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Members of the provincial council met yesterday, July 19, In the At the regular meeting, they approved, among other things, all projects on the agenda related to the field of sports. They will be financially supported “Moldova Rally” And the “Round in the hills”, but And smaller competitions, May Young or young. toThe county residents observed a minute of silence In memory of former athlete Adrian RCork died last year After a serious accident was recorded in the “Ia . Rally”.and for”.

good prospects for “Moldova Rally”

Thus, with the vote of the members of the provincial councils, the 11th edition of the sports event “Moldovan Rallyul Bacau”, which has become a tradition at the regional level, will receive a financial support of 550,000 lei. The “Moldova Rally”, scheduled for August 5-7, 2022, was a real success, which prompted the Romanian Federation of Sports Motorsports and the International Motorsport Federation to nominate him to become a stage in the European and Balkan Rally Cup. Cup Rally. “I represent the goal of the sports programthe organization, In the smallest details, from the Moldovan Rally, between the needlePerformances have been made, recalling the attraction of the rally community and motorsports enthusiasts to Bacau County, and promoting the province in the media naNational and international, attracting the number cThe more spectators, the Super-Special organization in the buckI, on the karting circuit, on Sunday 7 August, this sample was sent, Live on Prima Sport And online, on the FRAS website, Appears in the project approval report. In memory of the sincere athlete Adrian Raspopa, who was responsible for organizing the previous editions of the motor competition, and who died in a serious accident recorded in the “Iaş Rally” last year, the elected officials of the boycott observed a minute of silence. “The one who will carry this banner forward is my wife.Sister of former athlete Adrien Raspopa. It’s the first year in which we no longer have Alaround us and you are well acquainted with cEnthusiastically promote the A13, the countyand values ​​here. And the, In addition, I realize and performance”, Valentin Evancia, president of the Bacău Provincial Council (CJ), confirmed. PMP consultant Valerian Vreme suggested that in the future the name of the competition should bear the name of former athlete Adrian Raspopa. In addition, the head of the PNL group in the local council, Cesar Ultiano, announced that on the initiative of his colleagues in the Onești party, it was proposed that an autopsy be awarded, at the next meeting of CL Onești, the title of “honorary citizen” to the prematurely lost Adrien Raspopa.

Cyclists will pedal, At the “Round of the Hills” circuit

The fourth edition of the Hill Tour, another successful sporting event, will receive the county’s support for a good performance. Thus, members of the county council voted in favor of allocating 166 thousand lei for the purpose of financing this sports program, which became popular after previous editions. “Already being in my handsNo. 4, the “hillside tour” links Bacau’s image to the largest national cycling competition, attractingHence the communityCyclists and cycling enthusiasts to Bacău Province. The goal of the sports program I like himthe organization, In the smallest details, in the “hillside tour”, cycling promotion among young people and residents of the province, that is, the promotion of tourism and the image of Bacau at the national level”, The initiator of the project appears. It should also be noted that, in Moldova and the province of Bacau, this race has brought back road cycling competitions, after a break of more than 10 years. Thus, since the first stage, the “hillside tour” has achieved success and popularity beyond expectations, initially enrolling at least 320 athletes. “The one who will lead the competitionShe’s Bogdan Duka, a famous cycling champion, both nationally and internationally, whether we’re talking about MTB (rugged terrain – nr mountain bike) or road competitions. He is also part of the National Cycling Team and has brought honor to our county.” CJ chief confirmed.

A soccer field, in Leyte Vichy, for the emergency hospital staff of Bacau County

The county council members also gave an affirmative vote to fund the sports program “Mens sana in copore sana”, launched by the sports club association “Fotbal Club Bacău”, led by former athlete Kristi Siokoyo. Through this project, in the municipality of Letea Veche, a covered football field will be built. The investment in this target reaches 1.5 million lei, of which 1.2 million lei will come from the province’s funds. “Judas Council”I want to invest in sports infrastructureAh, this is the second indoor soccer field to be built In the ancient Lytia region. The first project was completed in the firstThis summer, a very good project, completed In caseyou are very good Regardingthe quality. I want to make it clear that whatever is achieved will remainDonkeys are in the public domain of UAT where they arethis goal”, Valentin Evancia, president of Bacau CJ said. The land will be used for the training of athletes registered within the club, but also for the medical staff of the emergency hospital of Bacau County, in order to carry out recreational sports activities. It will be implemented in partnership with Joud HospitalBacau’s emergency department, sports promotion programs Among the medical staff, employees are experiencing severe burnout syndrome caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Internal StudiesCitizens talk about a The “epidemic” of fatigue among medical personnel has doubledFrom PTSD, they feel tense, anxious and sometimes depressed, even for periodsgeneraltwo years old, Appears in the project approval report.

Football, Judo and Cycling and running Outdoors, on the list of financial sportsby CJ

After the affirmative vote of the members of the provincial councils, 139,500 lei will reach the Athletic Club Junior Bacão Association, in order to finance the “Player First – We prepare the basis for the development of footballers” sports program, a project aimed at, among other things, character formation And the personality of children who choose to practice this sport, by preparing them and participating in various sex competitions, which ensures continuous self-improvement and victory. Another project aimed at sports, namely the second edition of the international competition “Judo without barriers”, organized by the Bronx Weightlifting Club Association Bacau, will benefit, with the approval of the elected officials of the province, with funding of 50,000 lei from the provincial budget. The funds will be used to organize this international sports competition that, in the first edition, succeeded in calling hundreds of competitors from different countries. At the same time, at yesterday’s meeting, funding of 149,327 lei was approved, an amount that will go to the local Muinity Sports Club for the purpose of training children, youth and adults who have chosen to take up cycling. Last but not least, county board members have agreed to financially support, at 7,920,000 lei, the “Via Bacovia Trail 2022” half marathon and cross-country running competition that will take place on September 3. The competition will include two sports competitions, to be organized at distances of 21 km and 12 km respectively, with 350 competitors invited to participate in the competition. The running path will start from the “Anălțarea Sfintei Cruci” church in Luizi Călugăra, passing through forest roads, trails and paths through the forest in the hilly region of Sinislau – Hedesca, Calvar, Gherț and Măgura.

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