Editorial Christian Gimbau: Choreography with Vlad Jacob

Article by Christian Giampao – published on Thursday, July 21, 2022, 14:29 / updated on Thursday, July 21, 2022 14:33

The new special manager of Dynamo announces the new birth of the club. But have you ever wondered how to become a private manager?

The feel of a fictional novel lingers in Dynamo. Dystopia is a common term. The appointment of Vlad Yakob as special official, followed by his optimistic statements about surrealism, should in no way reassure fans.

The shock of a downgrade makes them immune to promises about investors who will arrive on a white Mercedes. But the illusion trade costs nothing.

What opportunity might some prefer?

Some questions as a basis for discussion. How do you become a private or judicial officer? Are you entering a contest? Did you come on a recommendation? And what is his recommendation? Profile Who should you be?

And what should a professional figure be to reach such a position? Or is it more of a family profile? Is this service a national work or does it involve some gains? How and where since we are talking about a club in undeclared bankruptcy?

to conclude. What are the odds that someone like me and you, the reader, could become liable for bankruptcy at a eponymous club? or no name. Do you go to Lotus SRL, get a haircut and tell the chief barber that you want to (lead) the club from Ștefan cel Mare to the top of the tops of League Two?

Vlad Iakop (photo) has been appointed as a special administrator at Dynamo

strong in the father

Perhaps the man who occupied the place in Iwan Morian’s scheme is someone who is not only animated by noble intentions, but also a skilled manager. To find out, it’s a good idea to read the “local” press, not just the “central” press (those stupid phrases with the local and central press!).

For example, alba24.ro helps us with some biographical data and a little outside advice about Vlad Iakop. And therefore. Vlad, originally from Sibi, is the son of Doreen Iacob, well-known businessman, and newer political analyst on Realitatea TV, and not a century earlier, one of the influential figures in the entourage of former President Traian Bosescu. An urban or suburban legend, at the time, that Vlad’s father was in the books to lead the SRI.

consistent with erdean

Of course, people should not be judged by their father’s merits, sins, or wealth. Voted unanimously by the 1948 general meeting of Dynamo shareholders, Vlad Iakop, an ASE graduate, came to Dinamo with an outstanding Master’s degree in “Football Bussines” at the Johan Cruyff Institute.

According to some sources within the club, with the support of the former deputy mayor of Seppi, it was none other than the Sulfur Doreen Cerdian, the owner of the troublesome business of the Spanish conquistadors. Interesting, do you see how things relate?

DDB is the main partner of the club. We also have business partners that we’ve already signed up with, and we’re in advanced discussions with. Dynamo is a huge brand. The interest is there, we are negotiating, Dynamo will have a very large audience in League 2. We will definitely attract the right partners. There are also discussions with investors, but I want to state that it will not be a tragedy if these investors do not appear with the club very quickly. We will succeed, achieve financial stability and strive for promotion
– Vlad Iacob on Radio Dinamo 1948

childhood memories

Add to these statements great optimism and the appointment of Ovidio Porco as coach, “a graduate of psychology, a man who uses the latest techniques in football, healthy principles in European football” and we have the image of a club that will be reborn stronger. , which is even more frightening for competitors who are now crying out for pity.

In this context, I really liked to evoke the memory of the 4-2 Dinamo-Stewa match, when ultras Vlad Iakop missed the first two goals because I “kept” the choreography “above my head”.

Where are we going in the age of digital civilization?

Of course it was about the scenography, not the choreography, since no Nureyev was dancing there. But what else matters? Perhaps the significant debt of 8 million euros, which will not be closed even with the help of the new sponsor, the bookmaker that still relies on Figure 8.

The duty is not choreography, scenography, or directing. And it seems to me that the “huge dynamo sign” on which the new special official was based, in the documents, was with Mr. Nikolai Badia. In the age of digital civilization, all roads pass through computer land.

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