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The theater in your home “reaches multiple zones

The children of Brasov, Caudlin and Vildeur will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique play, organized by an independent troupe. Thus, from 19.00, the Braشوفov Private Theater Association at the Reduta Cultural Center will present, for the first time, the show “Mrs. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde”.

The show is part of the cultural project “Theater at Home”, which was held in July-September and co-financed by the Brasov Provincial Council in the amount of 50,000 lei, including financing of expenses related to the organization and preparation of the show, the premiere party and four other performances to be held in Brasov Vildewara and Caudlia.

The project “Theater in your home” was presented at a press conference attended by Szenner Zoltan – Vice Chairman of the Brasov Provincial Council – Dorina Roman – President of the Brasov Private Theater Association – and Cristian Ioan, Director of the Show.

The Deputy Chairman of the Brasov Provincial Council announced that the project is part of the strategy of the Brasov Provincial Administration, which aims to support as many cultural events as possible outside the Brasov Municipality, which already has a rich agenda.

“There is a demand for culture in other regions of the county, not only in the municipality, and we in the Brasov County Council, have to encourage projects that include cultural activities in other regions. The cultural project “Theater in your home” fits perfectly with this kind of cultural entrepreneurial support in All over the county, with representations in Brasov, Kudelya and Vildewara. “Mrs. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde are a ‘black comedy, and I’m definitely going to be at the premiere. I’m sure it will be a success, given the talent of the actors and the experience of the director,’” said the Vice President of the Brasov Provincial Council Zoltan, Zeltan.

Two shows for the first time in one

The president of the association, Dorina Roman, stated that the show was not only the first offer, but also the fact that she received non-reimbursable funding from the Brasov County Council.

“When I started down the road with Private Theatre, 12 years ago, I didn’t even know what was coming, I didn’t know where to support the shows, I didn’t even know what hardships we were going to face. It was like… a crazy game, started out of love for theater And people, because of the love of our profession. It’s been twelve years since we’ve had success, and 12 years in which we’ve released at least two premieres every year, participated in theater festivals and toured with our shows, both in the country and abroad “, admitted actress Dorina Roman . It is also said that he would like to continue the project in the coming years, and for shows to be held in other areas of the county. “We chose Codlea and Feldioara because we had shows in these areas and we know we will be well received. We hope that the project will be successful, and that next year we will reach other areas. However, the problem with theatrical performances is that in small towns it has to be The audience is prepared and educated. The head of the Brasov Private Theater Association said that people from these regions often do not have the opportunity to see a play, because theater troupes rarely arrive in small towns or communes.

Director Christian Ewan said “Mrs. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde” is a black comedy about two women who are baptized by Jekyll and Hyde, after the famous “Jack the Ripper,” a character whose true identity has yet to be discovered. .

“I received the script, I read it… It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t smash walls with it and on these occasions, from experience I tell you, it’s better to take the script, and blast it up and down otherwise. With that play, I say I did well, and that I put it In a slightly hilarious crime zone.”he added.

The show features actors Dorina Roman, Monica Codriano, and Silvio Dudesco.

The next show within the project will take place on July 29, at 19.00, at the House of Culture in Vidwara. Then, during August, a show will be held at the House of Culture in Kudelia, but the date has not been set. In September, two more performances will take place at the Reduta Cultural Center.

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