Photo Gallery | David Popovici and Adrian Rodolescu, decorated by the President of Romania. Yohannes: “I found the recipe for athletic excellence”

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Klaus Iohannis: “We need a clear strategy for Romanian sport”

The head of state awarded swimmer David Popovici the national knighthood “Star of Romania”, and coach Adrian Rodolescu – the Knight National Order of Merit, following the results he obtained in world swimming. Tournament in Budapest (18 June – 3 July).

After he conquered Two gold medals at the World Championships Swimming in Budapest (100 and 200 meters freestyle), David Popovici also impressed at the European Junior Championships in Otopeni, where She won five medals.

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In this context, President Klaus Iohannis called on decision makers to participate and create the framework that athletes need to perform.

“David Popovici and Adrian Rodiolscu are two young people who have reached extraordinary performances, who honor our country and proudly carry the flag all over the world. Romania has many young athletes with potential. However, unfortunately, in this area sports infrastructure and concrete action plans, We are still far from talking about a fundamental contribution from the state.

We need a clear strategy for Romanian sport, more investments and a very serious approach. The results of the athletes oblige the authorities to give priority in this area. In short, sport is about education, discipline, passion, talent and fair play, about a society that develops harmoniously and in a healthy way.

Every young athlete should feel supported and encouraged by the authorities, and here I clearly appeal to the decision makers: get involved and create the framework our athletes need to perform! Our athletes need more involvement from central and local authorities both financially and through the development and modernization of sports infrastructure so that they can train to the highest standards.”said the head of state.

Klaus Iohannis congratulated Monday on the results obtained during the world and European swimming championships, as well as the athletes, coaches and members of the Romanian delegations that participated in these competitions.

The head of state showed that David Popovici, at only 17 years old, was able to perform exceptionally well to open a new chapter in the history of Romanian swimming.

“Through hard work, hard training, sacrifice and self-confidence, I have managed to become one of the youngest ever world champions, breaking records and reaching the top of the world podium twice. Every day, through personal example, ethical behavior, discipline, maturity, and humility. , qualities with which you have won the hearts of all. I am convinced that you are an inspiration not only to children, but to Romanians of all ages”Yohannes said.

He appreciated the promotion of athlete David Popovici for sports activities.

“It takes milliseconds to reach a record, a performance built through years of work and with a lot of dedication and earnestness.”Johannes said, conveying thanks and appreciation to families, team members, friends and teachers.

The head of state announced his conviction that David Popovici and Adrian Rodolescu will bring new moments of joy.

“Romanians are by your side and I support you! I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart for the victories you have achieved and thank you for representing Romania. I am sure there is a path full of satisfaction awaits you and that you will dedicate yourself to this sport with the same passion!”as stated.

David Popovici: “We have a mission: to make sport a national priority”

Swimmer David Popovici has been honored with the High Medal of Honor.

“I am proud, I am grateful and I would like to thank, Mr. Addy and I, as we say to him, to all the Romanians and all the people who were close to us, who sent us positive energy, and I would like to thank everyone who has ever been with us because I could not have done without you .

I am convinced that we are only in the beginning and we have a mission to try to achieve which is: make sport a national priority, make sport an ambassador for the country, because it deserves and can do very beautiful things, and through this, our mission is to get as many children as possible to lead active lives, and to Have a healthier society, have a society that is educated from a mathematical point of view and can move in very good conditions, because we believe that will make the world a lot better.”Popovici said.

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