral student at the “tefan cel Mare” University of Suceava, who answered the children’s questions about the culture and civilization of the native country It is actively involved with the trainers in the activities of learning the French language.

The award ceremony for the first series was held in the Bukovina Village Museum, where the children presented a short art program in French – songs, comic clips, short dialogues, presentations, which delighted the audience. The celebration continued, honoring students, volunteers and trainers who received diplomas, books and sweets.

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