The most famous and award-winning films of TIFF, 2022 arrive in Bucharest

Transylvania International Film Festival (TIFF) announce TIFF 2022 retrospective to Bucharest. The event, organized in partnership with the Institut Français, will take place at the Cinema Elvire Popesco from July 21-24, 2022, and viewers will have the opportunity to see the version’s most popular films, as well as productions that won the festival awards from Cluj-Napoca.

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The retrospective begins on Thursday, July 21, 2022 with the two films shown at the opening and closing of the festival, attended by thousands of spectators at Unirii Square in Cluj-Napoca:

Jane / network jin (r. Phyllis Nagy) starring Elizabeth Banks, tells a story that although set in 1960s America, is very relevant today: a woman who wants to give up an unwanted pregnancy, a While abortion is illegal. Its summary comes from jeansa secret organization consisting exclusively of women.

In the official competitionthe latest production the couple Argentine director Mariano Cohen, Gaston Dobrat, Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz and Oscar Martinez will see it on the big screen once again. a An upscale, naughty comedy about cinema, artistic pride, and power games.

On Friday, the program includes screenings of two documentaries, the winners of the section What’s up, Doctor? In TIFF, which has been competitive since 2022. Visual artist Yuri Ankarani puts together a great story Atlantis / Atlantiswhere a young Venetian devotes all his time to the obsession of building a motor boat shawl Helps set a new record in the enthusiast community boat. Atlantis received a special mention for the division. Romanian Productions Awarded What Up, Doc?: For me, you are Ceausescu It’s real dead movie It is set on slippery and experimental grounds between fiction and documentary. The first innovative appearance of Sebastian Mihaeliscu is not related to the title of dictator and his authoritarian regime, but to his revolutionary youth, which has been reconfigured a barn for a group of Millennials It was chosen after casting.

On Saturday, it was the turn of the most famous film from TIFF 2022 to be shown on the big screen in Bucharest as well. The program includes offers unemployment club (Dr. David Marques) about a group of friends who never miss a morning at the bar, Migrit (r. Patrice Leconte), in which the legendary Gérard Depardieu enters the skin of the iconic coordinator created by novelist Georges Simenon, but also That is, Oriunde, Oricând / Everything is everywhere at once (p. Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert), comedy explores a Amazingly the multiverse, or monsters (r. Rodrigo Sorogoyen), a thriller a A rural area in Spain, which premiered at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival.

On Sunday, the day opens with a show dedicated to children and young adults, which is part of the EducaTIFF division. I’m Zlatan (p. Jens Sjögren), follows the extraordinary fate of the famous football player. The day continues with the films awarded at TIFF 2022: Feature film about life (Dr. Dovile Sarutyte) Special Jury Prize Winner, Dream Objects / Beautiful ObjectsIcelandic director Gumundur Arnar Gumundsson won the director’s prize, Betna / Utamathe movie that Takes Brought to Bolivian director Alejandro Luisa Grisi Transylvania Cup. A story about love and attachment to the land, our house won and Audience Award TIFF.

The evening ends with Lovers from U.S noapte / the night belongs to lovers (Dr. Julien Hilmoine) Award winning performance for actors Laura Müller and Schemci Lauth.

The TIFF retrospective was organized in partnership with the French Institute of Romania in Bucharest and with Cinema Elvire Popesco.

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The Transylvania International Film Festival is organized by the Romanian Film Promotion Association and the Transylvania Film Festival Association.

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