FMF and MEC join forces to develop football in schools

FMF and MEC join forces to develop football in schools

In order to develop and popularize football in the Republic of Moldova and carry out joint work on the organization, coordination and strengthening of cooperation in the field of football, the Moldovan Football Federation signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research.

The document, valid for five years, was made official in the Select Document Center of Vadul lui Vodă by Leonid Olenesenko, President of the FMF, respectively Anatoly Topalo, Minister of Education and Research.

In this context, the two institutions aim to implement a series of joint actions to ensure the sustainable development of football projects in educational institutions:

a) the application of the optional system “Physical education and football” in primary education, as well as football lessons in physical education;

b) certification of training courses within the FMF Special Licensing Categories and/or Special Licensing Categories and support for the employment of licensed trainers in preschool, primary and secondary general education institutions, which complies with the job requirements;

c) the effective use and improvement of the sports infrastructure in public education institutions for playing football;

d) training and preparation of teachers to improve the quality of physical education classes;

e) the active participation of students from primary, secondary and secondary education institutions in competitions organized under the auspices of the FMF;

f) Supporting specialized football classes in institutions of general secondary education.

The event was also attended by FIFA officials, Fatimata Su, Director of the Football for Schools programme, and Alexandre Gross, coordinator of the Football for Schools programme. The guests at the highest level expressed their appreciation for the efforts of the Moroccan Football Association in developing youth football throughout the country.

Leonid Olensenko: “I would like to thank the Ministry of Education and Research for the confidence they have given us by expanding the scope of cooperation. We are confident in the development of football through this huge project “Football in Schools”, because the strategy of the FMF is headed by the creation of the football education system. Explains Note that we are in agreement with the central public authorities and imply the active participation of the Ministry in the daily activity of the “Football in Schools” project.

Anatoly Topalo: “We want to create the best possible conditions for children to play sports, especially football. It is a beautiful partnership between FMF and MEC, and with the support of FIFA and local authorities, we will ensure the development of school infrastructure, we will support teacher training, and we will open new football classes We will develop a curriculum that will allow the development of football lessons, while respecting all sporting conditions.”

Fatmata Sow: “I am honored to be present at the signing of this memorandum to continue the implementation of the ‘Football in Schools’ project. It is an important foundation for the future, as the educational process is closely linked to sports and the development of life skills for children. I assure you that we will be there to implement this project. For the full support of FIFA President Gianni Infantino.”

The establishment of a football education system is one of the priorities of FIFA for the coming years. In this sense, the Football Forum has set 4 main goals: the implementation of football in kindergarten, football lessons in schools, the creation of specialized football classes and football academies. All these development trends have been focused in the largest social sports project “Football in Schools”, which is one of the main pillars of the Football Sports Federation’s strategy. The project was launched on December 9, 2019 and is part of the cycle of campaigns to develop football and sports in general among children, for a healthy lifestyle.

“Football in Schools” is a social project to promote the number one sport among children in the Republic of Moldova. The project was launched by FMF in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research, and the project has been successfully implemented in more than 200 educational institutions in the country. Football lessons in physical education classes are conducted by trained teachers in courses organized by the Moldovan Football Association.

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