The role of luck and misfortune in the work of Dan Petrescu

Article by Theodore Samuel – published on Sunday, July 17 2022, 13:07 / updated on Sunday, July 17, 2022 13:26

His team had to concede a goal for the seventh time in the final sequence of matches in 2022, and the coach of the champion is talking about luck, and not about a psychological problem at the collective level, for fear of the end of the match. And we were also surprised that Bionic Yerevan was killing us.

It is tragic to see how the problem lies at the top of Romanian football.

When others hire physiologists, nutritionists or psychologists, and go so far as to analyze the content of footballers’ posts on social networks, we bring in priests to ward off evil spirits, talk about evil eyes and use them, when it is convenient for us, to say that by training luck.

Yes, chance plays an important role in performance sports, and the myths that mentally protect the athlete can be seen in even the most famous athletes.

Suffice it to look at Nadal, whose infamous nudes reset before every point. But In the end, you’ll never hear the Spaniard talking about luck, that the ball landed an inch to the right or left because the planets lined up in vain.

Dan Petrescu

Now let’s go back to the CFR and Dan Petrescu’s analysis. On Saturday night, CFR presented us with the same scenario As in games with Sepsi and Pyunik. He started well, opened the score, and could make it 2-0, but he finished the match with a fright, winning a well-losed penalty from losing a new win that seemed certain. In 2022 we are not talking about a coincidence, but rather a rule as you can see below.

  • 23.01.2022 FCSB – CFR Cluj 3-3 (Julian Cristia 90 + 3)
  • 05.02.2022 University of Craiova – CFR Cluj 1-1 (Gustavo 90 + 6)
  • 10.04.2022 University of Craiova – CFR Cluj 3-2 (Ante Roguljic 90 + 6)
  • 09.07.2022 CFR Cluj – Sespsi OSK 1-2 (Mario Rondon 85)
  • 13.07.2022 CFR Cluj – Bionic Yerevan 2-2 (Zoran Gajic 89 + 119)

So CFR had six goals at the end of the game, and last night was due to score the seventh, Dan Petrescu came to the quick interview with the following statement:

From this moment on, let us all warn, that she is going to have a hard time with us, that we have been very lucky and I think we will be very lucky from now on. As you can see, from now on we will record each shot and the others will give about three bars.

I learned that Dan Petrescu is a superstitious man. At one point, no one in the club was allowed to come dressed in black on match day.

He had a period during which he performed the ritual of summoning a fellow of the same generation on the morning of the match, and if he did not respond, he knew at the hour of his death that he would lose.

In his entourage is a man who is not one of his relatives, who takes him with him everywhere, and secures him shelter and food, because he considers him a representative. If Angel Yordonescu was considered a superstitious, Petrescu was far superior to him.

This is not the problem. You’ve heard about the biggest lunatics in the sports world, but When the coach finds only fatal answers, for repetitive situations, we are talking about a false and limited analysis.

Perhaps that is why Dan Petrescu, despite his indisputable qualities, has never managed to surpass the standard of our football, the owners of which roam the streets and give holy water to expel the devil.

And because everything Compared to Sir Alex Ferguson After the match with Rapid, here is a brief foray into the bottom of the famous 1999 Champions League final, which Manchester United won in the extra minutes. In the extraordinary documentary Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give Up, the legendary coach explains, in his own way, the end of the match:

Beckham, Giggs, Scholes, Butt, Neville, they all grew up with the mindset that represents me, that represents my origins. They did not give up. They were fighting for their team. I’ve always carried that spirit, and I loved being on my team, to connect with their past, to make them sacrifice, to be determined, to inspire a working-class spirit, always united. It didn’t work out every time, but we always chose to fight and always ended up with our heads held high.

Perhaps this is what we understand, why United were famous in those years for goals scored in extra time, and CFR risks reaching fame, due to the collapses in the final. If not, isn’t it all about luck and bad luck? What will we do then?

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