Romania through the eyes of the Namibian Hilarius Kesting

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Hilarius Casting, 28, wants to repeat Baia Marie’s performances at Dinamo. Romania has been taken over by the Namibian, he has a girlfriend from Cluj and feels at home 8000 km from his hometown.

A slogan that not only suited rugby tefan cel Mare, but wanted impetus for those wearing the white and red Dinamo jersey: “History is written in victories!” The sport has known good and gray periods at the club in the center of the capital, and in the 2022/2023 edition it aims to see success once again.

The battle is fierce in the National League, and Dynamo does not have the size of the group’s handball team, which has a monopoly on the indoor division. But it’s also not the “Red Dogs” soccer team, which was beaten in 2022, and relegated to the second division. One of the toughest bulldog athletes, Namibian Hilarius Keesting explained to Gazeta Sportulor what the plan is. The title and how it was adapted among the Romans.

He just celebrated his supreme victory with Namibia in the African Rugby Cup, and on this occasion he qualified with his country to the 2023 World Cup in France!

16 champion titlesHe has a dynamo in the domestic league, the last success was in 2008

– Hilarius, does Dynamo intend to fight for the title again?
– Yes, to win, that is the plan, but it will take a lot of effort to win. In fact, it will be difficult to win, but it is worth a try.

“Who do you think you’re fighting?”
Not necessarily in that order, but with Timisoara, with Steaua, with Baia Mare. Who is favourite? we will see.

Romania through the eyes of the Namibian Hilarius Kesting

– What did you feel the most at home? Even though you are 8000 kilometers away from your hometown.
– You acclimatized well in Transylvania, the people are very friendly. People are calm and ready at any time to help you: “Yes, as you like, what you want, tell us and we are with you!”. It seemed like a great thing to me, especially since I’m a stranger after coming from so far away. I feel good in Bucharest, and due to the fact that I can speak my own language, Afrikaans, which is a mixture of Dutch and German, there are many men in Dinamo who know this dialect. And in Cluj, I feel very good, I have frequent trips there, my girlfriend is from Cluj, Raluca places and my family and friends make my idea of ​​home.

11 roman cupsOwns Dynamo, the last trophy he won in 2008

– Your photos show two happy people. What’s your opinion?
– We live extraordinary moments. We are really satisfied. Meeting a beautiful woman is one, but meeting your best friend in the most beautiful woman is an extraordinary thing.

“How are you as a man?”
– Very friendly, team player, very hardworking, I put the team above my interests. Every man on the planet can communicate with me easily, and I quickly become friends with anyone. And the Romanians are very friendly, they help you, even if you did not pray for them.

Helarius Kisting: “I bathed in the snow, I thought it was cool”

– What did you find in Romania so special?
– the snow. No Baia Marie. It was great. I also bathed in the snow, it looked very cool. I also used it as a catalyst. There were unforgettable moments, I also posted a video on social media, you will probably see, I was happy when I was a kid. (laughs, says in Romanian) Zăăăpadăăă!

Romania through the eyes of the Namibian Hilarius Casting:

– Do you listen to music? Roman means.
– Yes, and in the locker room you can hear Manel or Salam or something like that. It is an oriental rhythm, which has something …

1967 is the yearin which Dinamo won the European Cup, after a final with Sue Agen, was coached by Dumitru Titi Ionescu

What good food do you have! I eat everything, and I try not to exaggerate. I love the food from Transylvania, the soup from Bucharest, everything is excellent.

– Hilarius Kesting, rugby player Dynamo

Hilarius Kesting’s girlfriend plays sports in Cluj

Helarius Axasman “TC” Kisting is 28 years old, a midfielder for Dinamo Bucharest, but before arriving in the capital he won two titles with CSM Știința Baia Mare, in 2020 and 2021. After success in southern France, next qualified Namibia For next year’s World Cup, the African will return to Bucharest at the end of July.

Romania through the eyes of the Namibian Hilarius Casting:

And not only in the capital, he has long connected the roads with Cluj-Napoca, where he has a Romanian girlfriend, Raluca. Ardeleanca is a fitness trainer and has a dance school. The relationship between the two is solid and the photos on social media confirm this.

video. Joseph Agbo plays rugby for ‘Bulldogs’ from Dynamo: ‘I love Romania, life is cheap’

Joseph Agbo is one of the many foreign rugby players from Dinamo Bucharest, but he has a special status. His mother is Romanian, his father is Nigerian, the two met in Turkey, and then left and settled in Ireland, where the current athlete was born!

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