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The Federation’s Polyvalent Hall continues to swallow money relentlessly. Drainage of rainwater alone costs 3 million euros. Such works appear to be quite obligatory given that the land in the area is affected by landslides. After the “trial” of the slope, which led to the descent of the slope, the county board prefers to inflate the yoghurt as well.

The county council recently awarded a €3 million contract for the construction of the sewage system at the Polyvalent Hall in Unirea. The underground rainwater drainage network will include all four areas: the athletics stadium, the sports and recreation base, the stadium and the multi-purpose hall.

A gutter will be made to collect rainwater from the slope without ensuring the role of retaining it in the field of athletics, sports and recreation base and stadium, and the multi-purpose hall will collect rainwater and discharge it into the projected rainwater network.

The contract was handled by those from Frasinul, who would take care of the preparation of technical and economic documents, technical assistance and implementation of works. The builder “fought” for this contract with those from the MIS Grup. The 15,958,000 lei comes from the county council budget.

These actions will prevent any problems arising from the instability of the land in the region. The unstable ground on which the Polyvalent Hall was built required additional installation work. About 660 pilots were used to stabilize the terrain. Additional work also delayed completion of the target, extending the constructor’s deadline by half a year.

“There was a lot of installation work on the hill, and 659 pilots were installed. We did some serious geographical studies and they showed us that without some significant installation work we could not do it. Then the period was extended from 6 to 7 months, if I am not mistaken”, The head of the county council, Radu Moldovan, explained last year to a local newspaper.

The costs of the entire complex increased by about 20 million lei

The entire complex cost more than expected. This month, the government reaffirmed the technical and economic indicators of the target. The pool was estimated at around 20 million euros (over 95 million lei) but ended up costing 135 million lei.

„It is necessary to update technical and economic indicators due to the change in the constant rate of CNI SA which increased from 5% to 8%. There was also a need to adapt the initial technical solutions to the real situation on the field, with the requirements imposed by the opinion of the ISU and the requirements of specialized sports federations for the homogeneity of the gymnasium and the organization of sports competitions at the national and international level. international level. At the same time, the initially estimated value for the realization of the facilities responsible for the beneficiary, Bistrita Nosod District, intervened. All this led to an adjustment in the deadline for completing the contract,” which incentivizes the executive to increase costs.

The additional business is valued at 19.3 million lei, including value-added tax. Only connections and connections to public utilities and fulfillment of ISU requirements for subdividing into 4 fire chambers in the building cost an additional 6.2 million lei.

Small changes were also made: the surfaces of art spaces in the multipurpose hall and in the accommodations were increased. The number of seats in the multi-purpose hall decreased from 2,675 to 2,647, after the increase in the number of VIP seats, which are larger than the regular VIP seats that were initially provided.

At this time, the actual stage of achieving the target is 82% and it is expected that all work will be completed in about 9 months. The multi-purpose hall will open in August with a match for the handball team.

The sports complex covers an area of ​​3 hectares and includes the multi-purpose hall, accommodation center, outdoor basketball, tennis, football, and athletics track, annexed with locker rooms, offices, access road, pedestrian alleys, car parking with 475 seats, 10 seats for coaches and 30% green spaces.

The multi-purpose hall has an area of ​​7,350 square meters with more than 2,600 seats in the stands, locker room, recovery area with sauna and jacuzzi, offices, doctor’s office, meeting room, media area, café and storage spaces.

The stands have a retractable bottom to increase the surface area as needed. In the stands there are places for VIPs, the press and also for people with disabilities. The complex also has a 3-star hotel with 30 rooms. From the hotel area you can go directly to the training room. A restaurant will be established above the entrance to the multi-purpose hall.

Works for this goal began in 2020, and a consortium of companies led by construction company Frasinul, which will also deal with stormwater drainage, joined the contract.

CJ allows others to use the multi-purpose hall at exorbitant prices

Also this month, the county council voted to maintain a draft resolution setting out fees for those who wish to rent or have various facilities in the multi-purpose hall. It can also be rented for parties, and the price is not low at all: 40 thousand lei for 24 hours. We no longer take into account the fact that there is a fee of 2000 lei per day for assistance with the lighting and sound system and a fee of 1,000 lei per day for the rental of the ticket office and ticket system.

The rental fee for fairs and exhibitions is 50,000 lei for 4 days, and for national and international sports events 30,000 lei/sports championships. The multi-purpose hall can also be rented for graduation ceremonies, seminars and conferences, at 5,000 lei for 12 hours and 10,000 lei for 24 hours.

The space for fitness and recovery can be rented by groups of at least 20 people, with 10 lei / hour / person. Outdoor football, tennis and basketball courts can also be rented for between 25 and 95 lei / hour, depending on the time chosen and the type of court.

The county council also sells advertising during events, for 1,000 lei for 12 broadcasts of 15 seconds/hour. Adults who want to enter the matches will pay 10 lei per ticket, while pupils, students and retirees will pay only 5 lei. You can also make subscriptions for the entire competition season. The most expensive subscription to the hostel – 50,000 lei.

The money from these leases will go to Gloria Gym’s 2018 budget for its operation.

Andrea Moldovan

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