ROCA Investments launched a new holding company – ROCA Agri RDF – 13.07.2022

Romanian company ROCA Investments today, through a partnership with RDF SA, launched its second strategic investment pillar – the agricultural holding company ROCA Agri RDF. With a constantly expanding portfolio and activities in input distribution, grain trading, agricultural production and grain processing, the holding company becomes a national player in a sector of the economy with great potential in the current context.

The investments of the new holding company will be in Romanian agricultural companies and will contribute to the strengthening of activity, the development of new business lines and the implementation of the concept of a one-stop shop for farmers at the level of the entire agricultural sector.

Rudolf Wiesenthal, CEO of ROCA Investments, said at a press conference: “Romania is in dire need of private capital, specialized management and consolidation. Roca Agri RDF is the result of the process in which we were able to combine these three components – Roca Capital, partnering with Florin Deznan and co-management, in a sector that we consider strategic for Romania. An accelerating process of transformation and expansion, which confirms the potential of this business model.”

With the launch of the holding company, RDF ROCA Agri RDF and from a local company, with a special presence in the west of the country, has become a player with a national presence in agriculture.

Florin Dznan, CEO of ROCA Agri RDF said: “Every company in our holding company has over 25 years of experience, during which we have grown organically, and we decided to take this step together towards a new business model in agriculture. At ROCA we found a strong culture of partnership, in which we focus on people, and we want to develop a modern, digital and high-yield entrepreneurial agriculture. We understand the culture of Romanian farmers and we want to be a solution for them.”

The holding company currently includes three companies: RDF SA, RDF Agricolgora SRL and Adidana SRL. In the first half of the year, they recorded a sales volume of more than 300 million lei. Also, with revenue of 14.4 million lei, the company exceeded its estimates for the first half of 2022. For the entire current year, the company estimates revenue of 700 million lei.

Alexandro Savin, Director of Investments at ROCA Investments said: “Next year, we are planning new acquisitions, which will strengthen our position at the national level, but this is only one stage of our development plan. We focus on the association in agriculture and on developing sustainable partnerships and we believe that we can That we grow better together.”

ROCA Agri RDF is planning a transaction for the current year, one or two in a row in 2023, when it will also consider listing in the main market, depending on the macroeconomic context. “We believe the capital market is an essential tool that we should use,” ROCA officials say. “It should be used by all players who want to develop and cannot be absent from our building.”

Roca: total area under cultivation in Romania – 8.26 million hectares in 2021

The share of agriculture in GDP in 2021 returned to the level of 2017-2018, respectively, 4.4%, according to the latest available official data, ROCA officials claim, adding that this sector remains an important driver of the local economy, with huge potential to increase and attract investment .

According to the aforementioned source, the total cultivated area in Romania reached 8.26 million hectares in 2021, while the production of hectares on some major crops increased even by more than 50%, as is the case for wheat (4,797 kg/ha, compared to 2,966 in the previous year) or rapeseed (3.084 kg / ha vs. 2150). In 2021, total wheat production was recorded at 10.4 million tons, compared to about 6.4 million a year earlier, in the context of a 2020 marked by drought and epidemic, ROCA officials concluded.

ROCA Investments is a private joint stock company, part of the Impetum Group, which aims to develop an entrepreneurial culture on the basis of partnership, to amplify the potential and accelerate the growth of Romanian companies and brands. In 2021, it reached a valuation of 247.5 million lei (more than 50 million euros), up from 102 million lei in 2018. ROCA’s portfolio includes two capable companies (ROCA Industry and ROCA Agri RDF), but also investments in other companies from different sectors of the Economy.

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