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In Berchișești held on Sunday, July 10, 2022, a high-level cultural event, Cenacle’s cross-border cultural property “Car with Poets” cultural property. The event was held at the Center for Culture, Arts and Traditions in Berchișeti and was a “prestigious cultural event that has returned to our community a year later,” as quoted by Berchișești Mayor, Violeta Țăran.

“It was a passionate day, a royal day of poetry, prose, music and painting, in a warm and passionate atmosphere, a true summer celebration. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the creators who were so generous to attend the event organized in Berchișeti, in the hope that we can rise to the height of their high-quality performances.” The relations of friendship and cooperation already established between our community and members of the Car with poets across borders are very positive and satisfying,” added Violetta Teran, who expressed her desire and hope to be Pritchett as “the host of this literature. Present every year that honors Romania and the national culture.”

Mayor Violetta Oran is convinced that Professor Gina Boetsch and humorist Konstantin Horbovano, coordinators of this traditional movement, “would agree with our proposal. Thank you in advance. I am confident that the Car Cross with Poets Cross-Border Cenacle attic can establish a permanent residence in our midst. Thanks again Everyone for being in our midst with great compositions. Hope to see you again!”

· the first show

Children with bread and salt greeted guests in traditional clothes. Mayor Violetta Țăran also proudly wore the folk costume, as if in a grand celebration.

The following prizes were awarded: Special Prizes (Diplomas) from the Bukovina Cultural Foundation: Opera-Wish Award: Stavrofor writer Elena Simeonovici of the Voronezh Monastery, “For the service of the long holy altars, for the magic and piety with which you speak and write of Voroni”; Acad. Vasile Tărâțeanu (Cernăuți) ), “for His Majesty’s full, long and rich contribution to not being forgotten by brothers”; playful artist Radu Bercia, “for the talent with which he has demonstrated to us, with versatile artistic tools, that life is an explosion of colours, joys and hopes.”

During the event, Excellence Awards were also presented: to the Presidency of the Vorone Monastery, Dr. Gabriella Platon, “for her tireless efforts to preserve, knowing and honoring the timeless values ​​embodied by the sacred Vorone Monastery; Mayor of Berchișești Municipality, Violetta Țăran,” for the generosity and consistency she supports and promotes art, culture, education and tradition “.

Awards were also awarded: Excellence Award “Beacon of the Guardian”: Dragoy Ularu (Chernivtsi), “for his pride in not forgetting that he is Roman, which he tirelessly affirms through all his writings and efforts”; poet Doro Mihai Matisik, “for books in recent years that prove the originality of poetry and humor”; Petria Tabarcia, “For the consistency with which he honors his origins, for the memorable books dedicated to Bukovina’s characters.”

Diplomas and prizes (in things) were awarded by Vasile Rusu (Chairman of the Cultural Foundation of Bukovina – FCB) and Cezar Straton (Vice-President of the FCB), during the cross-border Cenacle “Car with Poets” meeting, on July 10, 2022, in Berchișeti, by invitation From Mayor Violetta Țăran.


The poet Carmen Marcian specified that in 2016, in Chernivtsi, on the initiative of university lecturer Gina Bucho, former Romanian lecturer at the Romanian lecturer of Chernivtsi University, the attic “Car with poets” was born, whose meetings alternately take place in Suceava and Chernivtsi, through their own forces and the efforts of its members , organized by Professor Gina Boyka and writer Konstantin Horbovano. Sunday’s event was attended, as poet Carmen Marcian reminded us, of “only two of the participants from Chernivtsi, for reasons that need not be mentioned, Nikolai Sapchi, editor-in-chief of the newspaper Monitorol Bukovini, and Marin Germann, president of the BucPress Chernivtsi media center.”

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