Inspiration discovered in 60 localities and 14 ethnic communities

Text by Silvia Teodorescu, Digital Records Coordinator

In 2021, 23 completely different people agreed to travel across the country, over 1,400 km, many on foot, some in off-road vehicles, differing, usually in a motorized caravan, to document the first digital study by Transylvanica . They were podcasters, cultural journalists, bloggers, videographers, Instagram, vloggers, scriptwriters, professional photographers, a very talented electronic music producer, and enthusiasts Audio Recording.

That was the moment when Cronicari Digitali, a project for the promotion of cultural heritage in the digital environment, joined the Raiffeisen Bank Romania team with a common goal – to promote, strengthen and try to do so with the existing heritage in the local communities of Via Transilvanica. Highlight, such as the path that crosses Romania from the north (Butna, Bukovina), to the south (Drobeta Turnul Severin), forgotten villages and big unknown cities through stories of places traveled, emphasizing their history, architecture, ethnic communities, art Cooking, amazing products of nature, legends and puzzles solved, people met on the road and … music.

No one thought at first that he would be so beautiful and friendly press trip from which some materials must be made.

A LADA, character like movies, thunder and rainbows in the sky

Less than ten days later, each traveler has transformed through the experience. They had already ran together in the rain, thunder and lightning 5 meters away, halfway, and together they took shelter on the porch of a modest house in the small village of Bukovina, where they were humanized under the thin roof. Those who passed in their yard. BEST MEAL EVER, DISCOVER Down in Moldova the story of a real man who surpassed Oskar Schindler’s performance in the famous Traian Popovici, the mayor of Chernivtsi, who saved more than 25,000 Jews from deportation to Siberian camps at the end of WWII), were all panting and sweating on the steep slope Decline to meet the last hut on top of the hill (and Petropi in the village church), unaware they will. Finding an 83-year-old who makes this trip daily and singing divinely on a tube without holes (tilincă) made them shed tears.

I didn’t even know walking on Via Transilvanica if I was a top blogger lifestyle
And the Travel We used to hear the story of a 70-year-old forest writer, in the yard of a mountaintop monastery, after walking with LADA from the 1960s there, even if it was a blogger from food Run down a muddy road, to a village forgotten by the world, only to discover the recipe for the best pie, surely the tuna and bells have not been beaten from our electronic music producer botna and no agency copywriter from Bucharest has told you the story of the nails in the church fortifications in Dîrjiu, handed down from generation to generation, which The bacon made by Szeklers is still cold, brilliantly given with the help of ultra-modern refrigerators.

To understand, the above examples from last year’s Transylvanica road trip are centered on a maximum of two days of the program, we’ve been 10 days on the road and seen, heard and felt more than you think. Romania is good where we live.

I’ve discovered that this is possible and that you can bring together creators with newer or older professions when you put them face to face with people who have something to say in honest circumstances.


Music from Via

Over 2,000,000 people watched, read and heard stories on Via Transilvanica in 2021 focused on Yes, Cristi Ștefănescu, aka Electric Brother, has released a new EP called roadentirely made up of over 148 distinct sounds recorded on the track, each piece named by newly created words that in turn tell the stories:
hilarious (Houses of Bukovina and Putna Monastery), Limnoit (wood from Ilva and shepherd from Pasul Tihuței) and norge
(The spindle with bells at the end, set only for the daughter-in-law to be heard by her mother-in-law and the member of Dîrjiu.) We invite you to listen to it in any application flow My voice!

Powerful stories reach the audience just as powerfully. And in order for each author to be able to create, you need an inspiration. Via Transilvanica is just what you need, including when you are the author of your own “written” story on foot through immaculate nature and good people, on vacation or on a lonely journey.

How many stories go in a backpack?

We started this year again, with the same supporter, Raiffeisen Bank Romania, and with the same goal. We no longer go through all that, but we start backpacking with the stories in the lesser known lands of the Via, precisely because they and the communities they go through have the greatest need to tell their story. and here in old dilemmaSome of the participants in the documentary will acknowledge their experiences and discoveries in a daily travel diary. Different, like each of them.

We’re making this trip for you too! This is also the motto of the VIA itinerant accommodation project. Unite Track communities need to be promoted, a new local economic dynamism with cultural hikers or tourists, and they necessarily need to be protected. They are such clean communities that wanting to visit them is not our mission. Just like in Forrest Gump, in Via we talk about a box full of chocolate. Only open it if you want to enjoy, not swallow!

Cronicari Digitali – the cultural project developed by Zaga Brand and the Human Made Art Association – brings together all the experiences in “The Backpack with Stories from Via Transilvanica” together with Raiffeisen Bank Romania. digital residence Storytelling
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