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The Minister of Education said that more than 20-25,000 permanent positions will be offered to compete in the education recruitment exam next year.

These are jobs that have a validity of more than 4 years and teachers can assign them for an indefinite period. This year there were only 5,193 such jobs.

See Securing 2022: Subjects and Scale for the Written Test, published by the Ministry. What should the candidates solve

The minister said competition for a number of positions five times higher will be possible by shifting to permanent positions with only part-time (the teaching base has 18 hours per week – no), according to edupedu. EN

“The idea of ​​a teaching position was decided. Once I finished the service exam, I had 5,193 positions up for competition. Only 5,193. I had majors like sociology or philosophy as there were only three positions in sociology and three in philosophy in the country, across the country. country To be insurable, that is, to be employed indefinitely, that is, to give this teacher the opportunity to obtain a bank loan, for example.

In geography, there were only nine jobs throughout the country, and none in rural areas.

Having this problem, with what this law delivers, as of next year instead of having 5,000 viable jobs, I estimate we will have 25,000 more, which is five times more. why? Since we are going to put up to competition those jobs that do not have a full-time job, they have at least a part-time job, in order to attract teachers into the system, so that in rural areas we have the opportunity to get teachers.

There are teachers who take 10 – 12 – 15 year entrance exam, which I do every year, above the ninth grade, but when you have three or nine jobs in the country they are obviously going to work with what and with 9.80, 9.90, and the good candidate with more than 9 He does not have the opportunity to enter the classroom.

If you do not have this opportunity, a Romanian language teacher who knows or does not know English will teach you English. In this way we will be able to provide at least 20,000 teachers, and I believe they will be able to work every year,” said the Minister of Education.

Status in Alba – Securitization 2022

In ALBA, the exam was conducted in 49 subjects. There were 455 candidates present (79.68%) out of 571 registered.

According to data published by the Alba County School Inspection Department, 278 (48.7%) of the candidates hold the positions of teachers and teachers (167 candidates for kindergarten educator positions, 101 for primary education positions) and 46 for physical education positions. Education and sports.

Other areas of interest are English Language and Literature (31), Romanian Language and Literature (29), Mathematics (27), Psychology (17), Orthodox History and Religion (12 files each), Chemistry (11). For other majors, less than 10 candidates were registered.

There are 239 full vacancies, of which are viable (indefinitely) – 139, according to IȘJ Alba data.

2022 list of viable positions at ALBA

List of Vacancies and Titularization Alba 2022

Among the total tenable positions, 53 are for teachers and educators, 9 of which are for nursery teachers. The competition will be 3.6 for one place for teachers and 11.8 for teachers, depending on each candidate’s choices.

Securitization results 2022 will be published on Tuesday 19 July.

Securitization 2022 – Calendar

From May 24 to June 30: Organizing and conducting practical / oral examinations, special classroom inspections and resolving appeals for these examinations

July 4th: Presentation of the results of the practical / oral examinations and special inspection in the classroom

July 13: Written exam

July 19: Preliminary results announced

July 19-20: Registering appeals to school directorates and transferring them to assessment centers

July 21-26: Appeals settled

July 27: Final results announced

July 29: Distribution of candidates in accordance with the provisions of Article 74 par. (3), letter A) or 80 paragraph (9) of the methodology, as the case may be

August 1: Distribution meeting in order:

  • For honorary teachers, in accordance with the provisions of Article 74 par. (3), lit. b) from the methodology;
  • Diligent teachers, in accordance with the provisions of Article 74, paragraph. (3), lit. c) from the methodology.
  • Teachers hired during the validity of the job/department are left with the teaching criterion of incomplete teaching, as per the provisions of Art. 74 paragraph. (3), lit. d) from the methodology;
  • Diligent teachers, in accordance with the provisions of Article 74, paragraph. (3), lit. e) or 80 paragraph. (9) From the methodology, as applicable;
  • Distribution of working teachers during the feasibility of the job/department that participated in the National Competition 2022 session in accordance with the provisions of Article 74, paragraph. (3), lit. f) or 80 paragraph. (9) of the methodology, as appropriate

August 2: Update of the list of teaching positions/vacancies/reserved departments

2 – 22 August 2022: Issuing and communicating distribution decisions to the mail/department.

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