2022 National History Education Championship

The 2022 National History Education Championship will begin in the first days of May. The premieres will take place on May 4 and 5 in Timisoara and on May 6 at the Central University Library – Carol I in Bucharest. The program expects to show 3 films: The King’s War, Maria, The Heart of Romania and the new version of the documentary King Mihai – The Road to the House. After watching, there will be discussions with the producers of these historical documentaries presenting aspects of the monarchy in Romania and new information about the life of King Mihai I in exile.

The tour is especially for young people, who can learn new things about the royal family or if we refer to history lovers, they can enrich their knowledge of King Mihai’s exile. The program includes the screening of 3 films, followed by discussions with the producers of these historical documentaries who will share their experiences and the steps involved in making such productions,

The dialogue is eagerly awaited by John M. Florescu, American, but of Romanian origin, producer of several stations such as CBS, HBO, History Channel or BBC, but historian and director of the documentary “King Mihai”. home road:

I want these films to be promoted and to be in front of the audience, talking to young people but also to a grandmother or a teacher and all the people out there, all over the country! Young people come after these shows and ask all kinds of questions, some are curious how a lady like Queen Maria dealt with such an important business, in those times, with all the world leaders, others ask why King Mihai left … They are basic concepts, they are stories Thriller to watch like any movie but it’s just real history, it’s her reality.

We are not talking about ordinary films, says film critic Irina Margherita Nestor, even if they are captivating, they are pages of history that should not be missing from any of us:

“It is an invitation to history above all. The fact that documentaries are so beautifully curated, you can watch them endlessly, every time finding something new, and then watch them with young people, observing their reactions and feelings. It is a heroism that will give us all more courage and we will be able to Saying: If the king succeeds, surely we can too, even if we are not kings and queens.,,

The 2022 National Historic Education Tour is a continuation of a similar initiative from 2019 that promoted the documentary “Maria Heart of Romania,” but will also include the remake of “King Mihai” from 2019. The Road Home, which contains material on the complex period of King Michael , as shown in the personal diaries of Queen Mary. The documentary also details the period of personal and social isolation that the King lived through during his exile in Switzerland, and also the reasons for King Mihai’s reluctance to return to Romania. Everything is from the perspective of those who were close to him during this period. This enhanced version of the film also focuses on King’s interactions with the CIA after his exile in 1948. The film will be broadcast on May 10 by the national television station at 9 p.m.

The projections were described by Historia’s editor-in-chief, Ion M. Ionic, as honest productions based on historical truth:

You cannot relive the lives of those who made history 50, 100 years ago. But you can come close, through evidence and documents, to everything that is historical research, but it must be honest. These films present an honest and truthful approach, based on documents depicting some of the characters who made history in Romania. If we had 40 years of truth, surely we could have taken this step forward, much faster and much faster and without much of the distortions and struggles that continue to this day…you see society divided and divided into almost the same trenches.

Performances and workshops will be held in Bucharest, Iasi, Braشوفov, Alba Iulia, Diva, Alexandria, Sinaia, Cluj-Napoca, Kertia d’Argio and Targovit, but also in other cities.

Access is free Thus, the products are available to the general public, of all ages, regardless of the social status of the spectators.

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