Sports and fun through the “Hercules” project launched by the Ministry of Sports

During the school holidays, between July 25 and August 19, the Ministry of Sports implements the “Hercules” project, which will offer students aged 6-14 free introductory courses in various disciplines.

For this first version of the project, which will be developed and always during the school holidays, 32 district directorates, including the Directorate of Sports and Youth of the Bistrica-Nosud District, share with all the resources they have, in the desire to accustom children to sports.

“The idea of ​​this project is not new, I have thought of it since the beginning of my tenure, as a main objective, and I am glad that it is taking shape at a time when all Romania, from ordinary citizens to referees, was open to sport. Recent world performances that have united us in boundless joy have led to the perfect simulation to start A program I want for a long time. Exercise, active and healthy life, sports practiced at the level of children and youngsters is the answer to a healthy, strong and effective Romania. Every child can be a little Hercules! Let’s go to sports!”Sports Minister, Edward Novak said.

Practically, in Bistrica Nosod, students will actively spend an unforgettable week, where fun will be combined with movement and discover the secrets of 3 sports disciplines: swimming, artistic gymnastics and football.

Introductory courses will be offered by 11 coaches with rich experience at the local level, in four series every single week, and children will have the opportunity to experience more sports.

The material resources necessary for the good development of the project are provided by the Ministry of Sports, which has allocated and will distribute in this regard to the affiliated directorates the budget of organizational expenditures.

The project is also based on a series of institutional cooperation at the local level, concluded between the sports directorates of the province and the various structures that will support the good development of courses and training, in absolutely safe conditions.

The list of sports disciplines in which children will start varies from province to province, in terms of human resources and sports facilities based at the local level. This information, as well as information about the coaches, the locations of the courses and the methods of registration on the platform created for this purpose, is available at the address:

The organizers aim to achieve a large percentage of children who will enroll and participate in the Preliminary Courses to continue practicing the discovered sports disciplines and move towards performance, identifying themselves in the profile clubs at the local level.

To reward enthusiasm and desire for sports, as well as active and dedicated participation in the project, children will receive T-shirts and hats embossed with the project logo, as well as diplomas recognizing sports merits, reminding them of the beautiful moments from the meeting with Hercules.

Objectives of the “Hercules” project:

  • Increasing the number of children participating in sports activities that take place within personal structures in Romania;
  • increasing the degree of participation in sports activities of children with low socio-economic opportunities and disabilities;
  • Increasing the number of sports events and activities for children at the county level;
  • Stimulating volunteer activities as a tool to support and strengthen sports structures at the local level;
  • Increasing the awareness of the population of the benefits and opportunities of exercising in sports facilities;
  • Strengthening the ability of sports structures to select athletes from children between the ages of 6 and 14 years.

In the future, the program for introducing children to sports will be permanent. Sports activities within the “Hercules” project will take place according to a special calendar, which will be prepared according to the characteristics of the region in which the activity will be held, the season, as well as the available infrastructure.

The budget allocated annually to the structures of the “HERCULES” project will ensure the sports structures of the district the optimal framework for organizing pre-sports courses for children aged 6-14, during all school holidays.

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