TuningRo ranks among the top auto accessories distributors on the market

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Monday, July 18, 2022, 5:43 pm

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TuningRo is one of the Romanian brands that ranks among the best distributors of car accessories in the market, and also announces a significant increase in sales as a result of business development.

Their main activity is the sale of high-quality car accessories with which they help drivers who want durable and unique cars. Thus, TuningRo offers car owners a wide range of products specifically designed to meet their needs, regardless of the model of vehicle owned.


TuningRo . evolution

What services does TuningRo provide?

How do you choose the right car accessories from TuningRo?


TuningRo . evolution

TuningRo was born in 2014, as it has taken various stages of development, which in most cases has favored sales growth so far. The dealership has stood out and continues to stand out with its exemplary work offering car enthusiasts the opportunity to dramatically customize and improve their vehicle. Car accessories are the guarantee of quality, and they are designed with great care for each type of car. Thus, on tuning.ro you can find accessories for small cars and SUVs, as well as pickups, vans, trucks, trailers and trucks, wanting to cover the needs of all drivers who want a change.

What services does TuningRo provide?

TuningRo deals with the sale of high-quality car accessories and addresses drivers who want a car that not only looks good, but also works. TuningRo’s product catalog includes more than 7000 car accessories, including:

● The seat covers are specially designed for each vehicle model

● Body Elements

● Auto Linoleum

● Visual elements: position lights, truck tail lights

● Auto Electronics

● car pedals

● Gearboxes

● Rearview mirrors

● trunk bars

● Video Cameras

● Wheel Covers

● Trumpets

● batteries

● headlights

● Vehicle Diagnostics

● Oils and liquids

These are just some of the products available on TuningRo. The main categories on the site are car exterior tuning accessories, car interior tuning accessories and car engine tuning accessories.

With regard to these categories of accessories, the exterior tuning of the car involves changing the design so that you get a note of exclusivity, which is your personal mark. In the case of external tuning, many components of the car are modified and replaced, such as wheels, headlights, body kit and even the color of the car. Each car owner is free to choose the changes he wants to make and the accessories needed for them.

How do you choose the right car accessories from TuningRo?

Choosing car accessories may seem like an easy task, but this process still requires patience and documentation. When you simply want to customize or improve the appearance of your vehicle, you have to be careful about the choices you make. If you do not choose the right accessories, you may invest money in vain and not enjoy it for a long time. Therefore, consider some key aspects to make the decisions that work best for you. On TuningRo you can find car accessories for all known car brands.

car brand

First of all, you need to know that TuningRo accessories are designed to service many well-known car brands. When choosing tuning accessories, these aspects should be taken into account, since random selection of the product can lead to reduced vehicle performance or even technical and design problems, which are recommended to be avoided.

Car’s conditions, the status of the car

When you want to make changes, it is necessary to take into account the condition of the car at that time. If your car has certain features that need improvement before tuning, it’s a good idea to fix them. Although car accessories are intended to improve the car, they should be worn when the general condition of the car is good and provide safety in traffic.

The material the accessories are made of

Another important thing is that when you want to tune your car, choose high-quality accessories. The materials from which they are made play an important role in terms of the efficiency and durability of the vehicle over time. So, since you definitely do not want to make short-term investments, the products offered by TuningRo are perfect for you. It is made of the highest quality materials to ensure an enjoyable experience for drivers from all points of view.

With these things in mind and documenting yourself beforehand, you will easily be able to choose the car accessories needed to change the look of your car.


Therefore, TuningRo is among the main distributors on the Romanian market of high-quality car accessories designed for car customization. The range of products they offer lives up to the expectations of most drivers who want their vehicle to have a personal footprint, but also to be safe and durable over time.

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