A special space for educational, sports and cultural activities

In order to attract families with children to visit the Astra Museum, representatives of the institution created a special area for them. It is about the Etno Tehno Parc educational platform, where children will be able to take part in fun activities, they will be able to play and they will know the Romanian traditions.

In the Etno Tehno Parc, in the open-air museum in Dumbrava Sibiului, the built-up area with a barn has been expanded in Mărginimea Sibiului, more precisely in Cacova, which provides usable spaces both during the visiting season and in the off-season. An educational pavilion has also been built where visitors can do various sports activities.

“If you offer activities to your children, your parents automatically come in, you gain a new class of beneficiaries, and the investment in their education matters a lot in the future. Cancel it, in the Astra Museum, all events take place under the auspices of optimism and a smile. In this area it becomes a place of rest, a place of rest connected with the field Next door, a field we have rearranged, where there will be different playing facilities.We will create a new deck where we will make a pontoon for different fishing activities.Cyprien Stefan, Director of the Astra Museum, said during a tour of the platform organized on Thursday, July 21, that the roads created In the museum a different state of play is born for the child and he can experiment, run and play.”

Christmas at the Astra Museum

For those who want to organize their birthday in the museum, its representatives have designed such a parade. You can also organize other activities, such as conferences, seminars, team building as well as business meetings.

“We organize children’s birthdays because we have brought this activity into the school district. I have noticed this need to make this outdoor space available for those who want to organize children’s parties or birthdays. They prefer open spaces where children can play freely and I think it is the most suitable place and we can make the most of the This build,” said Ioana Dunn of the Astra Museum.

Dozens of children enjoy the Ethno Tehno Park educational platform

Today, dozens of children attended the official opening of the platform designated for them. Most of them came from Constanta and were not on their first visit to the museum. Sibiu Provincial Council Chair Daniela Combin, who attended the tour, noted the importance of such a place for children to complete the information they receive on school benches.

“There are people who come and they only come once, one of the children told us he is in the museum for the fifth time. These things show the appreciation of the museum visitors. The fact that such a project was born in the Astra Museum is part of the vision we have at the Sibiu County Council level, in terms of Culture and education Investing in culture means investing in education We focused and chose to involve young people in the activities of these cultural institutions. Here, through this space that was born at the beginning of my first term and that resonated since the first, we understand how important it is to be the foundations laid in early education The child is as good and complete as possible. Basically, the museum with this space complements the education that the children receive on the school benches,” said Daniela Compiegne, Sibiu County Council President.

And in the off season

The platform will provide activities for children not only during school. Events that are beginning to have economic impacts have already been staged, says Cyprien Stefan.

“The platform that you see will make tangible performances even in the off-season. In the off-season, we had a problem, we do not have sufficiently warm spaces and in ideal conditions and then we will have a minimum of rest, so that in the off-season, that is, from November, the museum will be available With many offers. It is beginning to generate not only activities, but also economic impacts. He concludes that investments in Astra’s infrastructure generate added value and additional activities.”

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