General culture test. What is the longest pyramid in the world?

The Great Pyramid, the largest of the three pyramids in Giza, was built by Khufu and rises to 146 meters.

Not only is the height impressive, but also the accuracy with which the Great Pyramid was designed and executed. With a base length of more than 230 meters on each side, the largest difference in length between the four sides of the pyramid is only 4.4 cm, and the base is precisely leveled at 2.1 cm. This is an amazing feat, which would be a challenge to reproduce today, even with modern equipment.

The pyramid contains about 2,300,000 objects, some of which weigh more than 50 tons. Like the pyramids built by his predecessor Sneferu and those that followed on the Giza plateau, the Pyramid of Khufu was built of coarse, roughly hewn, inner stones extracted from local quarries (all we see today) and blocks for the outer, beveled, roofs laid in the same horizontal plane. Rows, with voids filled with gypsum plaster.

The soft stones of the outer shell, which were removed long ago, were laid out with great precision. The white limestone blocks would have given the pyramid a smooth surface and would be very bright and reflective. At the top of the pyramid, it was possible to place the tombstone, known as the pyramid, which would have been covered with gold. This blinding point, shining in intense sunlight, could be seen from a distance.

The pyramid contains 2,300,000 pieces, some of which weigh more than 50 tons

The inner chambers and corridors of the Khufu pyramid are unique and contain a number of mysterious features. There is an unfinished underground chamber whose function is still a mystery, as well as a series of so-called Air wells’ that radiate from the upper rooms.

These were explored with the help of small robots, but a series of stones hid the passages. At the entrance to the pyramid you have to crawl into a narrow ascending room, which suddenly opens into an amazing space known as the Great Gallery. This Corniche corridor rises to a height of 8.74 meters and leads to the King’s Chamber, built entirely of red granite brought from the southern quarries at Aswan.

Above the king’s chamber are five chambers, made of huge blocks of granite, covered with massive panels in the console that form a roof in the form of a pentagon, to distribute the weight of the building mount above.

The king’s sarcophagus, also carved in red granite, was placed exactly on the central axis of the pyramid. This burial chamber was closed by a series of massive granite blocks, and the entrance to the well was filled with limestone in an attempt to conceal the opening.

The King’s Last Journey

The Khufu mortuary complex also included seven large boat pits. Five of them are located east of the pyramid and were some kind of models. These boat-shaped items were probably intended for use in the afterlife to transport the king to astral destinations.

Boat burials of this type have a long history in the context of royal mortuaries – a fleet of 14 holes, with real wooden boats averaging 18-19 meters in length closed inside, was discovered in a funerary enclosure of the first dynasty of the dynasty. Abydos, the tomb of Egypt’s oldest king. However, often, as in the case of Khufu, the pits were merely boat-shaped models, rather than containing real boats.

However, in addition to the boat pits, Khufu had two huge rectangular and stone-lined pits on the south side of the pyramid, which contained completely disassembled boats. One of them was removed and rebuilt. This cedar boat has a length of 43.3 meters and was built from 1,224 separate pieces, stitched together with ropes. These boats appear to have been used on the king’s last land voyage – his funeral procession – before they were dismantled and buried, SmartHistory wrote.

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