Prof. Bogdan C. Simionescu, on amendments to the law

Today, July 20, 2022, a dialogue version of BZI LIVE of great interest has been identified. Prof. Bogdan S. discussed. Simeonescu in the studio amendments to the Education Act, as well as about the status of Romanian education.

The vice-president of the Romanian Academy also noted the fact that at the moment there are still cases of registered plagiarism that must be condemned.

“It’s a shame, a shame and a condemnation that there are cases of plagiarism, but it’s a few. You’ll find weeds everywhere, not just wheat. In the UK, if a teacher gets caught with something, nobody fires it, but his classmates don’t see it anymore. A week later he left Man. There are solutions but there has to be an intellectual and clear reaction. We have gone through different legislative systems and a lot has changed, but we have enjoyed navigating turbulent waters. Education is also affected by different legislation and decrees and measures being taken. I am afraid to think of the future in this aspect”, As stated by Bogdan C. Simeonescu, Vice President of the Romanian Academy in 2014-2022.

What does Bogdan Si Simeonescu say about education in Romania

The well-known chemist Bogdan C. Simionescu made important statements during the BZI LIVE show. The famous academic loudly states that there are serious problems with education in Romania, and these matters have repercussions. The guest also encouraged competition and student performance.

“It scares me, I’m not a pre-university education specialist. School can’t be a game, period! School is a business, to be done seriously, meaning successes and failures. Who runs the school? I see that it is run by parent-student associations, Teachers have no opinion. The school program should be directed by the teacher and then by the teacher. There must be some who have good grades and some less good. Otherwise we will continue on the line of minimum resistance. You cannot destroy the school. Not all children are the same, we are We talk about skills, not knowledge. At school, the general culture should prepare you. The knowledge you gained was good, and school was the school. Secondary schools and higher education were institutions where books were made. Now it’s as if we are trying to destroy everything. You acquire skills after To have a background. When I want to have a culture, I put my hand on the book to read it or I go to someone to teach me. Once I have a solid foundation, I go to the Internet and I will know what to look for and what to do with the knowledge I find there. The children will not know any Something because history and geography did not Nothing is done. The Vice President of the Romanian Academy said that other countries do not do this, so why do we do it?

Vice President of the Romanian Academy: “I think everything will be destroyed”

Unfortunately, Bogdan C. Simeonescu spoke to BZI LIVE about the current worrying situation. The Vice President of the Roman Academy specified that, little by little, everything would be destroyed, unfortunately. The teacher also spoke of children in the country who had never had the conditions to learn, but the most enlightened minds remained there. Moreover, the situation of public servants in our country was touched upon.

“We just learned that back then. We teach the kids economics courses in first grade. The country boy goes to the toilet in the back of the yard. And the teacher goes there too. That’s murder. They don’t have a teacher anymore. Turn on the TV and watch the budget stuff. It is the teachers, the teachers, who teach your children a book and prepare them for the future. But since the teacher works in the country, he does not have a doctor in a radius of 30 km around him. This is with the knowledge that the number of doctors per thousand Romanians is half the European average. Why not think that Officials are also from the budget. Not everyone can become a businessman. We continue to humiliate all public servants,” the Romanian academic quoted.

Bogdan Simunescu, in continuation of the dialogue, also criticized the “Educated Romania” project for being misunderstood and not encouraging generations to choose good models with results.

“I don’t think educated people in Romania consist of drivers who bring a child by car to school and a first grader who has a mobile phone in an imaginary amount. This is not the essence of education. I think we should be more busy, you can’t see it in the country. All the great minds came from There. I did an analysis, most of the clever people were peasant sons. Everyone raised their hats when they came in front of the teacher. I’m sorry, but I don’t see it now. The law may change, but some things may not remain that way. We won’t speak Latin anymore , Ancient Greek, Slavic. If I had the authority in the Ministry of Education, I would take 20 children who would like to study history and send them to Rome, Berlin to make documents. We won’t know who we are anymore, this will happen to us. I don’t know why we don’t understand.

Why don’t we want to make people learn more. We want a new, better life, but it’s done with books, not with people who can’t read and write. If I pass a law today, I will see results in 12 years. When a child enters the labor market, I will appreciate the training that child received. If I mess up a law now, I’ll ruin a few generations. We take models we shouldn’t, we choose the worst models. French education is not good as an example, it is very scattered and goes to the surface. We need to get back to our education, where the parents are not told that the child belongs in the school, not the parents. We need to communicate and collaborate. There are many points in the law whose adequacy I doubt”, concludes Academician Simionescu, exclusively in BZI LIVE.

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