2021-Year of Agarpicino (XXVIII): Don’t be ashamed to go out into the world…! – After the merger, Astra did not stop feeling the current needs! “Shouldn’t Astra turn into a medical institution?” | culture

2021-Year of Agarpicino (XXVIII): Don’t be ashamed to go out into the world…! – After the merger, Astra did not stop feeling the current needs! “Shouldn’t Astra turn into a medical institution?”

The history of the Astra Association can be discovered by reading the research paper «Transylvania Society of Romanian Literature and Culture of the Romanian People(ASTRA) and its role in national culture (1861-1950)» He appeared – in 1986 – in Cluj-Napoca. We recall that the paper – prepared by her the professor. Dr. Pamphil Matte (August 30, 1942, Alpak Municipality), PhD in Philology of the Faculty of Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca – is the most complete and valuable study of the association. In fact, the paper was the subject of his doctoral thesis, the leader was the literary historian Joseph Pervin, and the professor from Cluj was one of the most important researchers of the Transylvanian School. Professor Dr. Pamphil Mattei dedicated the study to the memory of his parents – Sophia and Ewan – as his reign was one of 17 children, all piercing their lives with their own strength. After an exceptional career (Professor at Georges Lazer National College, Professor and Director at the Octavian Goga National College, Director of the State Theater “Radu Stanca, Dean of the Faculty of Philology and History of Sibiu), Professor Dr. Pamphil Mattei Lee admitted that his wish was for younger generations to continue “the difficult path of developing this modest contribution towards a better knowledge and correct appreciation of an important page in the turbulent history of Transylvania”. In the “Preliminary considerations‘, Professor Pamphil Mattei provides the context of the institution; I recalled Aaron Florian’s fear: «In the Incorporation Act, Avram Ianko, Accent Sever, and Simon Balint entrusted J. act like Literary Society To be organized this waySo don’t be ashamed to go out with her to the world— As Aaron Florian wrote to J. Barreto, on April 21/3 May 1852, …».

As president of the Sibiu branch of the National Cultural Association „Avram Ayanko‘, confirmed by Prof. Dr. Pamphil Mattei – once again «The history of the “Assembly …” is known not only by significant achievements or clear and continuous progress (…) all obtained by private efforts, even sacrifices, by successive generations of scholars and other good people, united by a brilliant patriotic cause». The study builds on six other studies published by author Ion Agarbicino (see reference list): “Scientific Literary Sections of ASTRA” (1930), “On the Doorstep of the New Age” (1930), “ASTRA Collaboration with Other Cultural Societies” (1930), “Artistic Manifestations in Villages” (1939), “ASTRA and Revisionism” (1936) ), “The Commandments of the Day” (1939).

We continue to reproduce the study „The Transylvanian Society for the Literature and Culture of the Roman People – ASTRA * What was it? – What is it? – What does he want to be? The need from which Astra arose: «after the union‘Astra’ managed to get so many county organizations with so much activity that not all of its pre-union divisions were able to show the result that two or three county divisions gave today in a year’s time. after the unionastral“She contacted other Romanian cultural associations for the first time in her life, Retreat with all the pomp in BucharestAnd the Create unforgettable cultural and twinning Roman celebrations. Other cultural associations and Bessarabian Wishes officially participated in their conferences Help establish the areaBessarabian Astra”, which quickly gained great momentum through local members, having previously failed in all other attempts of similar associations to organize the Bessarabia villages culturally. Also after the union, a territorial division was established Dobrogia fromAstraOn the occasion of the jubilee of Avram Iancu, ASTRA organized the grand celebrations of Campini and Phaedra, in the presence of its honorary president, The king of the whole nation Ferdinand I. Foundations of the Museum “Etihad” In Alba Yulia and Avram Iancu Museum in Craiului Muntilor . Houses. in freedom”astral“He began to breathe widely, and proceed to large-scale procedures, as was convenient in the new conditions. In 1930 he gathered and led The Great Cultural Conference in Sibiuin which all the cultural associations of Romania participated, notified of a great problem burning to this day: Cooperation and coordination between the activities of these companies On the basis of division of labor and field of activity of each. Continuing from year to year, with increasing powers, his cultural activity, using the means of the past, “astral“Don’t stop To feel the most burning current needs villages and cities. What caught his attention first after the war?

People’s health is in danger He returned after four years on the fronts. old anxiety”Astra“The health of the nation has now taken shape An imperative to preserve the Roman state through a healthy Roman people. Securing the future of Greater Romania depends primarily on Biological vitality of the people. That is why, after years of union, Astra, through its biomedical and political division, has opened a real crusade against infectious diseases, so that at some point some feared it “astralNot to change to a medical institution. But it was and remains, precisely, the activity that people who have returned from the scourge of war need most. “astral“I consulted in the field, stayed in medical teams for weeks among the people, examined several thousand patients and gave them first aid.. And also with regard to national health, for the growth of active generations, “astralOrganized sub-department of education Which gave us the wonderful organization of the youth of the villages In the “Carpathian hawks“. for this education The newest stadium in Cluj is almost completed.

The motto of this organization is:A healthy soul resides in a healthy bodyShe is not confused with other purely sports organizations. “hawks“You have a choir, give theater actors, etc. In the years after the war,astralShe was first brought in to perform in the city for village choirs and theater troupes. also after unionastralIt changed the standing of the descendants of the intelligentsia in the villages, and now they put the usual conferences within a cultural festival, and performances accompanying it, the division of follicles, field consultations, and visits to peasant houses under a health report. I helped build cultural housesincrease and Richest people’s librariesThe good book was published, through the departmental secretariat, and in constant cooperation with the popular press, with informative articles in various areas of life. The richest museum and central libraryReview printing continued. “Transylvania“,”library for intellectuals“,”People’s Library“Many works have been edited for the dissemination of science in the individual section library. Based on the needs of the present”astral“Its publications have increased in recent years with”Eugenics and Biopolitics BulletinWith the publication of the great magazine in FrenchRevue de Transylvanie“Where the arguments for Hungarian revisionism are scientifically combated; help edit the Journal of General Culture”Roman thought“. At the same time “astral”, he always used all the means of pre-war culture, ten and support of popular and intellectual congresses, etc. The central command kept in close contact with the departments, the last two chiefs visited all, except for the other members of the Central Committee. The departments are given a better and more detailed program of work organized, With unique guidance with their vital political ideology».

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