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* Journal of Culture and Attitudes “Plumb” (June – Issue 183), a publication appearing under the auspices of the Union of Romanian Writers (USR), reminiscent of June 15 and featuring on the cover, in a medallion, Mihai Eminescu, next to “Glossă”. Ionel Nicola also talks about his extensive poetic and philosophical work in The Eminescu Man. Original portrait of journalist and writer Ronnie Chikolaro, who has returned to his homeland, in his hometown of Bacau, drawn by famous and appreciated Baku journalist Mihai Boznia, in the article “Strictly personal: an unknown famous person and his small “memories”. In Some Thoughts and they suggested a contemplative philosophical exercise, in “Scattered Ideas and Events,” passing “from idea to idea,” to “The Great Cultural Revolution, the Great Reset and the End of Democracy.” The pages of literary criticism are presented to us with great enthusiasm and complete professionalism by Petre Isachi (“Denisian Proteism or Poetry – Emanation of Nature?”), Grigore Codrescu (“With European Kings and Figures,” held” by Martha Pepescu and Lily Bulai through a book from 2021″), Constantine Dram (“On Hell, Love, and Other Traumas”). ‘) etc.
As usual in every issue, the magazine continues to introduce writers and poets from the Bacau branch of the USSR, with June-borns: Nikolai Mihai, Andre Petro, Alexandru Dumitru, Raluca Nego, Mihai Merticaru, Konstantin Colin, Livio Chiskop, Petrash Go Bluepiano, and Paul Spirscu , and the late poet Pietro Skolnico, to the eternal, at just 62 years old. Because one June celebration was the poet Nikolai Mihai, another poet, Dan Sandow, dedicated his great soul, “Song of the Friend.” In this issue the release of books, but also new literary creations, which enrich and bring color to the twenty pages of the magazine, are also reported.

* The magazine “Cadran Cultural” (May – June No. 3), published periodically by the popular band “Busuiocul” from Bacau, attracts the same excellent graphics, but also with a richness of articles in its contents.
The cover of the magazine and several pages contain articles and poems dedicated to the poets Mihai Emenscu (died June 15, 1889) and George Bakovia (died May 22, 1957): “Late, Bakovia, Late” (Dan Sandow), “Journal about Bakovia ”(Konstantin Klein) George Popa on the Poetic-Philosophical Age of Eminescu (Stefan Monteno). An interesting foray into the ethnographic space of the Thessaloniki Valley was made by ethnologist and propagandist Maria Belcio, in her article “Customs, Traditions and Beliefs of Spring from Thessaloníki Valley”, while RDBusnea presents us with a new tourism promotion brochure dedicated to the mountainous region of the province of Bacău.
Writer, literary critic and memorial educator Cornel Galpin, editor-in-chief of the magazine, continues to introduce some of the figures of cultural life in Bacau, born in May and June: critic Gillo Ionescu, soprano Blanche Adelstein, literary historian Victor Stolero, poet Apostu Panaitache-Vultureanu, actress Ioana Ene-Mihail (Atanasiu), director Ion Ghelu-Destelnica (on the centenary), collector Mihai Ceucă. The teachers and poets/propagandaist Remus Franchino, Cole Iwan O’Reilo and Dan Sandow are presented in an essay titled “Teachers of the Glorious Schools of Different Generations”, signed by the literary critic and historian, Gregor Codriscu. The magazine also contains information from Bacau’s cultural, artistic and publishing activity, poems and prose fragments.

* With an exceptional presentation, rich in content (64 pages) and focused on theory, history, and literary criticism in recent and unpublished studies, the Journal of Culture “13 Plus” (No. For example, there are two studies with broad and deep meanings: “The enduring reverence for Emenescu’s poetry and the need for the emergence of (post-modern) knowledge”, in a presentation by literary critic and historian, Petri Isashi (founder and director of the magazine), at the event “Postmodern Literary and Artistic Topos” – 1st ed., Slanic Moldova; Eminescu and Contemporary Poetry. Investigation of Cafeneua Literară: Virgil Diacono – Petri Isachi (Virgil Diacono). Professor and writer Ion Firko tells us about “a seductive adventure in the history of the soul”, where the main role was played by Colio Ioan O’Orello, the signer to the volume “Polyphonic Dialogues. One Hundred Interviews with a Book”, who is also a writer who is not “easy” at all in what he does and writes. As the magazine’s young editor-in-chief Alexandru Okolau, who was interviewed by the same seducer Ion Firko, also reminds us of the interviews, in “7 Questions, Less Answers”.
Writer Doro Ceauتشيescu, “Modern Odysseus”, tells us in the pages of the magazine about his travels in the seven continents of the Earth, the record holder in this field, while professor and writer Mihai Botiz Stonecaro returns to Moldova, at the “Meetings” event from Văratec, with a summary of the year’s edition Past.

The content of the magazine is complemented by philosophical articles, literary records and reviews, poetry and prose, signed by Ion Denval, Crina Popescu, Petri Isachi, Gruya Novak, Marin Iancu, Adrian Mate, Otilia Ardeliano, Stefan Dinescu, Alexandru Dumitru and Nicolae. Mihai, Theodore Praxiu, Cornelia Ishim Pompilio, Nina Elena Plopiano et al.

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