A former FCSB player quits football after a football injury every ten years

striker Vlad Russo His shoes got stuck in a nail at a tooth 32 yearsafter suffering a torn biceps femoris tendon, a infection Rare in football, where doctors meet every ten years.

He was seriously injured and the club never called him again

“I don’t change my mind anymore, I made the decision to retire permanently. I’m fine medically, I’ve recovered well, but I didn’t have time to go back to the team training sessions, to The future of Pandurii Tg. geo. Enter the team insolvency And decided not to go to Tg. geofor a period of 4-5 months of the contract. I have finished my playing career.

Perhaps it was significant that some teams were perhaps afraid of the severity of the injury. It’s a rare injury, a rupture of a tendon in the muscle under the buttock, which happens once every 10 years, which my doctor told me. The people from Vitorol have not contacted me at all, and I have not been contacted until today to inquire about my condition. Leave the financial aspect aside, because they have salary arrears For me for tens of thousands of euros and I have not received any money from them for about a year and a half,” Russo told Sport.ro.

He was the top scorer in League 2, but did not move the final to League 1

The striker explained why he didn’t make the decisive move towards League 1, even though I was League top scorer 2. “Maybe it was the situation, maybe it was the employer’s fault as well, maybe it was my fault. There were discussions with Polly YashMr. insisted Flavius ​​StoikanBut she did not agree with the owner of Oradea. There were discussions with others Two of the three clubs League 1even with “U” Cluj From League 2, who insisted through Mr. Ovidiu Sabău. Unfortunately, nothing was resolved and I had to stay in League 2, with this owner’s other team, Energeticianul de la Petroșani.

The top scorers that season, with whom I fought for the top scorer title, were Bogdan Russo, Valle Alexandro, Sorescu, Churches, Mediop, Players who played in League 1. When I came to the team, the team was in 20th place, but I finished the season 8th. I didn’t go to a team that struggled for promotion, but I managed to have a good season. Maybe it was also about luck, with the right teams, other colors open up in your career. They promoted and had another exposure.

Maybe my decisions weren’t the best, the fact that I signed with teams in League 2. Maybe you’re a good player, but if you stay in League Two for two or three years, you’ll get a League Two player stamp. It is difficult to return to the ring in the first league. A lot of foreign players are also brought in and it becomes more and more difficult to make it impossible for you to come back after three or four years, especially if you turn 27-28.

I’ve played with a lot of good players, and I can’t name the best of them. It was the hardest direct opponent Fernando Varela. It was difficult to play against him, because he was tall and athletic, had good speed, and an excellent position. A complete defender.

Become a coach at a club that competes with Hagee Academy

Soon after deciding to hang up his boots, Vlad Russo started as a junior coach at the club. Kinder Constanta. “I was pleasantly surprised by the level of training conditions, coaches and children. I think he is competing with her Hajji Academy, where we know that a lot is being invested and the conditions are very good. You are well combined George NashAnd the Doro Carali The whole team received me very well. I learned a lot from them and I really believe the club rivals Hagi’s academy.

I don’t have a training license yet. She went to sports school in her day, ten years ago. Now I am enrolled in a masters programme, I finished my first year. I don’t think school excludes football or vice versa. I think it depends a lot on the parents. I tried to balance them as much as possible. Football was probably given priority only 14 years later when I made it to the national team in Bucharest. But I tried to go to school when I could. I didn’t have time to learn as much as I would have liked.”

The father, mother and wife performed the sport

Rousseau came from a family of athletes. “My mother practiced rhythmic gymnastics, was a coach for more than 20 years and director of the school sports club No. 1 from Constanta. My father played volleyball and athletics. His wife also practiced rhythmic gymnastics until five or six years ago. We hope the kids, the new generation of athletes in the family, will come soon.

I was lucky with my parents, because I know what the sport entails, they gave me good advice. I prayed for them to take me to football Six and a half yearsI haven’t played any other sport. My dad tried to take me to volleyball and athletics, but I didn’t want to hear anything else. I entered straight ahead Since the first day I retired, I have not played in another position,” the former footballer revealed.

Vlad Russo (32 years old / 192 cm) played for FCSB and FCSB II (2008-2011), FC Viitorul Constanța (2011-2014, 2016), FC Clinceni (2014), Academic Argeș (2014-2015), Petrolul Ploiești (2015). ), Beerschot Wilrijk (2016-2017), Luceafărul Oradea (2017-2018), Viitorul Pandurii Tg. Jiu (2018-2020, 2021-2022), Turris Turnu Măgurele (2020) and SSC Farul Constanța (2021). He has selections for Romania’s U-17, 19 and U-21 teams and was the top scorer in League 2 in the 2017-2018 season.

Photo – personal account FB / Gabriel Chirea

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