Alba Iulia City Hall is inspecting EU funding for a unique project in Transylvania dedicated to children. what is the reason

The European funding project, which was declared unique in Transylvania, but also in Romania, is likely to be lost by the Alba Iulia City Council.

It is about building a “children’s museum”, more precisely a multifunctional space, with different spaces and modern facilities, where children participate in various scientific experiments, participate in various workshops and learn about science and natural phenomena.

But the project was halted more than two years ago due to a lawsuit in court, with an area of ​​about 279 square meters. The deadline to complete construction was 2023, but this would not be possible.

Under these circumstances, the city council will lose the project and 2.5 million euros will automatically be financed.

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According to Deputy Mayor Emil Popescu, this is a dispute between the city council of Alba Iulia and two people who own a small part of the land on which it was supposed to be built. The process began in 2018, before the Alba Iulia court, before the project won EU funds.

It is a plot of land located in the Tolstoy district of Alba Iulia on Marcus Aurelius Street. Specifically, of the land on which the multifunctional space was proposed to be built, a portion of 279 square meters was the subject of debate in court. After two court cases, the two people who sued the city council won the plot.

The mayor’s team wrote the EU funding project for the land that was the reason for the operation. Then, while the process was in progress, the project won. A tender was issued and the construction works were awarded to a consortium of companies.

Due to the fact that the process was not finished yet, the project was blocked. Since construction has not begun, the transfer of European funds to City Hall has not begun, and the 2023 deadline for completion cannot be reached.

Deputy Mayor Emil Popescu specified to that for the land in question, after the trial is over by a final decision of the Supreme Court, it will be possible to write another draft.

What was the city council of Alba Iulia planning to build?

According to the feasibility study, the “Multifunctional Complex” is an interactive playground aimed primarily at children, and at the same time it is a place where adults can interact with exhibitions and participate in the activities offered in this center.

The complex will have an impact on the level of innovation delivery and on the level of the educational field.

The project proposes the implementation of a building with a height system of D + P + E, located within the boundaries of the beneficiary’s property with a construction area of ​​1191 square meters and a developed area of ​​2418.87 square meters.

The build will have the following functions:

– basement – toilets, workshops, storage places, offices;

– Ground floor – foyer, exhibition hall, exhibition space, warehouse, commercial unit (cafe / shop), creative workshops, outdoor terrace;

– Floor – workshops, media library, temporary exhibition area

The first contact with the building will be provided by a vertical garden located in the access area, whose architecture leads the visitor to the lobby which is developed on two levels (ground floor and first floor).

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From here, visitors will be distributed to different areas, separated by furniture and light mobile partitions. Thus, the ground floor houses the temporary and permanent exhibition area, the creative workshop area, the café area and thematic commercial space, and the auditorium area, where activities with a large audience can be carried out and access to other levels.

If the spaces on the ground floor describe a dynamic course, so that attention and curiosity is constantly stimulated, on the first floor it is proposed to group a small number of functions (temporary gallery, creative workshops, documentation center / media library), in order to create a more intimate atmosphere, conducive to Relax and meditate.

A number of factors are included in ensuring these conditions, such as the height at which the floor develops, which opens up the view of an extended horizon, the light courtyard in the vertical access area, which with the help of zen light creates an easily recognizable landmark and roof, grassy, ​​inhabited by small and large native plants, Where proximity to nature and all its benefits are encouraged.

As the ground floor and first floor are intended for functions with the public, the art spaces will be developed in the basement, essential to the good functioning of the building, namely the workshop, art space, storage space, public toilets and staff.

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