Chess, a sport increasingly sought after by parents in Sibiu

Chess is one of the sports that has become increasingly popular in Sibiu lately. Parents choose to enroll their children in chess because it is through this sport that children learn to develop many skills, including self-confidence.

Chess has become a sport sought by parents for its benefits to children’s thinking from an early age – even children as young as five take chess classes. On the occasion of World Chess Day, we spoke with representatives of several chess clubs in Sibiu and with parents who chose this sport for their children, in order to understand the advantages of its practice.

The benefits of chess on children’s behavior

Monica Topârcean from Turnul Alb Sibiu Chess Club has noticed a growing interest on the part of parents and children alike to take part in chess tournaments. Once kids get into the classroom and start learning the basic rules, they want to get back as quickly as possible to continue playing. For this reason, from the beginning of September at Turnul Alb Chess Club Sibiu, two additional classes will be organized in addition to the existing classes. So there will be four groups: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Performance.

“Chess helps them focus, creativity and develop their memory. It also gives them confidence, teaches them to be responsible, sportsmanship, integrity and patience. In addition, chess develops their discipline, the ability to analyze and the ability to learn from mistakes,” says Monica Toparshan.

The same opinion is shared by coach Camelia Tato of chess knights. “Chess increases the ability to focus, disciplines them and helps them orient themselves in the plan. I believe that children learn to ask questions, make decisions, and face failure. Most children are between 6 and 7 years old, but I also have five-year-olds who play at the level of a student of It is 10 years old. It is important for a student to be mentally fit after a day of study for another hour of intellectual effort,” says Tatu.

Children develop their logical and analytical ability

Parents believe that chess is a suitable sport for children, regardless of age, as it helps them grow well in an environment where they are intellectually stimulated. “I sent my child to chess because I also loved this sport in my youth. It helps him learn to manage his time and be patient. The child develops his logical side, the side of patience and analysis,” says Kristian Pecic.

Children who are enthusiastic about chess end up participating and winning many prizes both in the competitions held in Sibiu and in the rest of the cities in the country. This is also the case with the boy Christian Pecic who participated in dozens of competitions in the chess centers in Alba, Cluj, Braków, Satu Mare and Bucharest.

Chess game for kids

Priest Adrien Drogoyen says it is a sport of the mind

Priest Adrian Drăgușin saw chess as a sport that stimulated the intelligence of children and was an ideal activity to pass your free time. Therefore, they organize chess lessons every Thursday, Friday and Sunday in the Ascension Church and in the parish house in Sadu.

“It is a mental sport. I have noticed that many children love chess and that is why they have also applied. We have students participating in national and international competitions. The course is free, and soon we will be organizing a chess camp, in cooperation with CSU Sibiu, in Păltiniș. We will exchange chess games with interactive activities Others are for children,” says Reverend Adrian Drogoyen.

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chess kids
Source: Facebook – Adrian Dragosin

How much does it cost to learn to play chess?

The Turnul Alb Sibiu Chess Club has a standard rate for all children, no matter what group they belong to. The cost of the lesson per student is 15 lei.

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