Felipe Meligini, the new Champion of the Concorde Iai Open

Brazilian Filipe Melegeni Rodriguez Alves, 16th in the ATP, is the new winner of the Concorde Iashi Open, the ATP Championship in the Challenger 100 class. At age 24, he was the favorite. 8 of the competition defeated in the Grand Final of Spain Pablo Andujar (36 years), ranked 105th in the world, the favorite no. 2, score 6-3, 4-6, 6-2, at the end of a great match that lasted two hours and ten minutes.

The final, perhaps the most exciting of the three editions, was a thrilling match, with a stunning exchange of blows that lifted 1,000 spectators from the stands of the Serik Sports Base.

Felipe Meligini Rodriguez Alves was a quarter-finalist at the first edition of the Concorde Iai Open, when he was eliminated en route to the semi-finals by Pablo Andujar himself, and last year he stopped in the semi-finals in Iai.

Felipe Meligini, the new Champion of the Concorde Iai Open

Champion Felipe Melegini will win €12,250 and 100 ATP points Pablo Andujar will remain the finalist with 60 points and a cash prize of 7,200 euros.

The Champion’s Cup was awarded by Ilie Năstase and Andrei Pavel.

Jeffrey Blancano and Renzo Olivo, Doubles Champion

The Doubles Cup was won by the French-Argentine duo Jeffrey Blancano / Renzo Olivo, who defeated in the final the South American duo Diego Hidalgo / Christian Rodriguez (Ecuador / Colombia, Candidate 2), 6-4, 2-6, 10. -6.

The champion team will receive a check of €5,250 and 100 ATP points, and the finalists will receive €3,100 and 60 ATP points.

Tournament organized By businessmen Andrej Orić – the owner of the championship and Gabriel Aftimoy – the managing director, from the Concorde Service Center, in partnership with the City Hall of Iași and the Romanian Tennis Federation. The tournament director was Andrei Pavel, the former Romanian top rocket.

“I congratulate Pablo on the successful week in Iaşi, and I thank all the participants, from the ball kids and the referees to the organizing team. The tournament has grown a lot, I played in the quarter-finals two years ago, last year I reached the semi-finals, and now I won the tournament. I am very happy “, he announced Champion Felipe Meligini Rodriguez Alves at the end.

Felipe Meligini won the 2022 Concord Iași Open

Elie Nastas: “This tournament can be played anywhere in the world”

Ilie Năstase, who was awarded the Champion’s Cup, started with a joke. “I was wrong this week. Now Eun Sriak had to come, and I had to attend the girls’ tournament, because I love girls. I will also attend the women’s tournament,” said Neste, after which he continued to praise the tournament, saying that it was organized at the highest level: “Congratulations to those who He organized the tournament, it was very cool.I was watching that this tournament can be anywhere in the world, if you don’t know it’s in Iaşi.

Even Madrid. Seriously, it looks really cute. I was talking to the vice mayor and I was telling him that if we don’t invest in sports, if it’s not a priority for us, Romanians, we’ll spend ten times as much on the health of our children, because they won’t know. How to walk. If someone from the Romanian government says that sport is not a priority, go somewhere else. I also suggest that Iaşi once again be the capital of Romania.”

Concord Iași Open 2022, successful tournament

In turn, Tournament Director Andrei Pavel stated: “Dear Yash, I’m proud to be here and thank you for coming so many to the tournament. Hope you like it! I hope you come to see the girls too. I thank players Pablo and Felipe, and I thank everyone in our team, who put in Their spirit in organizing the tournament.Andrei Pavel said: Thank you and viewers, you had a nice show.

Tournament owner, Andrej Orić stated: “The tournament has evolved and I hope we will live up to expectations. The team has over 300 members during prime times, they worked hard. Thanks to the investments, I was able to have a night out. The city council has been very involved this year, And there were people from City Hall who came and worked even on weekends and I thank them. Nocturna was installed in record time and all the issues I encountered were resolved in record time. I thank all the sponsors and partners without whom the tournament would not have taken place.”

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