He got into a storeroom and stole several tools: a 53-year-old man from Sept, who was arrested by the police.

ITM Alba: Fines of more than 45,000 lei, two of them for “undeclared” actions and dozens of warnings, between July 4-8, 2022.

Through the framework work program of ITM Alba for 2022, approved by the Department of the Labor Inspectorate, it was confirmed that one of the priority objectives of the activity of the Inspectorate is to combat undeclared work, in order to discourage and reduce this phenomenon, which in fact represents a form of evasion tax.

The daily activity of labor inspectors, with priority, is aimed at penalizing undeclared work, and reporting the results of the implemented controls weekly to labor inspectors.

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Today, 11.07.2022, we celebrate 23 years since the creation of the Labor Inspectorate with its current structure and organization. Founded on the basis of Law 108/1999, the Labor Inspectorate works to ensure social protection of employment, on the basis of the provisions of Article 41 of the Romanian Constitution, respectively from the provisions of ILO Convention No. 81/1947 on Labor Inspection in Industry and Commerce, and ILO Convention No. 129/1969 on labor inspection in agriculture.

The results were obtained at the level of the province of Alba during 04.07.2018. -08.07.2022, in the control activity, shown below.

In the field of labor relations:

Total units checked: 44

Number of employees in controlled employers: 2386
Including – women: 1112

Number of defects found: 108

no. Penalties applicable to employers: 8
Of which: – 5 fines of 43,300 lei, of which 2 fines of 40,000 lei are for unauthorized work (2 people);
– 3 warnings;

The main shortcomings found in the controls:

  • hiring people without writing individual employment contracts;
  • non-payment of salaries on the date specified in individual employment contracts;
  • Individual part-time employment contracts do not contain clauses relating to the distribution of the work schedule;
  • non-payment of overtime and no annual statutory leave;
  • Failure to grant weekly rest and related excess;
  • there is no evidence of handing over a copy of the individual employment contract to the employee;
  • incorrect management of the working time record;
  • The personal files do not contain the documents necessary for employment;
  • The rest leave schedule for 2022 has not been prepared;

In the field of occupational safety and health:
no. Total Controlled Units: 25
Number of deficiencies found: 48
Number of procedures required: 48
Sanctioned employers: 25

no. Applicable penalties: – 48 of them:

-1 fine – 4000 lei;
– 47 warnings;

Number of events searched: 0
Number of events under investigation: 1
no. Employer Information/Awareness Procedures: 1

Major deficiencies identified in the controls:

  • Lack of skills papers issued after the medical examination at work and / or periodical for workers.
  • Failure to assess the risks of injury and occupational diseases for the activities carried out.
  • Lack of initial authorization and periodic inspections of technical equipment subject to ISCIR regulations.
  • Lack of regular training of workers.
  • Improper organization of activity at the unit level as per the new regulations issued by GD no. 955/2010 to amend and supplement the methodological rules for applying the provisions of the Safety and Health Law at Work No. 319/2006.
  • Absence of work safety instructions for the activities carried out.
  • Carrying out the activity without conducting a medical examination at the workplace and/or periodically for workers.
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