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Baccalaureate 2022 Second session: Starting on Monday, July 18, registration for the second session of the exam begins. The written exams will take place between 16 and 19 August. The first results will be announced on August 31, and the final results on September 3.

In the first session, about 500 candidates did not pass the exam this year.

Registration for the second session runs until July 25.

Registration request is available (computerized form).

See the application form for admission to the baccalaureate degree 2022

Baccalaureate 2022 second cycle – documents required for registration

  • Folder
  • Tire ¾ (2 pieces)
  • Copy of birth certificate and ID card
  • text
  • Typical application – to be filled in the secretariat of the school unit graduates
  • Certificate of Recognition of Evidence – for candidates from previous series
  • Application to the public school inspector – for candidates from other districts

See BACHELOR’S DEGREE 2022: Subject models, practice tests, and benchmarks from recent years. Mathematics, Roman, Physics and Anatomy

Updated calendar Bachelor’s degree 2022 – August – September session

  • July 18-25: Registration of candidates for the second exam session, including those who have passed the competency exams
  • August 16: Romanian Language and Literature – Test EA) – Written Test
  • August 17: Compulsory Profile Test – Arc Test (Ec) – Written Test
  • August 18: Proof of choice of profile and specialty – Ed test) – Written test
  • August 19: Mother Language and Literature – IBT Test) – Written Test
  • August 22-23: Assessment of language skills for oral communication in Romanian – A . test
  • August 24: Assessment of language skills in mother tongue oral communication – Test B
  • August 25: Digital Skills Assessment – Test D
  • August 26-29: Assessment of language skills in an international language – C test as follows:
  • August 26 – Auditory comprehension test, followed by a written test
  • August 29 – Oral test for all international trading languages ​​studied during high school
  • August 31: Presentation of results in written exams (until 12:00) and submission of appeal between 12:00 and 18:00
  • September 1-2: Appeals resolved
  • September 3rd: Presentation of the final results

Baccalaureate – data from previous courses

In the first baccalaureate cycle of 2022, 1,701 candidates (76.7%) out of a total of 2,219 candidates passed. There were four averages, 10, after appeal. For the current promotion, the pass rate was 80.56% (79.27% ​​in 2021), and for previous promotions – 28.74% (39.37% – in 2021). There were 13 candidates who were disqualified from the examination.


In the second baccalaureate course last year, the promotion rate was 31.71% (33.27% in 2020), after the first results – 137 candidates were promoted out of 517 registered; The highest average is 8.91. 178 appeals were registered (mostly in Romanian, mathematics and biology), the rate subsequently increased to 36.6% (21 other candidates were promoted).

Calculating the average baccalaureate

For each candidate who has obtained a mark of at least 5 (five) in all written examination tests, the overall baccalaureate average is calculated as the arithmetic mean, to two decimal places, without rounding, for the marks obtained in those examinations.

The overall baccalaureate rate is not counted for candidates who have not passed one or more exams, who have not taken all exams or who have been omitted from one exam.

The average passing the baccalaureate exam is not less than 6 in the written exams.

To be declared promoted, a high school graduate must cumulatively meet the following conditions:

  • Recognition/equivalence/support of all tests to assess language and digital competencies
  • Take all written exams and get a score of 5 (at least) in each of them
  • Obtain a GPA of 6 (at least) in the written tests

Bachelor’s Degree 2022 – Exam Rules

  • Candidates for the baccalaureate examination are prohibited from bringing backpacks, backpacks, briefcases, wallets, etc. into the examination rooms. Candidates are obligated to leave the mentioned items in the storage room for personal items established by the Baccalaureate Committee for this purpose. Candidates who refuse to stock things mentioned in the test will not be accepted.
  • Candidates for the baccalaureate examination are prohibited from being in the examination halls on them, in articles of clothing or shoes, in pens or other personal storage tools, or in the seats where they are placed in the examination rooms of any kind. Work.: Textbooks, books, dictionaries, kits, forms, notes, notes, notes, summaries, drafts or papers for other candidates, etc., which can be used to solve topics.
  • Candidates are prohibited, in examination rooms, on them, in clothing or shoes, in pens and other personal storage items or in seats where they are placed in the examination rooms, mobile phones, audio headphones, and any electronic means of account or communication / which allows access to the Internet / With social networks, which can be used to solve topics, to make calculations, to communicate with other candidates / assistants from the test center / centers or with the outside.
  • Candidates for the baccalaureate examination are prohibited from communicating with each other or with the outside world, copying or transmitting materials that allow copying or exchanging of worksheets, drafts, notes or other materials that can be used to solve the topics.

Candidates who violate these rules are disqualified from the examination, regardless of whether prohibited substances/objects were used, regardless of whether they were provided by them or other candidates, teachers on board or other persons and whether they They may have received or transferred prohibited items.

Violation of the rules regarding prohibition of textbooks/other information sources, phones/other gadgets, communication with others/copying is considered a fraudulent attempt, these candidates can no longer participate in the following exams and are declared “removed from the exam” without the possibility of recognition, in the following sessions , on the scores of tests passed before cancellation, including language and numerical skills assessment tests.

These candidates no longer have the right to participate in the next two cycles of the baccalaureate examination. The two sessions in which the candidates “excluded from the examination” are no longer entitled to participate are counted without taking into account the special session of the baccalaureate examination.

Candidates who wish to submit their papers before the expiry of the maximum period may leave the examination room without receiving the materials. Candidates receive subjects only if they leave the room after the maximum time for written examinations has expired.

Before the start of the examinations, the assistants present the candidates with methodological provisions regarding the correct organization of the baccalaureate examination and the conduct of the baccalaureate examination and ask them to teach all possible subjects and things which, according to the regulations in force for the baccalaureate examination, are prohibited in the examination room.

The candidates will then sign a report in which the provisions are found and indicate that they have become aware of the fact that the non-observance of the said rules was a consequence of the said measures.

Audio and visual monitoring

The examination rooms and beating rooms are supervised by sound and video.

Baccalaureate Committees from Examination Centers and District Baccalaureate Committees / Bucharest Municipal Baccalaureate Committee Verifies, through survey, audio and video recordings from examination halls, after completion of the written examination.

If, during the examination of the sample, irregularities, fraud or attempted fraud are found or if there are reports of irregularities, fraud or attempted fraud, the examination shall be carried out for the records of all examination rooms.

If, after verification, it is found that irregularities, fraud or attempted fraud are, respectively, non-compliance with the regulations regarding the organization and conduct of the baccalaureate examination, the baccalaureate committee shall take the necessary measures from the examination center, which may go until the candidates .. are excluded from the examination.

The baccalaureate commission from the examination center announces the district baccalaureate commission / baccalaureate commission in Bucharest, which proposes possible sanctioning measures and informs the national baccalaureate commission.

Correction of workbooks

In the pre-evaluation process of written papers and appeals decision, after verification of completion of the assessment by the assessing teachers, if the difference between the assessors’ marks is less than or equal to one point, the final score is an arithmetic mean with two decimal places of the marks given by the assessors, without rounding They are registered in the baccalaureate catalog.

If the difference between the marks given by the two assessors is greater than one point, it is not transcribed on paper and proceeds as follows:

  • The head of the commission nominates two other evaluating professors to correct the paper
  • After the re-correction of the paper is completed, the marks awarded by each of the four assessors are passed to the paper and signed by the assessors.
  • The chairman of the commission calculates the final score from the four (four) degrees, after omitting the two degrees – the extreme values, as an arithmetic mean with two decimal places, without rounding, from the two degrees – the central values. The resulting rate represents the final score it conveys on the paper and marks.

During the appeals decision phase, in the event that, after declassification of the paper, there is a difference in grade of more than 1.5 points, plus or minus, between the score from the initial evaluation and the grade from the appeal, the paper is rededicated and sent for re-evaluation by two of the Other evaluating teachers.

The final score can no longer be modified and it represents the score obtained by the candidate in this test.


Candidates who file the appeal complete and sign a standard statement stating that they have observed that the degree awarded as a result of the resolution of the appeal may change the initial degree by increasing or decreasing, as applicable.

The results obtained in the National Baccalaureate examination are anonymised, using individual codes that replace the names and surnames of the candidates and which were distributed to the candidates, based on their signature of receipt, on their first test. .

deliver results

In order to communicate the scores obtained in the National Baccalaureate examination, before the stage of filing and resolving appeals, committees from the educational units/examination centers print a list of the results of the baccalaureate examination which includes: original educational unit, district, promotion, completed education form, specialization, marks obtained in each written test, and the average or signals “passed” / “rejected” / “not submitted” / “omitted from the examination”, as the case may be.

Committees from educational units – examination centers print the list of final results after the appeals of anonymous candidates and display it according to the calendar with the signature of the head and secretary of the body from the examination center on the notice board. of the educational unit and on its website.

The results of the National Baccalaureate exam for anonymous candidates are also displayed on the website of the Ministry of Education and School Inspection Departments.

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