Doreen Ionic: “Real music nourishes and heals. Not just figuratively, but literally!”

The Magical Summer Festival, in its eleventh edition, presents you with 9 classical concerts in the Roman Athenaeum, between July 6 and August 31. The International Magic Summer Festival is one of the most important summer cultural events in Europe and one of the few events of this kind to feature the Romanian capital. Since its inception, the project has brought together more than a hundred concerts that have entertained more than 80,000 viewers and hundreds of thousands of radio listeners and viewers who watched live broadcasts and recordings of these elegant moments in artistic costume.

I spoke to Mr. Dorin Ionic, Director of Lanto Communication, about the Magical Summer Festival, about what culture consumers still have in Romania (if any), as well as about the Tik Tok generation.

DrDoing a rich cultural activity. I can’t printIt tells you how the magical summer festival was born and what it means for artists and audiences?

festival summer magic It started with a bold, almost crazy idea that turned into a great project. The idea arose 12-15 years ago when there were very few summer cultural events. From the end of one season until the beginning of the next, it was not difficult, but almost impossible to find good cultural events. As if the whole world of Bucharest, during the holidays, has entered a kind of artistic hibernation!

The basic idea was to allow lovers of classical music to enjoy, even out of season, the pure emotion and joy that artwork provides us. On the other hand, we really wanted the viewers to have the opportunity to meet new young artists, in order to provide a fresh and unique air to a cultural section that is a tributary of classical values.

More than 10 years have passed since the first concerts of “Magic Summer” and “Magic Winter”. What did you suggest with these two events?

In 2022, we are in the eleventh edition of the festival, and every year was different, and every concert is unique! summer magic And the winter magic They have gone hand in hand, as a natural supplement, each one associated with a vacation period. Both share the magical space of the Roman Athenaeum and complement the concert calendar for lovers of classical music, but also complement it with more innovation and youth. We rely heavily on the new generations, without giving up on the idea of ​​promoting real, high-quality art.

What can people expect from this year’s Magic Summer?

Hosting on stage the curated Romanian Athenaeum Orchestra and soloists, both from the country and from abroad, a program consisting of the most appreciated classical pieces, in exceptional performances. We honor our mission this year to create a series of classical concerts of the best quality and reserve, at the same time, unique items and unique surprises for our audience.

At Magic Summer 2022, on the first night, we already had on stage the Athenaeum, under the Magic Wand of Christian Mandel, the National Youth Orchestra and the Czech violinist Josef Spacek, who electrified the hall, creating an amazing effervescence that generated frequent iterations. At the following concerts, on July 13, the audience will gather – for example – the National Opera Orchestra and Musical Theatre Eun Dachian, along with the most famous names of soloists. Also this summer, on July 20, young pianist and composer Sînziana Mircea presents the audience with a one-of-a-kind production, in which hearing unites the visual and performs re-runs, for the first time in the world, of the songs of Marcello Benedetto. The already famous Alexandru Tomescu, the official owner of the only Stradivarius violin in Romania, is a soul musician, accompanied on piano by Laura Toma. On July 27, the audience will be able to meet again with Octavian Loeb and Valentin Zerban, the grand prize winner of the violin section of the George Enescu International Competition, while on July 18 André Licari and Rebecca Hartmann will be soloists at the Concert of the Royal Chamber, in which he will be the conductor. Musical by Mr. Christian Orano.

Basically, we are talking about 9 magical evenings of concerts, during which spectators will be able to enjoy both the most appreciated orchestras and soloists, as well as famous songs, significant in the classical repertoire. Each evening will be different and unique, both in form and in content.

Are Romanians still consumers of classical culture and music?

Oh, yes, they obviously are. More than general perception tends to accept! Quality is the eternal standard that accompanies every element of our life. Regardless of the industry, market segment or life component, it will be high quality services, products or things that will stand the test of time. Over time, classical music has retained its privileged place in the human universe, proving its quality.

What can you tell us about young people? Does the TIK TOK generation come to your events?

Cultural consumption habits have always been different from one generation to the next, even if – perhaps as a result of the technological explosion – the differences now seem more pronounced. But there have always been cultural differences, to varying degrees, between generations, as a component of the broader concept of intergenerational conflict. And the so-called TIK TOK generation is part of our future and every time I try to inspire, to inspire a kind of general tolerance, but especially restraint in the face of potentially dangerous signs: the stages are not defined, but some stages, layers that will always overlap with new ones, and the result It’s more than just an arithmetic.

How important is music in a person’s life and how can it help him/her develop?

How much air is required? Like air, music flies, it doesn’t fill our lungs, it fills our soul and mind… High quality music inspires us. Music is vibration. Real music nourishes and heals; Not just figuratively, but literally! Music is very important in a person’s life…

*The full program of the festival can be found at varamagica.roTickets for the Magic Summer Festival concerts are available at www.bilete.roAnd also, soon, other ticket operators have online, but also at the festival ticket office that opened at the Romanian Athenaeum, the entrance from Benjamin Franklin Street no. 1-3, Monday to Thursday, between 14:00 and 19:00.

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