Cousin Toma, accused of political agreements: ‘I demand a budget for culture to highlight it’

The “Art Festival – Film in the Village” held last month in the town of Peștișani, the spiritual project of well-known actor Kozen Toma, was born when the artist was only thirteen years old. In love with roadside performances in his hometown, the actor wanted to recapture the joy of the weather with his own festival. He succeeded and now, when he seeks support to continue the story, the world of “dirty” politics accuses him.

Through a post on one of the social networks, the actor puts his life story to the comfort of those who are impatient to read it. Cousin talks about how his childhood project took hold, which transformed him from a young man from Petcichane, to an actor who rose to important movie scenes.
“Art Festival – Film in the Village” was born and rooted in the soul of a 13-year-old boy, who was a young boy living in a colony, on a construction site. In that colony lived the workers who were brought from all over the country, who worked on the construction site, in short so as not to own, this society had many benefits, because the working class does not live that way. One of these benefits was access to cinema culture, to films: films, films that were shown every weekend in a canteen. (..) Our little 13-year-old, a little eccentric, has two brothers and two parents, my father was an underground electrician, and his mother was a housewife. (…) childhood. But he only answered Doreen’s name. It was Doreen A’ Lu Tanoa, the boy Lu ‘Nia’ Costel!! Dornell Al Tana was not absent from the film. Nothing is lost. I discovered Doreen with every “Something Else” movie. Another thing he could do or be….because he really wanted to be a “thing” but he didn’t know what. Let me clarify that “something” to the question: What do you want to be? Or what do you want to do? You know, “When you get older,” there was a void in his head. It can be electric. no!! Professional electrician! Or a driver…or, or…but he was convinced it could be something else. What do you want to be or do? Stop… That gap slowly started to fill in and our son started dreaming, wanting, wanting to do something, to be something. to do! Let it be a thing, not a person! He dreamed of becoming, and being, knowing that the act characterizes man. His mother told him. This dream and his desire to fill the void were interrupted the day the movie did not come. In the evening, after many hours of waiting on the side of the road for the movie to come, the movie, never missing in any weather, realized the movie would never come again. …it was dark. From this unfilled emptiness of perspective, from the beauty of other places, from the darkness that filled his soul, from unquenchable lust, new lust and desire for knowledge, the need for knowledge, the joy of being, the project of the “Art Festival” “Film in the Village”.

It has no political roots

To continue the Cousin project needs funding. He received support in the Ministry of Culture, but was accused on social networks of political ties. The actor responds poorly to those who put his project under the shadow of politics. “I usually do not take into account what is said, but pay attention to everything that is directed at me. It does not allow me time to read everything or answer. (…) As I said, I did not care yet, I did not want success. What is this? ?!! I have enjoyed all my life the process and cultivated it (not criminal, though … abstinence!!) but from knowledge, research, documentation and became … but now, yes, I am interested in success, success from the project “Art Festival – Film in The village.” I am interested and will do my best to make the “Art Festival – Film in the Village” project a success. So please refrain from political comments and my association with political parties or politicians and even more than my association with the project “Art Festival – Film in the Village” (…) I dreamed of putting A movie in the village I go back and I hope you don’t discredit this project You discredit yourself I don’t care about politics or politics I’m interested in the position and I wanted the man in the position to have ears and be heard As you all know I’m claiming my right I ask for a budget for culture to bring it To the weed … I take the culture out of the truck and put it in place (..) Of all the ministers who passed by and broke glasses. When I told them, they answered ‘No! The gentleman in office now said “yes” and offered a solution. As a result, I thank him. And I suppose I will inform him of the project that I am carrying out,” the representative of Al-Qurg reported.

The Qarg representative met with the Minister of Culture Lucian Romașcanu who spoke with him about the project in Peștișani. After the talks, Cousin said he was satisfied with the way the official understood the need to invest in such projects.

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