The Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee – UV Timioara Partnership for the Promotion of Romanian Sports

On Wednesday, July 13, at the headquarters of the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, the cooperation agreement between the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee (COSR) and the University of West Timisoara (UVT) was announced and signed, which sets the terms for a long period. – Partnership based on the consolidation of Romanian sport.

The agreement provides for participation in joint projects, useful for conveying common messages, in which COSR will be with UVT, a strong educational brand, with a good image at the national level. COSR will participate in identifying the athletes and personalities of sporting life who will receive invitations to participate in the annual international competition “UVT Liberty Marathon”, as symbols of the sports movement in Romania.

In turn, the University of the West of Timisoara will provide free access for persons proposed by the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee to postgraduate courses organized by UVT in various fields (eg digitization of teaching assessment activities or social assistance). The cooperation agreement also establishes a format for naming the Olympic champions who will be invited to sign the UVT Liberty Marathon medal in each of the future editions of the event.
The public event to announce and sign the agreement was attended by Mihai Kovalho, President of COSR, COSR General Secretary George Borui, Anishwara Koemer, President of the Romanian Athletics Federation, and Marilyn Gabriel Bert, President of UVT University, along with the executive management of the annual international tournament. UVT Liberty Marathon competition.
The cooperation between COSR and UVT in recent years has been achieved through many participations in joint events, which have enhanced the perspective of a long-term project. Thus, at the inauguration of the partnership established today under the cooperation agreement between the parties, it was announced that Mihai Kovalho, Chair of the Committee on Social Rights, has been appointed to sign the UVT Liberty Marathon Medal, presented as a competitive token for over 2,500 participants. who will attend the course. Who happened this year?
Mihai Kovalho, Chair of the Committee on Economic and Social Rights: “Sport is more than just competition. The values ​​embodied in the Olympic Movement are not just a theoretical desire. One of its primary goals is precisely the rebuilding of contemporary society, the unity in all of our diversity. Honoring athletes, their dignity, team spirit and play The cleanliness they show in the competitions makes them real models.Contemporary Romanian society needs models, and the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee is an active agent in society through all that it promotes and supports.Education through sports, and the development of new generations with the help of Olympic principles and values ​​are the common goals of the Olympic movement and the academic environment in Romania.Through and with the help of West University of Timioara, our message reaches students and young people who want to participate in our mission.We value the interest in Olympic sport in Romania and strongly believe that Romanian sport has a future and will continue to be an essential factor for Romanian society.Sport unites and educates people in its purest Spirit of fair play!”
UVT Dean, Marilyn Gabriel Bertia: “The University of West Timisoara (UVT), the most important comprehensive university in the west of the country, promotes excellence, through scientific and research programs and through those in the fields of arts and sports. At UVT, for all faculties and undergraduate programs, we have set a standard Each student follows the system of physical education for 4 semesters, in the first two years of study, for full and harmonious development.On the other hand, we participated beyond the boundaries of our university community and created an event dedicated to the whole city and even to many sports enthusiasts in the country and abroad, the UVT Liberty Marathon , now in its fifth edition, an event of increasingly popularity and grassroots competition.From the entire academic community of UVT, I thank Mr. Mihai Kovalio, an important figure in Romanian sport, because this year he is the signatory of the UVT Liberty Marathon, an important gesture for the thousands of marathon participants in the October 2022, who will enjoy, once again, for the authenticity of the special signature on the medals they will receive.Together with COSR, we will convey at the national level the idea of ​​freedom and harmony through sport, because UV The T Liberty Marathon is an experience built with energy, effort and plenty of motivation, in a community where everyone leaves their mark on the transmission. The idea of ​​freedom. Away “.
The UVT Liberty Marathon will be held on October 2, 2022, in Timisoara, and to register, please access the special section: Liberty Marathon / Register.



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