Ivana Trump, ex-wife of Donald Trump, has passed away

Former model Ivana Trump, the first wife of Donald Trump, has died at the age of 73, the family told ABC News. She is the mother of three of the former president’s children: Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric Trump.

In a statement on his platform, Social Truth, Donald Trump invokes Ivana as “a wonderful, beautiful, amazing woman who lived a wonderful and inspiring life. Her pride and happiness were her three children, Donald Jr, Ivanka and Eric. She was so proud of them, just as we were all so proud of her,” he wrote. Donald Trump.

“Our mother was a wonderful woman – a business powerhouse, world-class athlete, radiant beauty and a caring mother and friend,” the Trump family said in a statement.

Ivana Trump was one of the survivors. He fled communism and chose this country. She taught her children what it means to have courage, perseverance, compassion and determination,” the family says.

“Her mother, three children, and ten grandchildren will lose her,” the family says.

Paramedics in Manhattan, who responded to a call for cardiac arrest, found a 73-year-old woman in the Upper East Side apartment where Ivana Trump lived on Thursday, shortly after 12:30, according to an ABC News report, which quotes Statement from the New York Emergency Department. The cause of death has not yet been announced. According to ABC News, which cited police sources, Ivana Trump was found unconscious and unresponsive at the bottom of her apartment stairs. ABC News sources said police are investigating whether she fell and, if so, whether this fall contributed in any way to her death. Police said the coroner will determine the cause of death.

Who was Ivana Trump?

Ivana Trump, who was raised under the communist regime in the former Czechoslovakia, married Donald Trump in 1977. The couple divorced in 1992.

“Without me, Donald Trump would not have been what he is,” Ivana Trump said in an interview with CBS News in October 2017, almost a year after her ex-husband was elected President of the United States. When asked if she or the president raised their three children, Ivana Trump replied, “Sure, I am.”

Ivana said in her book Raising Trump, published in the same 2017, she taught her children “the value of money, not lying, not cheating, not stealing, respecting others.”

Ivana Marie Trump (born in Zelnikova on February 20, 1949 in the Czech Republic) was a model, fashion designer, media personality, and businessman. He has held key management positions within the Trump Organization – Vice President of Interior Design, Executive Director and President of the Trump Castle Casino Network and Director of the Plaza Hotel.

Ivana’s divorce from Donald Trump, which was completed in 1992, was the subject of extensive media coverage in the 1990s.

After the divorce, she developed her own clothing, jewelry, and beauty products. From 1995 to 2010 he ran the advice department of the Globe newspaper “Ask Ivana” and published several books, including novels and an autobiography.

Ivana’s father, born in Czechoslovakia, was an electrical engineer, and her mother worked as a telephone operator. From the age of four, Ivana began skating, proving a real talent encouraged by her father, Ivana joined the national junior team, which gave her opportunities to travel beyond the communist borders of the Soviet era. Then he entered the University of Prague, where he graduated in 1972 as a professor of physical education.

Marrying Donald Trump

In 1971, she married Alfred Winkelmayer, an Austrian ski coach, in order to obtain Austrian citizenship and the ability to leave communist Czechoslovakia, while still retaining the right to return to visit her parents. She divorced him in 1973 and then moved to Canada, where her teenage boyfriend lives. In Canada, she worked as a ski coach and as a model.

In 1976, Ivana was in New York with a group of models when she met Donald Trump. They married on April 7, 1977, and the couple became popular figures in New York society in the 1980s. Ivana worked hard, independent, and charismatic with Donald Trump in business. It was said that he would have chosen her especially to be his wife, to work alongside him and to inspire him.

Ivana and Donald Trump have three children: Donald Trump Jr. (born December 31, 1977), Ivana Marie Trump, better known as Ivanka Trump (born October 30, 1981) and Eric Trump (born January 6, 1984). Donald Jr. learned to speak Czech fluently (with the help of his maternal grandfather), while Ivanka only gained a basic understanding of her mother’s native language. But Eric does not know the Czech language at all.

Instead, Ivana Trump claimed that, in addition to Czech, she speaks German, French and Russian fluently.

Divorce, after a face-to-face meeting with Donald Trump’s mistress

Ivana Trump obtained US citizenship in 1988. Shortly thereafter, the Trump couple’s turbulent marriage became a matter of public interest after they were seen arguing over the Christmas holidays of 1989 in Aspen, Colorado. It could have happened after Ivana met Donald Trump’s mistress, Marla Maples.

Until their 1992 divorce, a legal battle ensued over the legality of the four prenuptial agreements that the two had negotiated in succession over the years.

Ivana Trump could not forgive Marla Maples, who became the second wife of Donald Trump. She is the mother of Tiffany, Trump’s second daughter. However, Donald Trump divorced her in 1999 and married in 2005 his first wife Melania Trump, who is the mother of the former president’s youngest son, Barron. Like Ivana, Melania grew up in the former Soviet Union, originally from Slovenia, and was a model.

When asked in a 2017 interview about Trump’s second wife, Marla Maples, Ivana declined to give her name and refused to talk about it, saying only that “she hasn’t accomplished anything in life.” Maples has been an actress and has played various roles in film, television, and theater. However, Ivana Trump has specified that her relationship with Trump’s third wife, Melania, is completely different. “I get along very well with Melania,” Ivana Trump said. When asked why she had a good relationship with Melania, but not with Maples, she replied, “One is nobody. The other is the First Lady.”

In October 1990, Ivana’s father, Milos Zelnicchik, 63, died suddenly of a heart attack. According to the Guardian, her father was an informant for the Communist political police in Czechoslovakia and had passed on information he obtained from his daughter, including the correct prediction that George HW Bush would win the 1988 presidential election. Donald Trump was with Ivana Trump at her father’s funeral in November 1990 in Zlin.

Trump’s divorce has been covered worldwide and has been on the front pages of New York’s tabloids for 11 days in a row. Ivana accused Donald Trump of aggression and said she “felt raped”. The divorce was granted on the grounds of abuse, but Ivana had to sign a confidentiality agreement in which she vowed to seek Donald Trump’s permission before discussing her marriage publicly. The New York Times reported in 1991 that Ivana’s divorce agreement included $14 million, a 45-room hotel in Connecticut, an apartment in Trump Plaza, and use of a Mar-a-Lago residence for a month a year. The divorce was completed in 1992, writes digi24.ro

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