Nordis Hotel Mamaia: an organic architectural concept – synergy from outside to inside

The real estate project on the Black Sea coast developed by Nordis Group presents a new approach to the Romanesque architecture scene through fascinating elements of organic inspiration, aiming to connect with the environment and tell its story.

Nordis Hotel Mamaia, with its famous facade of curved terraces and undulating glass, has become a visual icon on the Romanian coast and distinguishes itself in the real estate market, competing with world-class resorts.

The visual concept of the facade was signed and awarded by the internationally recognized and awarded Romanian architect Dorin Ștefan, who chose organic architecture elements in most of the works he devoted and still surprise the Romanian public.

The inspiration of the facade is represented by the movement of water carried here through the luster of glass.

The irregularity of the terraces is the outstanding artistic element, which creates an unforgettable picture and impresses with its diversity.

The architect who moved the fluidity of the terrace spaces forward and developed the Nordis Hotel Mamaia in the current phase of the visual symbol is engineer Bogdan Radu, the person who coordinates the entire activity of Nordis Architecture.

5 star interior design

In Romania, organic architectural design is a novelty, being a trend closely related to the developer, who continues the unique style at the level of interior design.

Out of the desire to create an exceptional environment within the projects Nordis collection, special attention is paid to the entire design line.

Bertuzzi Mobili anticipates the interior design strategy for all hotels and apartment complexes developed by the Nordis Group, and selects only world-famous manufacturers.

The 5-star interior design identification aims to build a brand identity for a successful market position, with an emphasis on identifying the important elements of perceiving and remembering the general public.

Nordis Mamaia’s design meets the standards of a 5-star hotel and manages to distinguish itself through an accessible concept, with a strongly expressed aesthetic quality standard.

It took an international documentation process to select the appropriate design, with the elements that make up the perfect harmonious recipe for a 5-star interior: a spacious, elegant and welcoming lobby, and transitional spaces in line with the representative design, without lowering the quality. And excellent details, utility spaces and rooms are practically divided with the highest finishes and amenities.

In arranging the lobby space, waiting and transition spaces, the decor pieces were chosen according to strict criteria and strategically located, in order to correctly delineate the areas: library, cocktail bar, café and seating areas.

The floor, walls, lighting sources, ceiling, as well as ornamental plants, contrasting with the luxury of a converging style, create a pleasant environment.

Visual attraction is complemented by olfactory activation, an aspect carefully implemented in Nordis Mamaia.

From the entrance, the visitor is tempted by special flavors, which can be found in any space of the collection, including through branded cosmetics.

The sound factor is another important component in creating a representative environment for the Nordis Group, where the ambient music sets the relaxing tone.

Interior harmony is also achieved by furniture lines that have multiple roles from functional to aesthetic, have a visual effect, but also tactile, since the texture chosen is the highest quality of velvet.

Indoor plants are the component that coordinates the mysterious color palette of the Nordis Group brand colors.

Black is the perfect expression of elegance, and in combination with gold, it conveys exclusivity and luxury.

Eco-chic revitalizes luxury and amplifies the sense of relaxation, especially for the holidays.

The interior design of the rooms respects the standards of the facilities, and guarantees the optimum operating conditions: adoption of the ISU, optimal air conditioning systems, integration of the SMART Home system and underfloor heating.

SMART Home provides relaxation and comfort that guests will get used to in an instant and want on any vacation, not just.

In full expansion, the Nordis Group currently includes 7 entities that provide outstanding services in various fields – from real estate development, architecture and construction to real estate consultancy, tourism, hotel management and property management.

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