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Mirona, a 19-year-old from Alba who wants to become a doctor. “There is nothing more beautiful than seeing happy and healthy people.” What is the life of a medical student in Cluj-Napoca

The 2022 baccalaureate, the summer session, has ended successfully for thousands of high school graduates from our country. But for many of them, there is only one hitch separating them from a peaceful summer vacation, and that is the entrance exam for coveted colleges.

This is also the case for hundreds of graduates who will compete for nearly a thousand places offered by the “Iuliu Hațieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj-Napoca, one of the most famous institutions of higher education in our country.

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On the occasion of organizing these competitions, aims to provide young graduates with some examples of students from different universities in our country, who have agreed to share their personal stories and future plans.

Merona, 19, a graduate of the National College of Lucien Plaga in Sibi, told us about her personal experience as a student at the Iolo Hasegano University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Cluj-Napoca.

In 2021, I was accepted into the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Hațieganu” in Cluj-Napoca, majoring in general and budget medicine and I represent this college with pride and honor. Since eighth grade, I’ve decided what I want to be “when I grow up,” which led me to follow my high school natural sciences profile. He helped me a lot in my preparations for medicine, along with my meditative biology and chemistry teachers of course. Why medicine? I have always wanted to help people, make them feel good, relieve their suffering with even a mere modest advice, and solemnly declare that I will honor this faith for the rest of my life. It goes without saying that the profession of a doctor involves effort, sacrifice, perseverance and many other duties, but at the end of 6 years, in addition to the diploma that gives you a stable job both in Romania and abroad, you become a man in the true sense of the word.

When you know that someone, somewhere, needs your help, and that you are capable and able to help them, it means that you are a really successful man in life. Why medicine in Cluj? First of all, because I’m close to home, about a two hour drive away. Secondly, because Cluj-Napoca, as we all know, is the second university center in Romania and has many opportunities for young people, from colleges with dozens of profiles of interest to students, to jobs. Part-time, events and concerts. The Medical University of Cluj has high-performance equipment and technologies, and the professors pay all their attention to training us as exceptional doctors. At the beginning of the school year, having recently moved to Cluj, everything seemed strange and new to me. New classmates, new teachers, new topics, new entourage, nothing like it was before. Even the bedroom seemed so dark and unwelcome that it caused a lot of anxiety and soon after I moved to another, brighter room with a more welcoming ambiance from colleagues.

Slowly, slowly, I started making friends with my college mates, and it seemed as if the days weren’t quite as bleak as they had been at first. Over time, the competition started to feel more and more and then I really understood that the “herd spirit” we all followed in high school is now eliminated, each working with his strength and mind to achieve our common goal in life.

Being only in first year, I can say that a large part of my ‘student life’ has been devoted to accommodation from the start and finding an effective learning style. There are not many parties, because the epidemic is not quite over, but in our free time we took the center of Cluj on foot, looking for new clothing stores and outlets.

As I was saying, it took me a long time to figure out the most effective method of learning for me, because I admit that at first I was confused and disoriented about the amount of information I was receiving daily for classes. And it wasn’t small at all. There are more important topics, where you have to learn constantly, such as anatomy, physiology and biochemistry, so that in the session you can focus on the simplest topics, such as the history of medicine, bioethics or psychology. I really like the fact that teachers, both from courses and from hands-on work, are very involved and clearly interested in our professional training. They are also receptive to our problems, the problems of the students and take an interest in our continuing professional training, as they take weekly “partial” exams from the class taught in the previous course.

Of the topics I’ve studied so far, I’ve been most drawn to physiology, a discipline that teaches you, in a nutshell, how the human body works, and the processes that happen. If I were asked at the moment what specialty I would choose after finishing 6 years of general medicine, it would be difficult for me to answer it, given the multiplicity of options. I swing between EM/ATI, which means always in the hospital, being on guard duty and not having much time to spend with loved ones and a job as a gynecologist. I would also like to volunteer for SMURD or SAJ (in an ambulance) in the near future, because I believe you have a lot of experience, skill and great strength of character.

After completing 6 years of medicine and residency, I will definitely stay here, private hospitals and private clinics in Romania, unfortunately, a huge shortage of labor. Every year, thousands of doctors choose to work in hospitals across the border, so that their departure made Romania the penultimate place in the European Union in terms of the number of doctors per capita.

Towards the end, I confess once again my strong belief that there is nothing more beautiful than seeing happy, healthy people. Know that you play an important role in restoring their health and relieving their pain. Know that you are with a man in the most difficult moments of his life, know that his life can “hang” on you, and you, as an exceptional doctor, find in yourself the strength to give him the confidence and hope that that man so desperately needs.

At the moment, like Miruna Măriuță, there are thousands of young people in our country who are currently dreaming of becoming a savior, and for them, this year’s entrance exam is the first step towards their formation.

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