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want. Arad is not a cultural pole at the national level, no matter how some would like it to happen. Arad is an industrial city, a city where residents, most of whom are relatively low-income, think about the safety of tomorrow rather than the culture. They think about the food they eat rather than the culture they eat. And the official numbers confirm this. The Arad County Council has drawn up the Arad County Cultural Strategy for the period 2021-2027, a document that is currently subject to decision transparency. And the data collected by those who formulated the cultural strategy show us exactly where we stand: Of the 46 cities nationwide, the city Arad ranked 31st in 2016 in terms of cultural consumption City. 2016 is considered as a reference because it is the last year in which official data on cultural consumption was collected. And in order for the eternal comparisons with neighboring cities and provinces to continue, we receive a “punch in the plexus”: despite the diversity of the supply of resources Culturally, the province of Arad cannot compete with the higher degree of endowment and attractiveness of some of the destinations already known nationally and even internationally (Cluj, Bihor, Timi, Iași, Sibiu, Brașov, etc.).

The team that prepared the cultural strategy for the future period identified a series of other threats in relation to the cultural development of our province: rthe risk of deterioration of some local values ​​in the absence of measures to enhance and benefit from the cultural and tourism potential; And theInadequate public funds to invest in the objectives of the built heritage can lead to the deterioration of the condition of heritage buildings Rin the public domain; RUnauthorized private interventions in historical areas lead to the deterioration of historic buildings; RExtensive agricultural exploitation of privately owned agricultural land is degrading the landscape and endangering the archaeological heritage located in the areas outside the city; sA decrease in the number of artists and cultural organizations as a result of their emigration or cessation of activity due to lack of funds; He. SheLack of opportunities, but also the ability of cultural actors to diversify the sector’s funding sources in order to reduce pressure on the public financing system.

We also have opportunities

The same strategy mentions the fact that in addition to the above threats, there are also opportunities for the potential development of culture in our province. Contrary to the fact that we are ranked 31 out of 46 municipalities in terms of cultural consumption, Arad has potential, as the municipality is in a relative position Favorable in dynamic arrangement

Romanian Cities Culture – 18th place out of 46. Other opportunities, but mainly related to management, relate to joiningregion European and national funding for the development and development of cultural and tourism resources, being able to Non-reimbursable financing to support investments and urban / local development / revitalization projects, to potential The inclusion of the resources of Arad Province in the integrated tourism cultural products at the supra-regional level, within the urban system Arad – Timișoara – Oradea, and the development potential of the area as a pole of attraction at the regional level for the western part of the country or in ppossiblyThe Due to its proximity to large urban centers in spaceHe. She European Union – Budapest or Vienna – meaning that Projects can be realized in partnership with them in the cultural and artistic field, exchanging experiences or exchanging experimental activities/projects. Although there has been upbeat talk about these options, it is hard to believe that a city like Arad, ranked 31st out of 46 in terms of cultural consumption, could enter into cultural partnerships with Budapest or Vienna, cities whose residents “devour” culture. But for the statistics, the idea seems good. And maybe about it.

to transparency

As mentioned above, the cultural strategy of Arad District for the period 2021-2027 is decisively transparent. At this time, interested parties can make suggestions about the content of the document. After being approved by the county council, this strategy will be the basis for the development of culture in our county. It remains to be seen how the document will affect cultural works in Arad.

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