Insurance 2022: Sample Subjects and Scales for the Written Exam from July 13th. Candidate rules

Accreditation 2022: On Wednesday, July 13, the written test for the Titularization 2022 competition will take place. From Alba, 571 candidates are expected to participate.

There are 139 fixed-term jobs in the province. There is a lot of competition for teachers and educators.

look here: Insurance 2022: topics and scale from the written test published by the Ministry. What should the candidates solve

Length of Service is the national competition for teaching positions and employment in education.

Candidates with averages above 7 may be appointed for an indefinite period, and those with above 5, may be appointed for a specified period, if there are positions available, to compete.

The written test will be held on July 13, and the results will be announced on July 19. The results after the appeal will be sent on July 27, and in August will be the distribution meetings.

2022 Position at ALBA – List of Candidates, Positions, Competition

In Alba County, of the 571 registered candidates, 278 (48.7%) are teachers and educators.

Other areas of interest are Physical Education (46 candidates), English Language and Literature (31), Romanian Language and Literature (29), Mathematics (27), Special Psychology (17), Orthodox History and Religion (12 files each), Chemistry (11 ). For other majors, less than 10 candidates were registered.

There are 239 full vacancies, of which are viable (indefinitely) – 139, according to IȘJ Alba data.

2022 list of viable positions at ALBA

List of Vacancies and Titularization Alba 2022

Among the total tenable positions, 53 are for teachers and educators, 9 of which are for nursery teachers. The competition will be 3.6 for one place for teachers and 11.8 for teachers, depending on each candidate’s choices.

2022 Possession – Forms and Objective Measures – Written Exam

For the written test starting July 13, candidates have subject forms published by the Ministry of Education for the 2022 session and those for previous years, indicative for preparation.

Romanian – Pre-School Titularization 2022

Romanian – Primary Education Titularization 2022

Romanian Language and Literature Titularization 2022

Math securitization 2022

English language securitization 2022

French Titularization

Legalization of the German language 2022

Securitization of geography 2022

Securitization date 2022

Biology securitization 2022

Securitization of chemistry 2022

Securitization physics 2022

Physical Education and Sports for 2022

Computing securitization 2022

Securitization Psychology 2022

Securitization of Sociology 2022

Philosophy for securitization 2022

Special Psychology 2022

Obesity Physiotherapy 2022

Legalization of Music Education 2022

Aesthetics and human body care 2022

Technology Education Ranking 2022

Economic, administrative and securitization after 2022

Mechanical securitization 2022

Orthodox religion 2022

Securitization 2022 – Calendar

May 24 – June 30: Organization and Development Practical / Oral Tests and Classroom Inspections Resolve appeals against these tests

July 4th: Presentation of results of practical / oral examinations and special inspection in the classroom

July 13: Written exam

July 19: Preliminary results announced

July 19-20: Registering appeals to school directorates and transferring them to assessment centers

July 21-26: Appeals settled

July 27: Final results announced

July 29: Distribution of candidates in accordance with the provisions of Article 74 par. (3), letter A) or 80 paragraph (9) of the methodology, as the case may be

August 1: Distribution meeting in order:

  • For honorary teachers, in accordance with the provisions of Article 74 par. (3), lit. b) from the methodology;
  • Diligent teachers, in accordance with the provisions of Article 74, paragraph. (3), lit. c) from the methodology.
  • Teachers hired during the validity of the job/department are left with the teaching criterion of incomplete teaching, as per the provisions of Art. 74 paragraph. (3), lit. d) from the methodology;
  • Diligent teachers, in accordance with the provisions of Article 74, paragraph. (3), lit. e) or 80 paragraph. (9) From the methodology, as applicable;
  • Distribution of working teachers during the feasibility of the job/department that participated in the National Competition 2022 session in accordance with the provisions of Article 74, paragraph. (3), lit. f) or 80 paragraph. (9) of the methodology, as appropriate

August 2: Update of the list of teaching positions/vacancies/reserved departments

2 – 22 August 2022: Issuing and communicating distribution decisions to the mail/department.

Written Exam – July 13 – Securitization 2022

The written test is based on the topics developed by the National Center for Policies and Evaluation in Education, in accordance with the specific programs of the competition, in the specialty of teaching, approved by order of the Minister of Education and Research. The written test is graded on a score of 10 to 1.

The weight of the mark obtained in the written test is 75% in the mean of the distribution.

Written work begins at 9:00. Candidates will be present in the competition hall, at the earliest at 7.00 and at the latest at 8.15.

Candidates who were not in the hall before opening the subject envelope can no longer take the written test.

After candidates have received the competition topics, the time for writing works is 4 (four) hours, while it can only be exceeded by 1-2 hours by candidates with serious deficiencies.

To write business, use ink or a pen with blue paste; Drawings / drawings can also be done with a black pencil.

Candidates may have dictionaries for Latin or ancient Greek subjects and a guide to accounts for the subject “economic, administrative, beyond”.

In order to conduct the written examinations, supervision of each room is ensured by the assistant supervisors, who verify the identity of the candidates, by means of a leaflet/card/identity certificate or passport. Video and audio surveillance cameras will be installed in all competition halls.

Candidates and their assistant supervisors may not carry objects or materials into the examination room in the following categories: bags, wallets, newspapers, magazines, books, notebooks, electronic means of calculating, mobile phones or any other medium that mediates/facilitates communication. In addition to other objects/materials whose use affects the conduct of the examination in conditions of legality, fairness and objectivity.

Prohibited items and/or items will be deposited in the personal items storage room, prior to entering the examination room.

Candidates who present in the examination room unauthorized substances, of the category of those mentioned or compatible therewith, even if they did not use them when discovered, shall be excluded from the examination for attempted fraud, by a reasoned decision of the Chairman of the Board. The competition center, and in this case the assistant supervisors or members of the authority from the competition center produce a report.

Candidates who have been disqualified from competition due to fraud or attempted fraud will not be hired for teaching positions/departments.

Candidates are informed by the assistant supervisors in charge of the rooms, at the entrance to the examination room, of the methodological and procedural provisions relating to the conduct of the written test and the signing of the transcripts evidencing the information.

Supervising assistants who provide solutions to exam topics, falsify works, tolerate the acts or intentions of fraud of candidates or show negligence in fulfilling the powers, shall be disciplinary liable, in accordance with Article 280 – 282 of Law No. 1/2011 with subsequent amendments and supplements, civil or criminal, as the case may be.

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