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Drought will wreak havoc in the coming days: which crops will be most affected by extreme heat

Water content in non-irrigated maize cultivation, on soil profile of 0-100 cm, will present particularly low and low values, moderate, strong and severe pedological drought in Dobrogia, Banat, Krissa and Maramures, most of Moldova, Montania and Transylvania, and locally in southern and eastern Oltenia.

According to the specialized forecasts issued by the National Meteorological Administration (ANM) for the period from July 21 to 27, the soil moisture reserve will be within satisfactory limits and isolated near the optimum level, in large areas of Oltenia, local in the north and northwest. , west and central Montenegro, south, southwest, isolated northeast, eastern and central Transylvania, north of Moldova, reaches Agerpres.

In hoeing crops, due to the rise in maximum air temperatures above the critical biological limits of plant resistance (30-32°C), associated with water shortage in the soil, especially in the south, southeast and west of the country, will occur in the continuation of the phenomenon of temporary wilting and torsion of the leaf apparatus at noon, Yellowing and/or premature drying of the basal leaves, as well as forcing physiological processes, as a result of increased water consumption by evaporation of plants.

Autumn wheat established in the optimum period will be harvested in the last agricultural regions, almost throughout the country. In outwardly late crops, it will be possible to finish wax ripening, in which plants are often at full maturity (30-100%) and harvest.

In the case of rapeseed, the harvest will be completed, nationwide

According to ANM, depending on the date of sowing and climatic conditions, sunflowers will go through the phases of the formation of the season (70-100%) and flowering (30-100%), and in the steppe regions of the south, southeast, east and west of the country will continue to ripen in wax (10 -60%).
Corn will continue to panic, flower and silk (10-100%) in all agricultural areas. In early crossbreeding of steppe areas, milk ripening (10-40%) is recorded, especially in sowing operations carried out in the optimum period.

In most growing regions, sugar beet is mostly when the hypocotyl axis is elongated and thickened (20-100%), potatoes for consumption will pass through the growth of tubers and flowers, and in summer varieties it will be possible to prematurely dry the stems.

On all farms, seedlings (apple, hairy, quince) will record leaf/fruit growth, sugar accumulation and fruit ripening, seedlings (apricot, peach, and plum), fruit ripening and harvest.

The vines will continue to grow lateral shoots and develop grains, according to forecasts from the NMA Specialist.

“Meteorological conditions will generally be favorable for the development of specific agricultural businesses (fertilization, herbicides, manual / mechanized tillage, phytosanitary treatments, harvesting, etc.), in almost all parts of the country, the specialists claimed.

From a thermal point of view, during this period, warmer than usual, and even hot, weather will prevail in most parts of the country. The average diurnal air temperature is between 17 and 33 ° C in all crop areas, and the positive thermal deviations are between 1 and 8 ° C.

The maximum air temperature will be between 26 and 40 degrees Celsius, in most parts of the country, the minimum temperature will be between 7 and 26 degrees Celsius, throughout farmland, and lower values ​​are possible in the eastern depressions. Transylvania.

“Local precipitation is expected in the form of heavy rain, but also torrential rain, which is accompanied by lightning and intensity of short-term winds, isolated with the appearance of a storm, as well as hail,” said the specialized forecast. Issued by ANM.

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