Daria Pascoe, class president of 2022, at the National Military College “Mihai Vitazol” in Alba Iulia. What does the life of a military student mean?

Alumnus Daria Pascoe is the class president of the 2022 class: “Corning of Alba Iulia – 100” of the National Military College “Mihai Fitazol” Alba Iulia. With a graduation average of 9.91 for grades 9-12 and an average of 9.73 on the baccalaureate exam, Daria graduated from Alba Iulia Military College with the highest overall average, 9.85.

About this performance, Daria says that she honors and accounts at the same time, which is a confirmation of solid training, but also the result of teamwork.

In the knowledge test taken for admission to the Strength Academies, Daria received two grades of 10 in Mathematics and English and a score of 9 in Computer Science, with an average score of 9.77 being accepted into the Computer and Computer Systems major. Defense and National Security Sciences within the Military Technical Academy “Ferdinand I” Bucharest.

I am honored to be named Head of Promotion, a title that affirms comprehensive training and the desire to achieve your goals and turn your dreams into reality.

At the same time, this title makes the responsibility and sums up both my work and the work of my colleagues, as we were a team, always helping each other, and therefore together we succeeded in making those who brought us here proud: parents, teachers and military, ”says graduate Daria Basco, according to her post On Facebook the National Military College of Alba Iulia.

What does the life of a military cadet mean for the class president of 2022?

About the Military College, Daria strongly emphasizes that it is the place where beautiful moments are intertwined with various difficult situations, thus forming characters and personalities.

“It is impossible for me to objectively describe what the Military College means… Even before I was a part of this wonderful team, it was presented to me in so many different ways, however, I cannot now resonate with any of them.

The life of a military student was a real surprise for me: full of many beautiful and special moments, which I will never forget and which I could not have lived elsewhere, as well as difficult and less pleasant situations, which, however, had a great influence in shaping my character.

I think the feeling that has made her presence felt lately, in my soul and the souls of my classmates, is the difficulty of accepting and realizing that this is indeed the end of the high school years and that in September we will. No longer hugging in the middle of the plateau, glad to see you again after a whole summer.

Now, after the baccalaureate exam and admission to the military academies, I watched dreams come true, saw the smiles on my colleagues’ faces, decided where they had always wanted to go, and felt on their skin what that meant. Know that your work, energy, and focus have been rewarded, and that your stability goals have been achieved.

Thus, from my point of view, the Military College can be described as a place that helps you get to where you go, through thick and thin, which is why I will always proudly say that I am a graduate of the National Military College Mihai Viteazul,” Daria admitted with affection.

How does the class leader distinguish Darya

Smart, always positive and altruistic, this is how Daria describes her leader Ioan Nestor.

“It is a great pleasure, but also an honor for me to speak about a wonderful student like Daria, who has shown that with work and ambition you can achieve great results.

From my first discussion with her, I was moved by her ardent desire to pursue a military career, but also by the high aspirations she had set for herself.

Although he hasn’t been part of the class team since the beginning of the ninth grade, and has moved on to the eleventh grade in our college, he has managed to adapt very quickly both in terms of teaching and in terms of relationship. accompanied by colleagues.

Intelligence, positive thinking, and altruism helped her integrate very quickly into the classroom, where she was appreciated and respected by colleagues who saw her as a true role model.

In addition to her successes at school, Daria is also a special person, helping her classmates whenever they needed it, while actively participating in charity campaigns organized by the college.

I am sure it is a great gain for the Roman army, I congratulate her and wish her all the best in her career and in life! Leader Ioan Nestor said.

“Congratulations, Daria, we are so proud of you and your achievements!

We wish you a lot of success in everything you plan,” the representatives of the Military College said on Facebook.

Source: Facebook “Mihai Viteazul” National Military College Alba Yulia

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