The paradox of SCM Bacau: performances – yes, money – yes! – wake up

Being in one of its great periods in terms of sporting results, the club led by Ion Urban is facing a severe budget cut. The main group in the county received 15 percent less from the Sports Ministry and risks not seeing any money from the municipality based on the project’s competition in Law 69

It would be downright funny if it wasn’t as sad as it could be. In the wave of sports results, the Bacau Municipal Sports Club has made great efforts in terms of financial support. “We are in a ungrateful position: the level of performance has increased significantly, but the budget has decreased significantly. We are currently working on a detailed budget. We are in a position to issue a serious warning signal that must be in place,” said Ion Urban, director of the most fearless sports club in the province of Bacau. It is taken into account by those in the law.” Director Charban added, “If we do not receive the proper support, we risk losing the best athletes and coaches, most of whom give birth.”

Manager, you are a happy captain: the club you lead has just awarded two continental medals by swimmer Stefan Kosma for the European Junior Championships in Otopeni.

– From the point of view of sports results, yes, I am satisfied, especially since the performance recorded by Romania at the European Junior Swimming Championships in Otopeni was also contributed by the sports performance of SCM Bacau, Stefan Kuzma. Last fall we decided to revitalize our club’s swimming division, results rushed to show nationally and internationally, and the success of the swimmer coached by Ovidiu Galeru was peak.

The two medals won by Ștefan Cozma in the men’s 4 x 100 m freestyle relay and the 4 x 100 m mixed freestyle relay allowed SCM to reach a total of four podium finishes in this year’s continental competitions.

-So it is. Cozma’s successes were added to the European bronze at U23 and the European silver medal at U20 by fighter Denis Mihai. Meanwhile, this year SCM Bacău is proud of four medals from the Balkans in athletics with Ramona Verman, tefania Zediu and Adnana Vrânceanu. In total, both nationally and internationally, we counted more than 200 medals in just half a year. A balance that’s definitely going to get better: The U.S. Senior World Championships in Athletics, where we have Bianca Gilber, who has just run her best performance of the season, follows the U-20 World Championships as we count on Denis Mihai, world athletics champion. The junior championships 1 come from Colombia, where we will have Ștefi Zediu as the representative, and the weightlifting competitions will follow…. So, the balance sheet should make me, as I said, a happy leader. And after…

-And yet?

The financial problems of SCM Bacau are completely inconsistent with the recorded sporting performance. If we had a budget last year of about 16 billion lei, then in 2022 we risk reaching – at best – a 40 percent reduction. enormous!

– Let’s determine: How much has the Ministry of Sports reduced your budget?

By 15 percent. In addition, or rather less, if in 2021 we receive, based on non-reimbursable financing, from the municipality about 2.5 billion old lei, in 2022 it seems that we will choose with little or nothing. This is due to the fact that the SCM Bacău project, “Development and Continuity of High Performance in the Sport of Bacău” took third place, based on a score of 83.41.

Have you resumed?

– We asked to recalculate the result, but in a completely strange way, our appeal was rejected, since the Appeal Committee claimed that it only analyzes the illegal aspects of the projects. It is an outright delusion. We asked about apples and they answered us about pears. Although our project has been declared accepted and qualified, we risk not seeing any money.

What is the destination of the project funds?

– As a title for the strategy, it started in partnership with the municipality: The Generation of Great Athletes. Specifically, the funds required for sports activities contracts for high-value athletes and coaches were from the club and on allowances. We’re talking here about performers like Denis Mihai, Vasili Kojok, Ion Potocaro, Andre Ciobano, George Colin, Stefan Kuzma, Ovidiu Galero, Sabine Guitaro and Adnana Fransino, well, the list is long and covers sections like athletics, swimming, wrestling, weightlifting, gymnastics, boxing, judo and weightlifting. At the same time, I intended to return Cornell Agop and Relo Urach to SCM Bacau, since I would have disposed of the amount I requested from the municipality through this project, which was no weaker than last year. On the contrary… I have said it and repeat it: we risk losing the best athletes and coaches! This situation bothers me terribly…

– Given the problems faced by SCM Bacau on the basis of competition for non-refundable funding projects implemented by the municipality under Law 69, do you also consider a court action?

– I can’t give you a clear answer, but I can’t hide the fact that I’m thinking of such a thing. As captain, I am committed to using all legal levers, especially since a dangerous precedent can be set, so that SCM Bacău, a club with a history of more than 72 years, is removed from the non-refundable zone. I don’t know… Anyway, regarding a possible court action, I don’t feel at all comfortable taking such an approach in circumstances where the city council and the local council should be supportive of us, and not of our opponents. My wish and that of SCM Bacau is to have the best possible relationship with the municipality, but this wish must be on both sides.

– Except for procedural matters, do you not also consider that the amount that the municipality has allocated for this year’s session for non-reimbursable funding under Law 69/2000 for the “Promotion of Sports Performance” program is too small?

-common sense! Obviously the needs in terms of sport were not well appreciated. Initially, a budget of about ten billion lei was announced, but only this amount decreased due to some expenses, including various premieres.

– Here I turned into the devil’s advocate and I remind you that the athletes of the SCM Bacau club also benefited from those awards.

– The observation is correct, but we must bear in mind that last year, for example, the chapter on prime ministers was separate from the chapter on non-reimbursable financing under Law 69. This should have been the case up until now. I don’t think it would be normal to be reprimanded, if we were still taking money from the prime ministers, we also asked for money for the project. Not encouraging awards is like not wanting to perform. The same is true for project financing. If we claim we want performance, we have to motivate it, not discourage it.

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