Sibiu artisans present at the Girls Fair on Mount Jena

Sibiu craftsmen are present at the Girls Gallery on Mount Jena. It is the most popular holiday in Romania.

Găina Mountain Girls Fair – Thousands of people have climbed Găina Mountain for the biggest and most popular vacation in Romania

Thousands of people climbed Mount Jena again this year for the Girls’ Fair, Romania’s biggest and most popular holiday. The fair dates back hundreds of years and is held annually on the Sunday closest to Saint Elijah’s Day (July 20).

On the first day of the holiday, traditions and folklore intertwined with rock, and participants spent a late night at a concert by the legendary Phoenix band, followed by country parties and fireworks.

The girls’ fair began, on Saturday, on Mount Jena, at an altitude of more than 1,400 metres, where a space for events was arranged, and also a camping area for those who chose to spend the night in nature. The holiday also includes the Folk Artisans Fair “Alba Traditional”, which brings together 50 traditional craftsmen from Alba, Hunedoara, Cluj, Arad, Mauritius, Sibiu, Falcia, Satu Marie, Neamt, Arges and Gorge.

At 14:00, the concert “Song of the Freedom Makers”, presented by the folk ensemble of the province of Alba, led by Alexandru Ball. Performers Roxana Richie, Maria Philemon, Dorina Narita, Floresica Muga, Nikolai Pluto and Nikolai Toho performed at the show. During the day several ethnographic films were broadcast: “Folk costume as a symbol of Romanian cultural identity” by Duina Scivonone, ethnographic researcher at the National Village Museum “Dmitriy Gusti”, an institution under the High Patronage of Her Majesty. Margarita, Crown Prince of Rome, “Shirt with Mushrooms and Aurelia Mate”, “Wood Art of Avram Iancu and Nikolai Beliu”, “Altar of the Sun”, “Land of the Moors”, “Drama of Avram Iancu ”, “Call of Tolnik” and “Stone Tablets and Pietro Popa” “. At 17:30, Fanfara Transilvania and Fanfara Transilvania Junior presented an exceptional show of traditional Romanian and Balkan music. Later, there was a presentation of ancient, modern and contemporary dances performed by “Antheia Imperialis”, orchestrated by Octavia Opera.

The evening concluded with an exceptional concert by the Phoenix Band, 2022 being the year of the band’s 60th anniversary. From the program of the first day, there was also an outdoor disco with “Flaviu without S” and fireworks, scheduled for midnight.

“Every year, on Mount Găina, the beautiful story of the Girls’ Fair, the largest and most popular Romanian folk holiday, is rewritten. The Girls’ Fair on Mount Găina is a trademark of the province of Alba, but also of Romania, a living proof of the preservation of Romanian traditions and customs. Hundreds of years ago Over the years, the holiday at Mount Chicken has been an opportunity for people in the area to meet, see their relatives or friends, and for young people to meet, make friends and even marry. Nowadays, the Girls Fair is the way we show our respect for cultural dowry, preserving and making use of Romanian folklore and traditional customs” , said Alexandru Ball, Director of the Cultural Center “Agustin Peña”.

The Girls’ Fair will continue on Sunday, July 17, 2022, on top of Mount Jena, in Crucea Iancului, with a solemn ceremony and religious rites in memory of Avram Iancu – Hero of the Roman Nation. The program will be opened by the tulnicas of Avram Iancu and the Alba County Marching squad, squad leader Coriolan Honcaş.

The celebration in Găina will continue with the fair of folk craftsmen, but also an exceptional show called “Mount Găina unites Romanian traditions”. Within this parade, teams from the provinces of Alba, Bihor, Cluj, Hunedoara, Arad, Suceava, Sălaj and Gorj will compete: SUCEAVA – folk band “FLORI DE BUCOVINA”, GORJ – folk band “CHEILE OLTEŢULUI POLOVRAGI” “FLORILE MUREŞULUI -“, Folk band “DATINA” by ALED, HUNEDOARA – Jungle songs and dance group “LELEŞANA” by LELESE, CLUJ – Folk band “DOR TRANSILVOCU” Folk band “UI TRADENITE”.

After being interrupted during the pandemic, the Girls’ Fair on Mount Jena has resumed this weekend in Alba County, in partnership between the Alba County Council’s Augustin Pena Cultural Center, Avram Iancu City Council, with the support of Hunedoara County Council.

*** The Girls Fair on Mount Jena is literally a trademark of Romania, and the event is known as the biggest popular outdoor celebration. The fair is held on top of Mount Jena, at an altitude of 1467 metres, and was first documented in 1816. The feast is organized, every year, since ancient times, on the nearest Sunday of July 20, Saint Elijah’s Day. At the fair of girls, the inhabitants of the Apuseni Mountains gathered to exchange products, but it was also an opportunity to meet and marry young men from distant regions, who came here with their parents. Preparations were made to climb the mountain a few days in advance, and on Sunday night he climbed the mountain in the expanse where the exhibition was held. It is said that the girls came with a dowry loaded on horses, and the wedding took place immediately by the priests who took part in the event. The party was accompanied by songs and an exchange of games with “cries”, “the girls took each other”, and they did not buy each other.

Over time, according to historical accounts, important figures such as Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I participated in the Girls’ Fair, during a visit to Transylvania, in 1852, the Prime Minister of Romania during the interwar period Ionel IC Brătianu, to visit him being arranged a tent camp, or the King of Romania Ferdinand I, in 1924, where the “Eyang Cross” was consecrated.

Today, the girls’ fair in Găina has turned into a huge popular celebration, with the participation of the inhabitants of the Apuseni mountains, in the neighboring provinces and even in the far lands of the country. The inauguration was given by the famous tulnicărese of Avram Iancu, followed by the artistic program for the participants that lasts until the evening. Since 2006, the Girls’ Fair on Mount Găina is a registered trademark of the Alba County Council and its motto: “Come to Mount Găina, come to Mount Love!”

Reaching the plateau on Mount Găina, where the events take place, is possible by cars and minibuses of 20 seats. On the district road DJ 762, you reach the municipality of Avram Iancu, the area closest to Mount Găina, from here the road continues on a paved road and cars can reach the plateau where the action takes place. On the mountain there is a camping area for those who want to spend two wonderful days in nature.

Girls exhibition on chicken mountains
16-17 July 2022 – Mount Jena / Alba County

17 July 2022 / Mount Jena Summit

10:00 – Wreath laying ceremony and religious service in memory of Avram Iancu – Hero of the Romanian Nation
Tulnicăresele from Avram Iancu
Alba County Marching Ensemble

10:30 – RO CULTURE ALBA TRADITIONAL (50 traditional craftsmen from Alba, Hunedoara, Cluj, Arad, Maurice, Sibiu, Falcia, Satu Marie, Neamt, Arges and Gorge)

11:00 – RO Culture for culture’s sake – Jena Mountains Roman Tradition Unite
Alba, Bihor, Cluj, Hunedoara, Arad, Suceava, Slag, Gorge – the exceptional popular show

Slag – folk ensemble “Mogor, Mogoril”
ARAD – the popular group “FLORILE MUREŞULUI”
BIHOR – the popular group “DATINA” from ALED
HUNEDOARA – “LELEŞANA” Jungle Dance and Song Collection by LELESE
CLUJ – The popular band “Role of Transylvan” from RATUC CLUJ-NAPOCA

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