From Pompiliu Eliade to 9G + (or … again about the joints of the National Theater)

context: On June 24, 2022 to me chest Organization of the management project competition for the National Theater “IL Caragiale” in BucharestIn other words, the competition for the position of general manager of TNB. File submission deadline: July 18, 2022. Some or Complained about a very short time, others or He complained about some legislative requirements that limit the participation of potential interested persons. I find it even more disturbing that the thoughts about the expectations each of us have of TNB, and implicitly, of a TNB director are not circulating in the public space.

Mrs. Myrona Runkan (writer and theater critic, professor at the University’s Faculty of Theater and Television Papio Bolyai) She’s the first to say something very structured about it in the text below. We hope this is the start of a discussion.

We are waiting for other opinions (from as many directions as possible) on Razvan,[email protected]preferably before July 18, 2022. (litternet)


The following is nothing more than a priority list in the process of restarting/redefining the functions of the National Theater, considering: a- The tradition of public funding of the National Theater (volatile, of course, but also stable enough in its backbone); b- Urgent needs for the adaptation of technical and technical materials and activities Appropriate to the institution to the specific challenges of contemporary society; C. The framework provided by the objectives of the current specification (full of goodwill but largely formal, not reflected in the day-to-day practice of the organization), but also takes on the responsibility of the organization to expand this framework substantially and constructively. In other words, I’ve taken into account what’s already in the spec, but “not seen” (enough, or not seen at all), I dream of implementing and improving it.

1. Prepare a document in accordance with the articles of association of the institution coherently reflecting His philosophy of public policy in the field of culture, as well as the core programs that put this philosophy into practice. necessary here Support and expand the viewer’s access to culture What kind, constitutional rights that the lack of coherent cultural policies of the state they lay for decades a unexplained braces (and handsome); followed by Continuous encouragement of the futuristic and innovative dimension of artistic actionat all levels at which it develops.

2. profiling Accurate, on the goals of cultural interest / and public service a reference (classical, contemporary, experimental/risk styles, modern Roman and international drama, etc.) including Its fair and coherent distribution among the halls.

3. Annual Renewable Technical CouncilIt consists of 50% in-house technical staff, 10% technical, 10% financier representatives, 30% audience representatives (15% critics + 15% spectators). The selection of public representatives may be organized on the basis of interviews and/or a public question and answer session.

4. Restructuring the organizational structure Depending on the priority projects of the management program; Sharing specific responsibilities for these programmes.

5. Create a circle literary managementwith contracted external lecturers per session (monthly/three months or variables) counselling, divided between Roman Dramatic Literature (head hunting) and the latest foreign dramatic literature. With a list of authorized consultants / translators, but also with a number of staff dedicated to the process of developing the text by the author and giving advice on work on the stage (playwrights in the German sense).

6. Quiz new texts The annual winner has a writing/development residency and a theater work with the director (commissioning). The play(s) obtained will be shown in the theater.

7. Competition project 9G+ With its own budget for each season And a room dedicated to the manager and the team a Adequate time required for installation.

8. Entrepreneurial Bidding Program of at least three procedures Extra stock (event type) for each season.

9. Organize at least two Courses in each season of maintenance and development workshops / training courses (movement, voice, singing, improvisation, etc.) with different methodologies, intended for team representatives (on a system of programmed options, but with precise systems of participation).

10. Create a Friends of the National Theater Club”, intended for consistent spectators, invited to review discussions, meetings with representatives who have performed or are preparing for leading roles, with Romanian or foreign authors, etc.; club members will participate as volunteers in the organization of an “open day” in museum activities, in the implementation of activities Extra stock and so on

11. Detailed project for the future n years of activation National Theater Museum Parallel to a coherent research project (goals, projects, deadlines, etc.) and budgeted for ion sava center (Activate the Archives and Heritage Fund through interactive exhibitions and conferences, editing, writing studies, creativity/on-site research experiences, etc.).

12. Service Professional digital archiving From the shows of each season (photos / video / audio).

13. Draft general constructionwith weekly activities, especially with the educational profile (eg, conference presentations with examples, interactive, intended for middle school students, high school students and students – but also seniors; multimedia installations with themes related to theater history, performing art, scenography, music theatrical, body art, etc., acting and playwriting workshops, critical analysis workshops for adolescents, etc.)

14. Annual Program for Tournaments vs Shows with other national or local theaters.

15. Annual Program for Tournaments versus offers with similar institutions From outside.


We are waiting for other opinions (from as many directions as possible) on Razvan,[email protected]preferably before July 18, 2022.

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