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Despite his relegation, “SCMeii” can take advantage of the withdrawal of several teams, pending the development of the FRF team into the third tier and into the season that begins on August 27.

It’s not official. Or rather not yet. But it’s almost certain: Also in the 2022-2023 edition that will start on August 27, Bacau will have three representatives in the third league. The same three from last season: Aerostar, Dynamo and CSM. If there were no doubles in the first and second, Aerostar finished third in the second-division playoff, Dinamo saved themselves from relegation thanks to a very good spring season, and instead CSM Bacau finished the first-division championship on a retrograde position. However, “SCMeii” has every chance of continuing in the third division, as a result of the withdrawal or failure of several teams to score. Specifically, Hușana Huși is on the verge of withdrawing from the competition, while the Neamț county champion, Speranța Răucești, who went up after the dam with Junior Suceava, did not score in the third league. Under the circumstances, the group overseen by the city and local council in Bacau is awaiting FRF approval to play a new season – the fourth in a row – at L3. For this reason, he has not yet officially met SCM Bacău. “Depending on the union’s response, we will also know what strategy to follow. If the answer is favorable, as we are right to believe, we will start a series of acquisitions to strengthen our group, until we no longer have the feelings of the last seasons. In this context, we also rely on a budget adjustment from the municipality “, CSM Bacau Director, Adrian Gavrilio said. What is certain is that the residents of Bacau have started negotiations with six players, but their organization depends on the level at which the SSC will develop. “Initially, we were supposed to meet officially at the beginning of the week, but we are waiting for the response of the FRF to start that”“CSMeilor” coach Codrin Mendrigio concluded. As I mentioned, the third league championship will begin on August 27 and will follow the same pattern as last year: ten series of ten teams, with a regular season, followed by playoffs and eliminations. The top two places in a playoff game from each series will advance to the semi-finals of the promotion round, the finals of which will be geographical in nature, while the last two places in each series playoff will take the path to League Four. Most likely, until August 1, the composition of the series and possibly the goal of the tournament will be known. It is very likely that, if accepted into the third league, CSM Bacău, like the previous season, will be assigned to Serie 1, while Aerostar and FC Dinamo Bacău will be a part, as before. , from series 2.

Third League, Moldova Region, in the 2021-2022 edition

Series 1: Dante Botocani, Foresta Suceva, Hoshana Hocci, Bukovina Rodiucci, Sihlul Piatra Neamc, Sporting Junior Vaslui, Umoz Volticini, Uteina Miroslava, CSM Bacau, CSM Paschani.

Series 2: Oţelul Galați, CSM Focșani 2007, Aerostar Bacău, Metalul Buzău, Sporting Liești, Viitorul Ianca, CSM Rămnicu- Sărat, FC Dinamo Bacău, CS Făurei, Sportul Chișcani.

Third League, Moldova Region, in the 2022-2023 edition

Series 1: Dante Boccani, Foresta Suceva, Bukovina Rodioi, Sihlul Piatra Neamt, Sporting Junior Vaslui, Umoz Volticini, Utina Miroslava, CSM Baku, Vitorol Darabani, Rapid Prodock.

Series 2: Dacia Unirea Brăila, CSM Focșani 2007, Aerostar Bacău, Metalul Buzău, Sporting Liești, Viitorul Ianca, CSM Rîmnicu-Sărat, FC Dinamo Bacău, Unirea Braniștea, Voința Limpeziș.

Promoted as a result of Dam’s victory (5-2, 0-1) against Victoriei Gugești, Buzîu County Champion, Voința Limpeziș is the subject of an appeal filed by the FRF by losing Victoria Gugești at Dam. Specifically, residents of Francia accuse Buzau of using legitimate footballers in other clubs. If the appeal is denied by the FRF, she will play Voința Limpeziș in Series 2 of League III, otherwise, Victoria Gugești will take her place.

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