The seas or cultural alternative by sea

Hundreds of people are waiting for the “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” show to start. Photo: Constanta 100%

People in Constanta need more. We hear this more and more everywhere. In addition to the parking fees, the lack of asphalting the streets, and the dry grass in smaller and smaller parks, disfigured by chaotic constructions, there are other instances of dissatisfaction. Who suffer when they pass by an abandoned cultural house, next to the ruined State Theater (for which some money has finally been allocated for renovation) or when in the lobby of TNOB “Oleg Danovski” they “like” the dispensers of soft drinks and snacks that are there surely because the managers are trying to get more Funds to survive due to lack of funding.

The wounds of these dissatisfied people were somehow eased in July and August at the initiative of the Director of State Theater, Erwin Siminson, to organize SEAS, the summer season for the performing arts. For eight weeks, summer season 2022, funded by Constanta County Council, and principal partner, Constanta City HallAnd the He suggests a culture trip that does not involve travel costs, because culture comes to the seashore. 39 performances, more than 30 theaters in the country and in the Republic of Moldova, hundreds of artists participated in cultural projects, and thousands of cheerful spectators. Another picture of Constanta. The one we want to see more.

On Sunday, July 18th in Bucharest, the Odeon Theater presented at the Sofia Summer Theater the show “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” directed by Eduard Albe and directed by Alexandro Mazgorino. Over time, we have seen many recollections of this wonderful play by Edward Albee that sheds light on the deep case of family drama in which illusions are shattered with every second we live together. From the classic Hollywood screenplay, which chased my childhood through the relentless frames of the decaying face of hate, failure, and frustration with the perfect Elizabeth Taylor as Martha, for which she won an Academy Award, to the illustrious Radu Peligan as George, a failed teacher, from Television theater from 1995 until the performance two years ago, also seen at SEAS, for Sibiu’s “Radu Stanca” theater, with the adorable Ophelia Poppy in the main role.

What does the Odeon Theater suggest? First, an exceptional actor, with Carmen Tonas and Adrien Titian in the lead roles, loaned by Ioana Mercuyo and Sylvian Falco, who embody the mirror of two missing young men George and Martha, Honey and Nick, who spend the evening with the elderly representing a revelation of smoldering unhappiness and a projection of their future lives, a mixture of devastating Self-reliance and pathological self-love and hate. Carmen Tonas and Adrien Titian play compelling roles. Albee’s score, in which the director accents the most sensitive issues at the beginning of the third millennium, is brought to life through the play of symbiotic actors in showing the helplessness, the vanity of all youthful aspirations, and the trap in which the life of modern man is trapped, where we find the scathing mechanisms of oppressive social restrictions and despair One of our unfulfilled ambitions.

But out of view, Constanta’s beauty lover’s eye can see something else. The hall was full and no mobile phone rang during the show. The average age of the audience did not tend to old age, as we are accustomed to in the halls of Constanta; I also saw high school students, students, and young couples. A team of volunteers made up of high school students was waiting for you with a smile on their face at the entrance, to give you the necessary information or the show program, along with the theater director, who wanted to make sure that everything was good. Fine. The summer theater building seems to have been brought back to life in an amazing way and we can remember its former glory, not to mention that, here too, there is an urgent need for serious funds for a complete rehabilitation. More pictures here.

I forgot, for two and a half hours, that I parked far away, the theater had no parking of its own, in a place where people have been working for months and that I crossed it illegally because otherwise we would have been late. . As in the other cultural institutions of Constanta, the Student Club and the District Library, for example, there is no pedestrian crossing here either. Yes, however, we had a great evening. SEAS is an exceptional alternative to the “culture” of malls.

Enjoy these events!

The full program can be found here.

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