Among the beautiful words and dear friends

Zenovia Zamfir

The beauty of flowers, the morning dew that shone in the sun, the transparent breeze of the wind across the field of poppies, all these found their place in my soul, I admired them and dreamed about them in the rhythm of the wheels of a minibus moving smoothly on a serpentine. Besides all the daily grievances and evils, we must realize and rejoice that we live in a country “of great beauty,” as Alexandru Flauy said in “Beautiful Romania”! We have beautiful landscapes, natural tourist targets, from mountains to apples, from the Carpathians to the borders, our country has treasures! In May, Florar, when all nature is adorned with festive attire, together with Nastasika Bubba, we set out for a friendship camp. Unfortunately I left the beautiful Bran area where under the auspices of “Radio ProDiaspora – 13 years of being in the international radio scene” I spent beautiful moments with Camelia Florescu and Ekaterina Campian and their guests from all over the world, And in the evening we arrived at the Floresti Monastery. Here, the Mother Principal Theodora greeted us with an open heart and a wide smile. We were excited when he gave us the dowry of the Floreste Abbey. It is remarkable what has been built and made here under Cluj’s visor…” The entire community strives to serve God, but also to serve people. The Christian life, along with the monastic life, involves a lot of love, patience, tolerance, tolerance and sacrifice. Since Archbishop Bartholomew sent me to Floresti, I began to build the monastery church, and 16 years later, in 2010, it was consecrated by Father Archbishop Irino. The bell tower, the chambers, the pilgrim’s chambers, the great refectory, and the summer altar were also built, and we are now at the stage of arranging the inner courtyard. The castle wall still had to be built, but also other things. Besides these, the monastic community was formed of nuns from all over the country, even from all over Prut, from Bessarabia ”- said the Teodora monastery in an interview on Radio Renaitria (Cătălin Bărăian, September 2020). After two days of peace, harmony and unity with God and his creation , we went to Slaj to the Literary Friendship Camp “De Amicitia”, organized and coordinated by Mrs. Mariana Muga.It was a wonderful and beautiful reunion moment with: writer Cornel Udrea (Union of Romanian Writers), writer and journalist Nicolae Puccio (Union of Romanian Writers and UZPR) – Director Directorate of Culture of the Province of Mauritius, Viorica and Nikolai Bolcescu of the Republic of Moldova, writer Adriana Weimer (Union of Romanian Writers), Carmen Tania Grigore (Union of Romanian Writers), poet Ionela Flood, Great Britain, Liliana Ghiță Boian (UZPR), historian Mihai Octavian Groza, Nastasica Popa, Ștefania Petrov, Luminița Postolache, Romania, Constanța Triță, Romania, singer-songwriter Corina Ofelia Corpodean, Silvia Giurgiu, Ovidiu Vasile, Alin Cucuruzan, Cristinel Badea, Rodic a Mureșan, Lia Popan, singer Pandele Jianu, UZPR member Kristeli Badudian, UZPR member Dumitrescu, Simona Mihuțu, Cristi Postolache, Moga, Elena and Costel Avrămescu, Gelu Dragoș. The beauty of nature around the camp complex was harmoniously intertwined with some modern constructions, including a swimming pool. The meeting “With Word, Faith and Love for the People and the Land of the Forefathers” was carefully and well orchestrated by Messrs. Cornell Udrea and Nikolai Bokic. Under the auspices of an event of great culture and national and international scope through the presence of the family of Viorica and Nicolae Bălţescu from the Republic of Moldova, the work of the camp had great diversity and complexity. Within the Literary Friendship Camp “De Amesetia”, in addition to conferences, book launches, creative workshops and documentary visits. In the Museum of Folk Art Pool “Ligia Bodia” which houses in an old peasant’s house one of the largest private ethnographic collections in Romania, the group of writers received Mrs. Alexandra Bodia and Mr. Sandu Bodia. Under the careful guidance of the young owner we can admire both the richness of the popular objects on offer and the story behind them. Here she discovered that the reason for creating this museum was her grandmother herself. After her death, when Ligia was only 12 years old, she decided to preserve her memory by preserving the old house. Therefore, even today, it is still the same grandmother’s house, where she is found every time she steps on her doorstep. Here you have the opportunity to see more traditional homes that have been turned into museums. If you are passionate or love tradition, here is where you can find it. Whether it is her grandmother’s house, office house or another house, the stories of the host and what she will show you will definitely surprise you in a fun way. . The second target – the Beck monastery, which is located in a beautiful meadow on the outskirts of the Peak district, which belongs to the town of Simliol Sylvani. The transfer of the wooden monument church from Stana (Slag county), dated 1720, marks the moment of the beginning of the monastery. Over time, the monastery, dedicated to the “Beheading of St. John the Baptist”, was developed, in which an architectural complex consisting of a new church and cells was built. The delegation was received by Mother Abs Marina, who presented the history and beauty of a place that God bless. And in this edition, Mariana Muga was able to pleasantly surprise her friends, poetry triumphed, participants enjoyed beautiful moments, sparkling dialogues between two giants of contemporary Roman literature, Cornel Udrea and Nikolai Bosio, every day she worked as a representative of the provincial library “Antim Ivireanul presented Vâlcea I a book” Testimonies in the Light of the Icon of the Mother of God”, edited by Zinovia Zamfir, Juliana Radhi, Maria Katana and Alain Pavlescu, a work (“People, Places, Stories”) and I send the letter to Mr. Assoc. Dr. Remus Grigorescu, Director of the District Library. Any great achievement requires effort, dedication and teamwork. Life partner and man who is always with Mariana, husband and lover of culture, Kristi Muga, tried and managed to be a good teammate. In all these years of the camp of friendship, and there are many, I discovered in the poet Mariana Muga unexpected qualities, I would like to emphasize organizational talent, humility and humanity, and lately precious and rare qualities. We must thank each of the participants and especially the organizers for the moments and moments of authentic friendship and culture. May the Lord and the Mother of God bless us, as every day the monk Job, who writes with his fingers, prays for us.

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