“symbolically, as a sign of appreciation, for the recognition of values ​​and the continuation of noble and elitist ideals”

cOn the occasion of the second anniversary of the founding of the Royal Literary Journal – founded on 15 July 2020 – and on the occasion of honoring the memory of the late Nikolai Dabiga (born 15 July 1948), director emeritus In memory of From the Royal Literary Editorial Office in Chisinau, for their seriousness and responsibility to readers and themselves, for their erudition and talent, for their high skill, for inspiration and excellence, the winners of the 2022 Royal Literary Awards have been nominated.

The evaluation committee consisted of:

  • university professor. Dr. Ștefan-Lucian Mureșanu (Linguist, anthropologist, ethnographer, writer, literary critic – IEF, Romanian Academy and AFHBR member).
  • university professor. Dr. George Coanda (historian of culture and civilization, writer, journalist, literary critic – vice president of the Targovist Writers Association, president of UZPR Targoviste).
  • lecturer. University. Dr. Lucien Costin Denderico (Writer, historian – director of the District Library “Alexandru and Aristia Aman” Dolge).
  • Professor Dr. Cornel Merkelscu (writer, historian – vice-president of the Romanian Society of Historical Sciences, Dâmbovia branch).
  • Maria Ivanov (Writer, essayist, poet, editor – director of TIMPUL Chisinau magazine).
  • Nikolai Florentin Stretchi (Philologist, poet, essayist, literary critic – editor-in-chief of Regal Literar).
  • Claudio Domitrash (Scientist, essayist, hematologist – member of the CPFCFC, Academic Society for Research in Religions and Ideologies; Royal Literary Founder).

We have decided to offer awards of excellence (for works that can be considered as such), some special awards and distinction (because we cannot ignore the special merits of authors who are, in fact, invaluable), but also mention a couple of them indicative that those writings raise awareness.

We have also decided to nominate for the Royal Literary Man of the Year, an author whose literature has so long soothed the human spirit, whose books and conferences were of great use in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, where they dealt with earnestness, talent and high skill, the pseudo-psychology of modern man, the events and manifestations of the world, It shows how man should live properly and how to respond to the challenges of the mundane world and deceptive art‘,” says Claudio Domitrac, founder of Regal Literar.

“Inspiration is the basis of the arts in general, it is just like the electrical impulse that causes lightning between two electrodes. When a voltage is created between two electrodes, lightning occurs. Without lightning there can be no lightning”

Nichita Stunsko

2022 Royal Literature Awards Winners

Symbolically, as a sign of appreciation, for the recognition of values ​​and the continuation of noble and elitist ideals, the list of winners of the 2022 Royal Literary Awards is communicated:

Man of the Year – Savatie Baștovoi – for the entire literary work; to hear knowledge and exclusivity, to psychoanalyses and theology skillfully presented in writing and at conferences; To contribute to the correct and clear vision of contemporary phenomena and manifestations, especially among young people in the Republic of Moldova, Germany and Romania; For the benefit of everyone who seeks to learn morals, literature, arts and spirituality in an authentic way.

Excellence in Excellence

  • Soren Pot – for theological and psychological analyzes published in the virtual environment, of great interest, regarding the appearance of modern man; For opinions and comments of morality and spirituality expressed with particular skill.
  • Theologos Cadar – for theological and scientific analyzes that are communicated privately in the virtual environment (chilieathonita.ro) and for the oratorical talent that proves to be very useful, and contributes to the intellectual, psychological and spiritual formation of those who are thirsty for knowledge.
  • Jonathan Jackson – For the contribution made by the world to the understanding of authentic art, to literary works written with inspiration and talent, to highlight the values ​​of oriental culture.
  • Sebastian Cerdaro – for the entire theological work devoted to the bearer of the holy myrrh and specifically with the apostles Mary Magdalene; For the talent and inspiration with which he contributes to the deepening of Eastern culture, for scientific works of significant historical and theological values.
  • Dan Padolsko – for the entire scientific work, of great value and benefit; for special theological and psychological research that combats pseudoscience and highlights truth, morals, and freedom; To contribute to the knowledge of the depth and meaning of the arts.
  • Kristinelle Yoga – for the entire scientific, theological and psychological work, of great value and benefit, through which it contributes to man’s clear vision in the face of contemporary challenges; For the special talent and inspiration with which he was able to be an authentic intellectual teacher.

“Out of 63 nominations, we chose to award works that are earnest and clearly purposeful. Many of the nominations came from young authors of sensual, sexual, pornographic, fictitious and fantasy literature, literature of frustration, depression, pride, shock, helplessness, rebellion, various ideologies and ignorance, some of which can easily persuade Villains through knowledge and imposition. Style of expression, and the opportunity for some to be considered valuable writings. This, unfortunately, saddened us. Most young people, but also a large portion of adults who venture into the world of literature, are surrounded by this ideology of writing indiscriminately, leaving aside seriousness and accepting intellectual compromise. and spiritual, where it is much easier than entrusting yourself to work and perpetuate. True humanity”says Claudio Domitrac, founder of Regal Literar.

“They embrace, in fact, the alternative of humanism, which has emerged through the fact that some cannot stand the human quality which tends to perfection and overcome pleasure, nihilism, consumption, lust, instinct, sophistry, and self-sufficiency, at the same time, testimonies to Lack of discrimination and knowledge since the beginning of the third millennium

Cultural Excellence

  • Sergio Siou – for the actor’s art to bring artistic and Christian icons back to the present: Konstantin Brankoy, Nikita Stensko, respectively Saint Konstantin Brankovino.
  • Andrei Zenko For professional performance in the field of cinematic art locally and internationally.
  • Sebastian Zidaro For literary creations and to promote culture among young people.
  • Alexa Visarion – Promoting Roman spirituality throughout his career from the perspective of theater and cinema, in continuous dialogue and symbiosis.

poetry award

  • Christian Moya To publish special poetic creations in Regal Literar.
  • Radu Botech And the Jintiana Muhashiri – for bilingual volume”In the arms of lightNë krahët e dritës(Editor Amanda Edit, 2022).

Article Award

  • Livia Ciuperc For articles and for promoting Roman literature.
  • Galina Marti For articles and research and for the promotion of Roman literature in the world.
  • Ștefan T. Baciu – For articles and to promote culture among young people.

Literary Criticism Award

  • Nadezhda Ivanov – To publish works of literary criticism „Vladimir Pelega or the hard way to self-knowledge(Dar Al Uloom Publishing, 2021).

Excellence Award for volumes published between January 2021 – March 2022

  • Andrei Dragolinsko – to publish a book on ethics and science, on the embodiment of the contemporary musical artist,God’s harmony and dissonance in the world(Editora Agatton, 2022).
  • Emilia Țuțuianu – to release the albumEminescu seasons in Văratic; One hundred and fifty years since the birth of the Romanian absolute Mihai Emenscu(Mu’taina Publishing House, 2021).
  • Vasilisk Donica – for the volume of short storiesItineraries for the seventh day(Editora Epigraph, 2021).
  • Nikolai Niko – for the paperThe monk Broclone Nico, the hermit’s trumpet. live words(Editora Agatton, 2022).
  • Michael Flodriano – for the paperMusic, an open language between God and man(Library Publishing House and University Publishing House, 2022).
  • Gabriel Iancu On the historical research presented in the paper.Early centuries of Roman Christianity (1st-6th centuries)(Editora Agatton, 2022).
  • Zerban Valley – for short prose size”Forgive, believe in yourself and move on(Berg Publishing House, 2021).
  • Benjitti Flowers – For the special volume of contemporary proseThere is a new beginning(Editura Bibliotheca, 2021).


  • Augustina Visan – For lyrics volume (first time) „do something dad(Prot International Publishing House, 2021).
  • Tatiana Grosso – For lyrics volume (first time) „What we see when we look at each other(Literary Bets Publishing House, 2021).

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