Investment of more than 19 million euros in BUZĂU: a building built according to the project of architect Grigore Cercez, saved from ruin with European funds

The headquarters of the Buzau Provincial Library, a historical monument erected more than a century ago, in 1914, after a project by engineer Gregor Serchis, underwent major repairs.

The building located on the busiest street in Buzau, which is now old and shaken by earthquakes and weather, will regain its former glory. In June, the county council issued an order to start the works, after several years in which everything stalled due to the numerous approvals that were required, including from the Ministry of Culture.

“The county library is a heritage building and representative of the province of Buzau. The risk of being lost, because it was in an advanced stage of deterioration, after being damaged by major earthquakes. We were able to start the work of consolidation and rehabilitation with European funds, the eligible value is about 4 million euros, the county council also comes about 500,000 euros”, announced, at the beginning of the works, the president of the Buzau Provincial Council, Petri Emmanuel Nyago.

The project will include building reinforcement and waterproofing, restoration and remodeling of plastic facades, interior and exterior restoration works, rehabilitation works for major utility networks, internal endowments (fixtures, equipment and endowments to ensure air-conditioning and fire safety conditions, burglary), movable and immovable cultural heritage detection facilities movable and protected. According to the builder, the hardest part will be the finishing.

“The works are to cement the building, which has special structural problems. Then everything that means the external carpentry will have to be changed, the internal carpentry will have to be restored. This mosaic will be restored, let’s see how, piece by piece, we are obligated to replace it. From its restoration, we will replace it with the same elements. It will be made with gold leaf, and all decorations must be redesigned. The representative of the company that will carry out the works, Ionel Gago, said that the average work as the implementation, together with the team, we will be able to complete it by November 2023.

According to officials from the county council, the project will transform the Buzau Provincial Library “Vasile Voiculescu” into an institution with modern European values, grounded in the cultural dynamics of the present.

Representatives of the county council explain: “Basically, the architectural potential of the building, and the original building elements will be highlighted Then, during the operation of the secondary project, cultural services with a high degree of modernity will be provided to Romanians such as a multimedia space for augmented reality, which, with the help of the latest technologies It will allow visitors to the library to immerse themselves in a very special cultural, touristic and social world.

The cultural services will directly contribute to increasing the visibility of the heritage building, and highlighting the restoration and integration works carried out, in order to make better use of the cultural potential of the heritage target.

From a functional point of view, the project aims to diversify the categories of beneficiaries of the services provided by the library and to include the goal in the circle of cultural tourism, by unifying, restoring and equipping the Vasile Voiculescu Buzău County Library building, the historical monument of National Historically Significance updated in 2015, in position No. . 546 with the code BZ-II-mA-02351″.

All spaces in the heritage building will be allocated a destination, linked to a destination over time, and these spaces will be equipped and arranged accordingly, with display furniture (shelves, showcases, paintings) to enhance the traveling heritage (manuscripts, rare books, private collections, etc. will be presented) and documentaries related to these destinations and newspapers and collectible books related to the space destination.

“The degree of interest of visitors in each space will be stimulated by the successive presentation of all their functions, over time. They will be identified and marked by the elements of the vision as such. Any visitor will be guided with the help of tools and equipment promoted in the history of the place in question: starting with the elements of architecture and architecture over time, myths and history related to the place in question, documentaries, photographic documentaries, etc.

The physical and virtual tour of the heritage building will be the central element of such an architectural, structural, historical and functional circuit, with more than 80% of the complex of activities that will take place permanently in the spaces of the heritage building.

Secondly, in at most 20% of the complex of activities to be carried out permanently, other relevant activities have been identified to highlight the architectural, historical and cultural value of the restored heritage building. The project managers said that an important role in the implementation of the project will be the information and publicity activities of the project, in addition to the marketing and promotion activities of the target, and the activities of digitizing the heritage target.”

Under these conditions, the activity to be carried out under the heritage objective, within five years of operation, will include the arrangement of the site that is configured to allow a physical and virtual tour of all destinations over time on who owns this space, respectively, the house of Minister and Agronomist Konstantin Alexandru Garovlid , the headquarters of the Buzau public administration of the Ministry of Finance, the Palace of Financial Management, the institution sponsored and coordinated by the Ministry of Finance locally Buzau Town Hall, such as in addition to other functions that changed successively after 1945, where it in turn became the headquarters of institutions and institutions, such as: vegetables, fruits, poultry , the Vinalcool, the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture, the Buzău City Council, the Local Militia Inspectorate, the District Library – for the methodology of all the libraries in the district, respectively those in the headquarters Buzău Municipal Library.

The project value is 19.4 million lei. The deadline for carrying out the works is December 31, 2023. The building has been known since 1984 as the headquarters of the “Vasile Voiculescu” Provincial Library.

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