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By Loredana JUGLEA

The technician who prepared themComplexTitul Sportol And theimleu, respectively SCM ZalComplexu, start a new project in thisComplex cousinComplexin Jiul Peterand othersyears, where it was installed and othersAnd the coach, Anonfor you SportsComplexHe. SheComplexJan.

George Zima will coach the teamComplex in Romanian football, which will also be active in the third league, and othersShe is Jeol Petroand othersYears.

toand othersHe is only 34 years old, George Zima and othersia fComplexAlready cut a name in training, and in his resumeComplexu se regComplexSix other teams in League Three, even and othersThe second university. after, afterComplex what are you preparingComplexEnergetician titled, only in League II, in Petroand othersYears, George Zima has been active in footballComplexHe. SheComplexJan. first like and othersThe coach at Sportul And theimleu, dubComplex that passed in the tabComplexRa Lowe SCM stillComplexyou are a teamComplex which was very close to sComplex I take itComplex in the second league.

Zima had the courage in the winterComplexsComplex took the teamComplex have foundComplex in clinical deathComplexon lucifComplexOradea, who worked on the tenth series, with SCM ZalComplexu and othersand sports And thefill in, informComplex who – whichand othersand surComplex.

who is thisComplex cousinComplexthe technician started a project much more than thatThe tenthinternal control Department and othersBefore an offer from Jiul Petroand othersyears, teamComplex With names from active Romanian footballComplex Also in the third league.

George Zimaand othersI’m workingand othersYours to Jeol Petroand othersYears and othersand gameComplexTor from SCM ZalComplexst. It’s about the guyComplexPorter Leo Moreyand othersyear, the year the coach debuted in League Three last year.

oh newComplex a challenge

go back to peterand othersyears is the truthComplexKhartoumComplex George Zima Challenge.

Jeol Petroand othersnew yearsComplex The challenge for me, a name mComplex undertakeComplex On the way to much lessThe tenthine greand othersEli. And theThe ring is in the side of the strong, of those who work with passion and othersI think with TComplexri cComplex togetherComplex With all that Jeol Petrou meansand othersAni mComplex I can enjoy beauty againThe tenthShe is pureComplex George Zima told Sportul S.ComplexHe. SheComplexJan.

So, Jeol Petroand othersIt met on Monday under the leadership of George Zima. during pregComplexTires, followed JiulComplex sComplex aboveThe tenthIn theComplex and othersAnd three friendly matches with opponents on mComplexthe colour greyComplexfrom the second league. It’s about Polly Timmyand othersOnce, CSA Steaua and othersSpartacus is offered.

studio coach

Zima is 34 years old and othersHe is originally from Oradea. Studied at college And theSciencesţand politics and othersAnd the And theSciencesţthey communicateComplexOradea irrigation and othersHe is licensedţand UEFA. Zima played football in Leagues 2 and 3, and then started trainingComplex what and othersHe ruptured his cruciate ligamentsand othersIn the football championship in the hallComplex. zima startedComplex He practiced in League 5, then moved up to League 4 with Bihor FC and othersIn March 2018, in Energeticianul. tanComplexThe technician was then and othersand his own teamComplex Football in the hallComplexDynamo Leonardo Oradea, who played in the lower leagues. The story to rememberand othersThat Julian Nagelsmann, the coach who was appointed coach of Hoffenheim at the age of 28.

VasilComplex help him

George Zima was on the crew And theirinesei (Energeticianul) douComplex months and othersHis hand was rightComplex Dan VasilekComplex. The two met while studying for a bachelor’s degreeţdad. they became friends and othersI au pComplexcaste legComplexTora. Their trip met in the third league in Petroand othersyears, in ACS And theIrenia. “When we met, I always said cComplex what rComplexcat cComplex We are not of thatand othersand nowand otherssComplex We can do things togetherComplexBecauseComplex We are crazy yetComplex football. And theand see cComplex we metComplex fuComplexm togetherComplex and othersthanked himţwet for and othersThis episode. mi sa pComplexInteresting project road And theIrenesee and othersIncome offer acceptedComplex from the club. I took football step by step. I started in 5th league, I got promoted in 4th league with Bihor FC, now I want to be promoted in 2nd league with ACS And theirineasa,” Zima explained on

The drama behind the tattoo

George Zima is passionate about tattoos and football and othersand horse power. One of the tattoos has an emo storyţsexyComplex: “I had a friendComplex Who died of cancer. In her memory me andComplexCut tattoo on the back. I have a lot of tattoos and otherseven ifComplex It’s painful, not mComplex verisk qComplex I make them for cComplex I take cComplex AcrossţTo hurt harder than tattoos,” he said on

In 2017, George Zima was named the best coach in Bihor after being promotedComplexCountries from the fifth league to the fourth league and othersTakes the work done in the football club in the hallComplex.

I hate themComplexm success to his new teamComplex.

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