Horia Roman Patapivici, on Europa FM: Laws do not favor culture, representation or export of culture. We want to have an image abroad, but we don’t do anything legislative

Horia Roman Patapavesi was a guest on Cătălin Striblea on the show “Romania Live” Europa FM. The latest edition of the season “Romania Live” Developed by Art Safari and offers the public at Europa FM an exceptional encounter with philosopher and essayist Horia Roman Patapevici. He was also director of the Romanian Cultural Institute, an institution that became associated with the promotion of Romanian art abroad.

Explained by Horia Roman Batabevici “Romania Live” What makes Tudor Aman special and what does Art Safari mean? Moreover, philosopher and essayist Horia Roman Patabevici said that it is difficult to implement a special initiative in the cultural field in Romania.

Horia Roman Batabivesi, for Theodor Aman

“What distinguishes Theodore Amann is that he is Theodore Aman, but to see it well you need something: brightness, the student of detail – he is the master of detail – in any color – the master of beautiful colors – the extraordinary painting is safe to be seen. And then , what is so wonderful about this exhibition by Theodore Aman – the greatest that anyone in this country can see in this generation, and the people of Bucharest are distinguished – what is extraordinary is that a kind of illumination has been found that presents the works to Aman as transparent as a slide”, Horia Roman Patabevichi said on Europa FM TV.

“This is a special focus of light that is filtered in exactly a certain way onto the frame of the painting. That way, it feels like a slice, so you see like a stained glass window, that is, you see in transparency. The effect is amazing. And what you see is there are parts he didn’t complete. He left them like that.” It’s the first time I’ve seen this and had a look at Aman and the Aman Museum, but also the National Museum of Art in Romania. I’ve seen things I’ve never seen before, and his art is the art of a great master.”Horia Roman Patabevichi said on Europa FM TV.

Horia Roman Patabivesi, on Art Safari

“Safari is Apple’s search engine, so Art Safari is the way to find art if you have a search engine. That was the original idea.”Philosopher and essayist Horia Roman Batabevici explained on Europa FM.

How difficult is it to implement a special initiative in the cultural field in Romania

“I have my experience in ICR. Laws do not favor culture, represent culture or export culture. We want to have an image abroad, but we do nothing – legislatively speaking – so that we can export Romanian culture. Everyone loves business, and here we are talking about business Visual artistry, he loves it when he puts it in his claws and then complains that we’re strangers.”said Horia Roman Patabevichi on europa FM.

“Grigorescu has not been given two cash abroad, even though we give a lot of money – hundreds of thousands of euros on him in the market formed in the last ten to fifteen years. Andreescu is unknown. Tonitza, as we have seen in a retrospective of more than 300 works. You never see anything like it in human life. It is overwhelming. It shows that Tunitza is not just a painter, but a great master. How Luchian was a retrospective, Petrașcu. There are great and extraordinary values ​​that the West completely ignores, as we would like to emphasize ourselves because our markets are closed. They have remained closed as did communism.”as said Horia Roman Batabevici.

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Image source: Europa FM

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