Reverend Marian Mahale of Adanka Diocese has passed away at the age of 45 –

Mismanagement of a tragic event, ineffective or almost no communication, which added to the indignation and nervousness of the family and other participants at the funeral of the 13-year-old, who was killed on the footpath by a 22-year-old driver, led to the battle between the authorities Law enforcement and people who accompanied the funeral procession.

I don’t know why there was a need for heightened monitoring of this dramatic moment. If there is information that the funeral participants may have resorted to rash actions, then everything should be analyzed and acted with skill and tact, taking into account the mental state of the people in pain.

Why did the Targovite police chief, Chief Commissioner Nilo Moraro, reveal himself? His presence in the procession and dialogues with some of the funeral participants, amid the fact that the perpetrator of the premeditated murder, as this type of crime is called, was at large, and law enforcement officials were not against him until the funeral. teenager. Anger mixed with pain, despair and helplessness.

An invisible bomb ready to explode. It only took one dash, one gesture, or one word for the funeral ceremony to turn into a massacre. Questions that bothered family, friends and acquaintances were not answered in a timely manner. They were convinced that the guilty driver was being protected by the authorities, and that there was some kind of cover-up in the case. Thus, we came to the unusual episode on which he commented at length, in which the perpetrator of the fatal accident was not arrested until 24 hours, and three more people, blinded by anger and despair, were arrested, and law enforcement officers were beaten. to anger.

The situation in Targoviste did not suit the elders of Bucharest. Home Secretary Lucien Budd ordered an investigation to shed light on whether he acted efficiently in the case, and whether the scandal surrounding the country could have been avoided. The Romanian police chief, the chief of the installment Bennoune Marian Mati, has ordered the start of investigations against the Targovit municipal police command. The investigation also targeted the head of the Public Order Office and two other police officers, who allegedly acted abusively towards the funeral participants.

„Considering the event recorded on July 12 this year, in Targovit, Dambovica Province, a mixed team of IGPR and IGJR evaluated the way the expedition was prepared, organized and led. Inside the IGPR, specialists from the Department of Internal Control and the Department of Public Order traveled to Târgoviște.

After the analysis, aspects related to the incorrect management of the stationary device were identified, at the level of the Targovit Municipal Police. Given the results, the Romanian Police Chief, Chief of the installment Bennoune Marian Mattei, ordered the start of a preliminary investigation against the Targovite municipal police chief, the head of the Public Order Office and two other police officers, together with the task executives.

It also ordered the initiation of an administrative investigation, noting possible physical damage from damage to a truck and the use of weapons. On the other hand, two criminal cases were opened, which were prepared within the framework of offenses of offense and disturbing public order and public peace, respectively, abusive behavior, in which the competent public prosecutor’s office is conducting investigations.

At the same time, after the verifications conducted by the IGJR, in the IJJ Dâmbovița, measures were taken responsible for the command of the unit, with regard to careful consideration of the information flow and the intensification of cooperation with other regional structures, in order to know in the dynamics of the practical situation the prevention of such situations, in the future ”, specified in the statement sent by the Romanian Inspectorate General of Police.

A scandal that could have been avoided. The lack of professional communication, management of the alleged crisis situation has again spoken. Some law enforcement officers didn’t understand that being a police officer meant more than just wearing a uniform, a gun, a cane, handcuffs, a tear gas canister, and a passport book. You are given power and respect in large part by the way you interact with members of the community. You are among them, not above them.

I spoke to several people from Targovit about the double sad event. The death of the 13-year-old girl while crossing the street on the footpath and the conflict on the day of the girl’s funeral between the police and the funeral participants. It was not a poll. We just wanted to know opinions and opinions. Most of the answers were like. was wrong. The family had to be left in their grief to bury their young daughter. If the police have any indication of further disturbances, they should be on the alert, not in plain sight, and, if necessary, intervene using all means of communication and mediation. If they have nowhere to go, forced labor may be required. was wrong. There are many who consider that the Targovite municipal police chief should honorably resign.

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