The court stopped the “real estate speculation” of Gabriela Feria

Nikkor Dan says the business is illegal and distorts the city.

It concerns the One Modrogan apartment complex, located near the PNL headquarters in Aleea Modrogan and developed by One United Properties SA and construction in the Grădina Icoanei area, on which the court decided to stop works last week.

“This is the recent disturbance of a very speculative and dangerous way of doing urban development in Bucharest, in contravention of the public interest. I am very happy because in this state we have had dozens of requests whereby we have approved the correct urban developments for the historic district of Bucharest, consistent with the What the central district of Bucharest means.

However, the real estate developers announced that they do not intend to stop the works. If one of them is preparing for a confrontation in court, the other has announced that he does not even intend to stop work on the site, according to their statements to

Nicușor Dan found no state interference in the event of investing in the center of the capital with illegal or expired building permits.

“Where is the Roman state?” How can there be a Spanish investor working in zero-zone in Bucharest for six months with building and demolition permits, illegal and expired and there is no Romanian government institution, nor the State Construction Inspectorate, nor the Governor, nor the Prosecutor’s Office, despite the legal notice not to With anything? Can a Romanian investor who is going to the center of Madrid do this, to work for six months with illegal and expired licenses? ‘ asked Nikosur Dan rhetorically.

Blocks in the palace courtyard

“We have a plot of land Velisco there, it was built 110 years ago. There is a palace, a historical monument, we have the palace garden and around it a development there that respects this form (a century ago – ed.). Through the PUZ of 2019 and the building permit given by the Feria administration 6 years ago Days of local elections, blocks of flats have been approved in the palace courtyard,” Mayor General Nikkour Dan announced, at a press conference on Monday.

There are many reasons why it is illegal to build apartment blocks in this area, says Mayor Nikkoor Dan.

But the most obvious reason is that there are green spaces. There is a clear provision in the law that you may not change the direction of the green spaces.”

He also criticized the behavior of the Romanian state, in this case the Bucharest Environmental Protection Agency, which approved the Urban Zonal Plan (PUZ) and granted the building permit, the Directorate of Culture, from the Ministry of Culture.

“Without seeing that there is green space, as he did hundreds of other times,” said Nikosur Dan. “The Directorate of Culture – the local body under the Ministry of Culture, although it twice agreed to the mandatory restoration of the space around the palace, also gave approval to the blocks there.”

“It took them a year to examine them,” says Nikkor Dan, the State Inspectorate for Construction (ISC).

“And after the SAI had barely investigated and found all the illegal irregularities found by the Bucharest Court of Appeal, this order was issued with effect from January 2022, through which the ISC, the national body, rescinded, without any explanation, the local ISC order that He concluded the violations, thus preventing the governor, since January, from initiating the administrative lawsuit that would have stopped this real estate speculation.”

The Bucharest Court of Appeal on Friday suspended, with a final decision, the urban area planner and the building permit.

“At the moment, it is no longer possible to do work on those blocks,” Nikkor Dan outlined about the construction at an advanced stage.

The other buildings were erected on Grădina Icoanei Street No. 2-8, where the developer is Homing Downtown SRL, a Spanish developer who builds many two-story and attic buildings.

“There are two buildings that were demolished there on the basis of an illegal permit. About this area, in the Regulation on Urban Planning for Protected Areas, issued after a study conducted by the University of Architecture, it says that it is an internationally unique area. He also says that merging of plots of land is forbidden and all must be done The interventions are plotted by the plot in order to preserve the spirit of this historical area. Here, a demolition permit was issued for the four buildings and a building permit was issued for a building on the four plots of land that had been consolidated,” said Nikosur Dan.

After losing the election, the Feria administration issued the demolition permit for the area on October 1 and signed the building permit on October 27, 2020.

“I remind you that I took office on October 29,” said Nikosur Dan. “And this is how we explain why the PSD’s elected general counsels have tried to delay the change of administration through all sorts of appeals in court. Until the last of the guns that were ready are signed.”

The new mayor notified the State Inspectorate of Construction in March 2021.

“It is related to the loss of some important elements of the built heritage. But the ISC was not realized until 9 months after the notification, in December 2021. The demolition has already taken place”, says Nikkor Dan.

Also in the case of constructions in the Grădina Icoanei region, the local body for financial control and accounting found irregularities and the central structure decided to cancel the order of the ISC.

The Department of Culture also approved the demolition and construction, despite the approval of the law, which stipulated that the merger of plots was not allowed. The Feria administration issued the demolition permit on October 1, after the local elections and the building permit on October 27, 2020. We took over the authorization on October 29, which explains why the elected General Council members of the PSD attempted to postpone all Types of appeal in. Court change management so that the last defenders that were ready can be signed. I notified the Supreme Audit Institution in March 2020, and I said explicitly that it was related to the loss of some important elements of the urban heritage. Despite these urgings, the SAI did not verify legality until December 2021, that is, nine months after it was notified and after the demolition had already been completed,” Nicochoure Dann announced.

The Bucharest Court of Appeal found on July 6 that the license for these constructions had expired, and Nikkor Dan had already announced that he would not issue new licenses.

“For this work and the other, we will be asking the court to go back to the previous situation,” said Nikosur Dan.

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